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11 Best Blue BJJ Gi Reviews

Best Blue BJJ Gi

We continue to help all BJJ athletes from BJJ beginners to professional jiu jitsu practitioners to ease the task of finding the best jiu jitsu uniform for regular training and competition. This time ...

6 Best White BJJ Gi Reviews

6 Best White BJJ Gi Reviews

Today our challenge is about finding the best white BJJ gi. If you have missed our 8 Best Black Gi Jiu Jitsu Reviews and the 5 Best BJJ Gi for Beginners, check them out now to make your Jiu Jitsu ...

What to Wear to Jiu Jitsu class?

What to Wear to Jiu Jitsu

You might be in a challenge when just starting jiu jitsu. Even in a couple of challenges. And one of them is what to wear to Jiu Jitsu class. We all know this feeling of a new unknown environment ...

What is Bellator vs UFC Difference?

ufc vs bellator

Bellator vs UFC - it's a questioning battle since the Bellator promotion appeared on the horizon of the MMA world. Before that time UFC was the only place to gain all attention and to cream off from ...

Top 10 Best MMA Shorts

best mma shorts

Why MMA shorts are so popular and important in the MMA? Because shorts are the only uniform the fighters can wear during the fight. Apart from the gloves and some protective gear of course. Here ...

Top 5 Best BJJ Gi for Beginners

Best BJJ Gi for Beginners

If you are an experienced BJJ athlete, you know what you need for your best jiu jitsu practice. And also you may know, how it is to be at the start of your jiu jitsu jorney. Because once you were ...

What is Fuji BJJ Tournament?

Fuji BJJ Tournament

Brazilian jiu jitsu is not only about sports, life and body transformation, fun, and community. It's also about the competition in tournaments. And talking about BJJ tournaments we understand ...

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