Does Judo Have Strikes? [Explained]

Does Judo Have Strikes?

If you've ever wondered about the presence of striking techniques in Judo, you're not alone. The world of martial arts is rich and diverse, with each discipline bringing its unique set of skills and ...

What is a Judo Belt Called?

What is a Judo Belt Called?

If you are new to judo, you might be wondering about the different belts in judo and their names. Judo is a popular martial art that has a ranking system based on the color of the belt. Even more, ...

Is judo once a week enough?

judo once a week

Judo once a week. Is it a real scenario to become good in judo? How often to train judo at all to get results? For advanced and experienced martial artists it's not even a question. But what if ...

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