The Jiu Jitsu Team: What is Daisy Fresh BJJ

It may happen someday that you will search in Google BJJ classes near me and find the Daisy Fresh BJJ classes close to you. Don’t hesitate to visit this jiu jitsu team, because these guys and their BJJ school is trending since last year.

So what is Daisy Fresh BJJ team?

The Daisy Fresh real team name in fact is Pedigo Submission Fighting (PSF) and it’s a jiu jitsu competition team.

The PSF team became a voluminous force in the sport’s global circuit, especially with the IBJJF (International Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Federation). They won the 2017 and 2019 IBJJF Pan Championship trophy in the novice division and got into the Top 10 placement at the World No Gi Championship.

The hard and enthusiastic work of the team gives out to the world high-level athletes such as Chad Hawkins, Andrew Wiltse, Chris Heatherly, etc.

Where is Daisy Fresh gym location?

Some Daisy Fresh episodes in images; image capture from Google Images

Their gym is located in an old “Daisy Fresh” laundromat In Mount Vernon, USA. That is why PSF is also well known as Daisy Fresh.

The man behind the Daisy Fresh

The founder and head coach of Daisy Fresh aka Pedigo Submission Fighting is Heath Pedigo. He is a Brazilian jiu jitsu black belt under Rodrigo Vaghi.

Lineage: C. Gracie – H. Gracie – Rickson Gracie – Rodrigo Vaghi – Heath Pedigo

Heath Pedigo; image capture from Google Images

Watch this video tour around and inside the gym made by Bernardo Faria with BJJ Fanatics in 2022. The video shows that the jiu jitsu athletes are literally living in the Daisy Fresh gym.

The Daisy Fresh gym is a home for BJJ fighters in the literal sense of the word – there can live about 12 guys at one time training every day.

‘I found this place that’s been empty for about 15 years. I messaged the guy and he called me back $500 a month rent. It’s about hometown and I like this and I don’t want to change that up,’ – Pedigo says.

Pedigo Submission Fighting aka Daisy Fresh social media channels:



FloGrappling has created a bunch of series of Daisy Fresh episodes about the daisy fresh jiu jitsu life and BJJ journey. Enjoy the watching of Episode One and find more on the FloGrappling YouTube channel:

Andrew Wiltse BJJ athlete from Daisy Fresh

Andrew Wiltse is a jiu jitsu black belt under Heath Pedigo and well know Brazilian jiu jitsu name on the competitions. He was the team’s first black belt rocketing the pedestals at the international level.

His main BJJ stats and titles: 5x IBJJF Worlds Gold, 7x IBJJF Pan American Gold, and more.

The Andrew Wiltse Buzzsaw Passing course on BJJ Fanatics

Andrew Wiltse BJJ
Andrew Wiltse BJJ images captured from his Instagram

In modern Brazilian jiu jitsu history the Daisy Fresh gym is one of the unique and not ordinary places to train with talented jiu jitsu fighters.

One of the favorite and massively popular things around the mentioned gym is the Daisy Fresh BJJ shirt.

As someone says on BJJ Reddit – “The Daisy Fresh crew should really start selling merch”. And they did it – with cooperation with Shoyoroll and on their website But it’s hard to catch one because they are always Sold Out.

daisy fresh bjj t shirt
BJJ fans trying to catch the Daisy Fresh BJJ shirt; screenshot from Facebook

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