Wash Your Gi: What is the Best Detergent For BJJ Gi?

Sport is not only about the sport by itself. And BJJ is not only about fighting and rolling. It’s also about the athlete, and even more specifically – about the body. You may ask what is common between the body and BJJ. The answer is – the gi. Today we gonna talk about… What is the best detergent for BJJ gi?

The same applies to the no gi clothing. The matter is the same.

Wash Your Gi Principle

First of all, let me share my experience of seven years of jiu jitsu, and then I will provide a selection of the best activewear detergent you can find on Amazon.

What two main principles I am guided by?

  1. The gi must be washed after every training
  2. Look at the first principle

Further are just details on how to wash your gi, how can I make my BJJ gi smell better, or how do you wash the blue or white gi in jiu-jitsu.

The main principle is Wash Your Gi. Protect yourself and your rolling partner from jiu jitsu health risks, such as skin diseases and of course suffering from the unpleasant smell.

Before we go to the main part of the topic, let’s consolidate the main principle.

Should I wash my gi after every use?

Yes. Please. Wash your gi after every training class.

  • Question: How often should you wash your BJJ gi?
  • Answer: Every time after the training.

How can I make my BJJ gi smell better?

I admit it is very pleasant to roll with someone whose gi smells nice. I always want the same for my jiu jitsu gis. It’s not a problem for me to ask people what they use to wash their gi and give it a try.

A new recently bought gi will keep its freshness for a week or couple. But any activewear and workout clothes get stained with sweat with time. The natural cotton fabric of the gi absorbs the sweat very well and holds it inside unlike the no gi uniform made from synthetic materials.

That’s why here is what to understand: The detergent is not just to let your gi smell well but to wash off the bacteria.

So how to wash BJJ gi to let it smell well?

My experience shows:

  • Find the washing powder or laundry pods you will like the scent
  • Don’t wash too much laundry at once in your washing machine, so it has room and enough water for rinsing
  • Wash your gi after the training, when it is still wet. Don’t let the sweat dry in the gi
  • If you have the opportunity, dry your gi outside. Fresh air (oxygen) gives real freshness
  • Wash your gi with vinegar

The Best Detergent for BJJ gi on Amazon

We made a pick of 11 top-rated laundry detergents on Amazon. Most of them are intended for sports activewear washing. The best sports detergent to wash BJJ gi doesn’t necessarily mean to be called “Best Detergent For BJJ Gi”.

In fact, you just need to find for your jiu jitsu sportswear the proper and the best sports detergent. So, let’s find out what is the best sports detergent you can choose from.

Top 4 detergents to pay attention to:

This one is the must-have for sportswear laundry – the laundry sanitizer.

How to use Lysol laundry sanitizer?

Add the recommended amount and run your regular washing machine cycle.

For better results, pre-soak your clothing with Lysol for 15 minutes in cold water.

Lysol laundry sanitizer works in cold water and is safe for colored clothing. It’s one of the reasons why it’s so good for washing BJJ gis of any color.

If you are looking mainly for a great scent that lasts.

The classic Tide sport pods are specifically made for activewear with odor defense. This may be the all-time classic best laundry detergent for BJJ gi.

As best detergent for activewear is claimed also the next example.

The next 7 detergents have all good characteristics and have shown loyalty among customers as the best detergent for gym clothes.

Your most expensive and best jiu jitsu gi you can treat with a detergent for luxury fabrics. Meet the Glamorous Wash Diva laundry detergent.

Pay attention to the Win Sports detergent for workout clothing and activewear sports uniform. “The top selling fitness detergent for 15 years” – says the merchant.

Conclusion with a Hint

Pay attention to consider the BJJ gi detergent as one of jiu jitsu gift ideas for your BJJ friend. You may think “What a stupid idea to give a laundry detergent as gift”.

But don’t be so biased. Provide your jiu jitsu lover with a 2-3 months supply of detergent and you will get a sincere smile and make your friend happy. If you still don’t trust this advice, ask your friend how many times a week he or she launders.

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