How to tie a karate belt easy? [3 Tutorials]

How to tie a karate belt is our next tutorial guide on how to tie a belt for different martial arts uniforms. It’s our next instructional guide on martial arts belts. You may found useful also our article on How to tie jiu jitsu belt.

How to tie BJJ belt

How to tie a gi belt knot?

You may be a beginner in martial arts or the parents of a kid who just starts training in karate or any other martial art discipline.

For you, we want to share some information that will help you to understand how things are arranged in martial arts.

  • The karate uniform belt can be called in different ways: gi belt, obi (Japanese belt name), or just karate belt.
  • The way tying the belt in other martial arts doesn’t differ much from karate. Usually even doesn’t differ at all. It means you can watch tutorials on how to tie a gi belt related to judo, taekwondo, jiu jitsu, etc. Unless your karate school prefers a certain way to tie the belt.
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How to tie a karate belt for beginners?

For the reason mentioned above, we want to start our tutorial guide with one for beginners.

In fact, this tutorial is the same as for advanced karate practitioners. But from a logical point of view, karate beginners not knowing this fact will search for a tutorial on how to tie a karate belt for beginners specifically.

So to be sure every beginner (or a white belt) will find what he or she needs we called this part this way.

From another logical point of view, it is reasonable to start the guide with an easy way to tie the karate belt knot.

Now, let’s dive in on how to tie a karate belt easy.

#1 The easy and generic way to tie a karate belt knot

This basic gi belt knot is used in almost all martial arts, especially in Japanese one. It’s very easy and quick to assemble.

But it has a disadvantage to other belt knots – it doesn’t hold tight for a long time. Especially in full-contact martial arts like BJJ or judo.

Another disadvantage is it crosses the belt on your back while you are wrapping it around.

How to tie your karate belt step by step explained in words:

  • To tie your karate belt, start by holding the label end of the belt across your abdomen, in front of you with your right hand. It should hang a couple of inches longer than the length you want the belt to be when it is tied.
  • Wrap the other end of the belt behind you and around your waist with your left hand.
  • Wrap the belt around your waist a second time while maintaining the position of the label end of the belt.
  • Tuck the non-label end of the belt under both layers and up.
  • Pull both ends to tighten the knot.
  • The label end of the belt should still be on your left side.
  • Fold down the non-label end of the belt.
  • Tuck the label end of the belt under the other end and over to your right side.
  • Loop the label end of the belt around the other end and through the knot.
  • Pull to tighten the knot.
  • If the belts ends are not the same length, untie the knot and adjust the length.
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#2 How to tie a karate belt fortune cookie knot?

The fortune cookie gi knot you may meet not only in the karate. It’s also a very popular BJJ knot among jiu jitsu practitioners.

Karate belt How to tie?
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How to tie a karate belt square knot?

How to tie a square knot for karate belt is in fact not a different way. It’s the same way as the basic belt knot shown before.

So, just refer to the same tutorial above.

Tying a karate belt square knot is just a way to describe the basic method of tying the gi belt.

It’s called a “square knot” because it’s similar to the way of rope knotting – right over left, left over right.

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How to tie a karate belt – Premier Martial arts video tutorial

We have found that the Premier Martial arts school video is searched often as a tutorial. So, why not add it to our guide collection?

In addition, this tutorial shows also

#3 How to tie a karate belt on a child or on someone else:

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How to tie a karate belt for display?

If you read this part of our How to tie a karate belt? article, it means you are not a karate beginner already.

You have leveled up and now looking for a way to display your ‘retired’ belts.

Before we share the ideas and tutorials on how to tie a belt for display, first a couple of remarks here to mention:

  • You can fold all your belts with help of a display rack.
    karate belt display ideas
  • You may have no display rack purchased but still searching for a way to store your old gi belts properly with presentation

#1 How to fold your karate belt for display without a belt rack or case

#2 and #3 Two more ways how to tie a karate belt for display:

#4 And one more way to display a bunch of gi belts:

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