8 Most Favorited Black Gis for Jiu Jitsu: Cheap vs Expensive

Finally, we are doing it – the black gi jiu jitsu reviews. There is nothing special in the black jiu jitsu uniform above blue, or white. But we all see, that somehow everyone prefers a certain Brazilian jiu jitsu uniform color.

Also, we know that some jiu jitsu schools and academies have the “no black gi” or “no blue gi” policy. But today it’s not the subject of our article.

Again, we don’t compare white vs black BJJ gi or blue vs navy blue.

We just wanted to gather the best black BJJ gis – the most affordable and the most expensive – in one place.

We spent about 17 hours of research and analyzing the well-known best BJJ brands and newcomers on the market, and the reviews of each black jiu jitsu gi we have found. Below you see the result of the work and we hope it will help you to find the best black BJJ gi for your needs.

The next challenge we will do with the white gis. So, stay tuned.

First things first, if you are very new to jiu jitsu you may struggle with which Brazilian jiu jitsu uniform to buy and what color BJJ gi should I get.

What do jiu jitsu fighters wear?

As with any sports and martial arts discipline, jiu jitsu has its own, let’s say, outfit etiquette.

Jiu jitsu uniform consists of:

Jiu jitsu fighters don’t wear this outfit at once. It depends on the jiu jitsu class form – gi or no gi.

Gi vs no gi
Nogi and gi jiu jitsu uniform

What is the Jiu Jitsu uniform called?

As already mentioned before, the jiu jitsu uniform is called a gi. Often people mistakenly write it as “jiu jitsu gee” or “gee for jiu jitsu”. But it’s jiu jitsu gi, BJJ gi.

The jiu jitsu gi consists of a:

What does gi mean in jiu jitsu?

The origin of the Brazilian jiu jitsu uniform name comes from the Japanese martial arts. Gi is not a unique uniform name in BJJ. All uniform sets or jackets in traditional Japanese martial arts are called gi – akidogi, judo gi, BJJ gi, dogi, keikogi, etc.

In our previous articles, we have already discussed in detail what to wear to Jiu Jitsu class. It will help you not to get lost in the new world for you if you are just starting BJJ.

How much is a jiu jitsu gi?

There are many factors that determine the price of a jiu jitsu gi. For example, the main factors are:

  • Brand
  • Quality of fabric, materials, and manufacturing
  • Design. Plain design or with patches and embroidery
  • Custom or regular color. A limited crazy color BJJ gi set has a higher price

The price range for a jiu jitsu gi may vary from about $50 to $150. The most expensive premium or custom gi costs about $200-$300, or even $1000.

most expensive BJJ gi

Who makes the most comfortable BJJ gi?

Honestly, we don’t have a straight answer to this question. We can name the top BJJ brands whose BJJ gis have the majority of fans over years. But even in their assortment not every gi is beloved and deserves the title of the most comfortable BJJ gi.

The experience shows that the most comfortable BJJ gi have those BJJ brands, that exist on the specific BJJ gi market for the longest time.

Check these top jiu jitsu brands when searching for a comfortable BJJ gi:

  • Kingz
  • Tatami
  • War Tribe
  • Hayabusa
  • Fuji
  • Atama
  • Shoyoroll

Best cheap BJJ gi in black color under $50

#1 Hawk BJJ black gi

We already mentioned the Hawk Jiu Jitsu Gi as one of the best BJJ gis for beginners in our guide.

Hawk black jiu jitsu gi is the best pick for an affordable and of decent quality jiu jitsu uniform under $50. In simple words it’s a cheap jiu jitsu gi.

It’s unisex men and women grappling kimono. The manufacturer claims a 1-year warranty. Over 3200 reviews from customers on Amazon. It’s hard to find a better BJJ gi for the money.

Pre-shrunk ultra-light 350 gsm pearl weave material. Pants are made of 10 oz density ripstop fabric. A white BJJ belt is included in the set that saves time, money, and effort additionally to searching for purchasing a belt. The fabric is decent or not worse compared to some top jiu jitsu brands for a higher price.

EVA rubber collar is covered with ripstop fabric. Hawk BJJ gi size chart has the sizes A1, A2, A3, A4, and A5. Is IBJJF legal.

Minimalist design.

Hawk Gi Sizing

Despite the pre-shrunk fabric, the jacket and pants will still have some shrinkage. It is recommended to wash your gi in cold water and hang dry. With this method, the gi will shrink for about 3-4 cm / 1.2-1.6 in. If your size is between two different gi sizes, choose the larger size.

In most cases, it’s recommended to buy a gi for jiu jitsu by Hawk one size larger. If you will need to shrink the gi, make a few first washes. After that, you can put it in the dryer.

#2 Best BJJ gi for the money – Jayefo gi review

Meet another best affordable BJJ gi pick under $50. Pre-shrunk ultra-lightweight BJJ kimono for adults in 450 gsm pearl weave fabric with 10 oz ripstop pants.

The Jayefo BJJ gear is presented by adult and kids’ jiu jitsu uniforms. One of the popular gi color variations among the jiu jitsu practitioners is the red and black gi color. And the Jayefo BJJ brand has what to offer.

True to size Jayefo gi size chart consists of A1, A2, A3, and A4 measures. IBJJF approved.

Jayefo gi is a great choice to buy for those who are just starting jiu jitsu.

The best gi for jiu jitsu under $100

#3 Sanabul BJJ gi

The Sanabul Essentials gi we have already mentioned in our guide for BJJ Top 5 Best Gis for Jiu Jitsu Beginners. The BJJ brand has collaborations with prominent BJJ athletes, among them is also the legendary jiu jitsu coach John Danaher.

#4 Fuji BJJ Gi

The glory of Fuji gi for jiu jitsu is ahead as the Fuji Sports brand name knows every judoka and BJJ practitioner.

#5 Black Venum Contender Evo BJJ Gi

Venum jiu jitsu uniforms are popular among BJJ athletes since 2005. The Contender gi deservedly can take its place in the top best gi for BJJ list under $100 even with its a bit over $100 price.

The most expensive jiu jitsu gi over $100 and $150

The jiu jitsu uniform design in combination with a top brand name can change the price range for BJJ gis drastically.

Let’s see what black jiu jitsu uniforms offer the top premium BJJ gi brands.

#6 The Hayabusa BJJ gi

Hayabusa Fightwear is a prominent name in the martial arts equipment world. It was founded in 2006.

Hayabusa BJJ means quality

Hayabusa gear is also well-known for its long-lasting quality.

For instance, we still use Hayabusa fighting shorts for training that were bought about 8 years ago and they literally have no traces of fading or torn.

How and where to buy the Hayabusa gear?

Pay attention to buying only the original Hayabusa gear from the official Amazon store, Hayabusa online store, or affiliated shops.

Hayabusa has also prominent collaborations. They have a deal with the UFC champion Georges St-Pierre, black belt Carlos Machado, Neil Melanson, and others.

In 2019 Hayabusa launched a collab with Marvel. One of the results is the Hayabusa Punisher series of items:

  • black BJJ gi
  • boxing gloves
  • fight shorts
  • rash guard
  • hand wraps

The Punisher Hayabusa black gi jiu jitsu review

The Hayabusa brand has a unique outfit. For instance, this Hayabusa Uwagi gi jacket is made from real pearl weave cotton gi fabric.

#7 Moya Brand Gi

The adult black Moya Gi by Moya brand.

The Moya BJJ brand is also known for its collaborations with other famous brands. For instance, with Hello Kitty, Crooks & Castles, etc. They also have a Bruce Lee collection.

#8 Black gi jiu jitsu uniform by Shogun Fight Apparel

Does Gi color matter in jiu jitsu?

You may wonder if there is any meaning to black BJJ gi color, blue, or maybe white.

To be short, there is nothing special with the gi colors in Brazilian jiu jitsu. You can choose for your BJJ classes any of the common BJJ gi colors – black, white, blue, or navy blue. But if you want to compete in tournaments, read carefully the uniform requirements of the organizer.

So, it means you can choose the best color BJJ gi you want for your training. There is even a tie dye BJJ gi.

How to tie dye gi?

How to keep black BJJ gi from fading?

To avoid your black BJJ gi from fading you should follow the manufacturer’s requirements on how to wash a black jiu jitsu gi or any colored gi.

Usually, the requirements are always the same and easy to follow:

  • Use free of bleach detergents. Check our guide for the best sports detergents
  • Dry your colored gi inside out
  • Wash in cold water or low degrees
  • Washing a black jiu Jitsu gi you can use a laundry detergent that prevents fading


We made a pick only of 8 BJJ black gis – from the cheap BJJ kimonos to premium. We haven’t shown a lot of other great black gis, just because we didn’t want to make the list too long to not complicate the choice.

In our next best gis for BJJ lists, we will look deeper into the assortment of not presented here top BJJ brands like Kingz, Tatami, Shoyoroll, Atama, etc.

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