Best Finger Tape for BJJ [Top 9 Jiu Jitsu Tapes]

Why do my fingers hurt after jiu jitsu? And why do BJJ players tape fingers? Two different questions but the context is the same. The request to find the best finger tape for BJJ is so popular for a reason. In this article, we will finally dive into the issue of BJJ fingers and what is the best jiu jitsu finger tape to find on the market today.

Why do jiu jitsu tape fingers?

If you are new to Brazilian jiu jitsu or a curious martial arts fan you may wonder why BJJ practitioners tape their fingers.

There is no mystery behind it, only practical application.

Jiu jitsu practitioners often tape their fingers to provide extra support and protection to their hands during training or competition. The repetitive gripping and pulling motions in jiu-jitsu can put a lot of stress on the fingers, leading to injuries such as sprains, strains, and even fractures.

Jiu jitsu finger injuries

Practicing jiu jitsu with sprained finger is a quite common situation. But the most common cases are the rubbing and calluses on the phalanges of the fingers. It is this phenomenon that is called BJJ fingers.

Jiu jitsu finger injuries
Some common Jiu jitsu finger injuries; Google Images caption

What does finger tape do? Taping the fingers can help prevent such injuries by providing additional support to the joints and tendons. The tape also helps to stabilize the fingers and prevent them from bending too far back, which can be especially important in grappling situations.

Overall, taping the fingers is a common practice among jiu jitsu practitioners to help protect their hands and prevent injuries during training and competition.

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What kind of tape do you use for fingers in BJJ?

The best jiu jitsu finger tape is the same as the best jiu jitsu uniform a very personal thing of choice. Nevertheless, there are constant characteristics that all or most will follow the same before making this choice.

The same with the taping fingers for BJJ and choosing the jiu jitsu tape.

There are different types of tape that can be used for taping fingers in Brazilian jiu jitsu, but the most commonly used tape is athletic tape.

Athletic tape is a strong, adhesive tape that is specifically designed for sports use and is commonly used to provide support and stability to joints and muscles.

athletic Tape for fingers
Athletic tape for fingers; Google Image caption

When taping fingers for BJJ, it is important to use a tape that is durable and provides good support, while still allowing for flexibility and range of motion. Many BJJ practitioners prefer to use a thicker, more rigid tape for added support, while others prefer a thinner, more flexible tape that allows for better movement.

In general, it is recommended to use a high-quality, medical-grade athletic tape that is specifically designed for use on fingers and other small joints. Some popular non-BJJ brands of athletic tape for jiu jitsu include Mueller and Johnson & Johnson.

Best athletic tape for jiu jitsu

It’s also important to note that some competitions or academies may have specific rules or guidelines on the type of tape that can be used, so it’s a good idea to check with your instructor or event organizers before taping your fingers.

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Best finger tape for BJJ

Finding the best athletic tape for fingers for your jiu jitsu practice is a great option as there are good quality and affordable medicine tapes on the market. Again, pay attention to the Johnson & Johnson Coach athletic tape.

But luckily, our martial arts sport – Brazilian jiu jitsu – is getting more and more self-sufficient on the market. New jiu jitsu brands dedicated to BJJ products appear every year offering stuff from souvenirs and accessories to casual clothing, uniform, and gear.

This best finger tape for BJJ list is about making it easier to orient yourself in the choice and search jiu jitsu finger tape.

#1 Hampton Adams Premium jiu jitsu and climber finger tape

The best pick in the list “What tape is best for taping fingers?” takes the Hampton Adams Premium jiu jitsu and climber finger tape. It’s been the leading athletic tape on Amazon for years already with over 30000 customer reviews.

Hampton Adams Premium finger tape BJJ

8 pack
Hampton Adams manufacturer was from the very beginning about to engineer an athletic tape specifically for fingers to provide the ultimate protection for hands and fingers.

The founder was working on removing the harmful elements within the tape and adding utilizing comfort to it such as:

– tearing the tape with ease
– removing the tape from the skin without pain
– no glue residue on the skin after removing the tape.

If taped correctly Hampton Adams tape will make it past the whole jiu jitsu session with multiple rounds of rolling on the mat.

#2 Monkey tape BJJ

Monkey Tape for BJJ

4 tape colors
What makes Monkey Tape so unique is that their main product is the BJJ tape (as you may understand from the brand name). It means they focus their attention and creativity on improvement only on one specific product. Yes, they do have other BJJ accessories in their shop, but as the brand story tells “Born out of necessity” and “made by jiu jitsu practitioners for jiu jitsu practitioners”.

Monkey Tape is available in 4 colors: white, tan, black, and pink.

The wide range of tape sizes allows use it not only in BJJ but other sports: 0.2 inches, 0.3 inches, 0.4 inches, 0.5 inches, 1 inch, 1.5, inches, and 2 inches.

Female BJJ black belt Gezary Matuda is one of the Monkey Tape’s ambassadors.

#3 Gold BJJ finger tape

Gold BJJ Tape 3 pack

over 1000 reviews
Every jiu jitsu practitioner knows the Gold BJJ brand. If not everyone, the vast majority for sure. Gold BJJ is well-known for its products dedicated specifically to Brazilian jiu jitsu. No wonder they pay attention to such important protection jiu jitsu accessories as finger tapes.

Gold BJJ finger tape is a strong athletic finger tape that will fit not only BJJ, but MMA, judo, and even rock climbing. Gold BJJ improves with its tape formula constantly, for instance, to reduce the residue left on your fingers when you use the tape.

Gold BJJ tape thickness: 1/2”.
Length: 10-yard rolls in 3-, 6-, and 12-packs.

Tape for jiu jitsu by Gold BJJ is also a good option for belt promotion stripes.
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Best BJJ finger tape Reddit recommendations

And of course, our favorite way to find the most practical and objective recommendations on any martial arts question, including the taping fingers for BJJ – the Reddit community.

We have a big experience already on finding answers to different jiu jitsu and martial arts questions in general on Reddit.

This time is no exception and we went through the BJJ subreddit threads to find out, what tape people use for their BJJ fingers.

And here are the best BJJ finger tape Reddit picks.

Scramble Yubi finger tape

Scramble Yubi finger tape

toro bjj finger tape

Toro BJJ finger tape made in the USA

saru tape for bjj fingers

Saru tape for BJJ fingers

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Should I tape my fingers for BJJ?

Do I need to tape my fingers for BJJ or it is optional?

It’s up to you. Taping your fingers for BJJ may be beneficial in certain situations, such as when you are recovering from a finger injury or looking to prevent future injuries. Or to reduce the complaints to the question “Why do my fingers hurt after jiu jitsu?”.

Taping can provide extra support and stability to the joints and tendons in your fingers, which can help to prevent strains, sprains, and other injuries that can occur during grappling.

That being said, taping your fingers is not always necessary or recommended for everyone. If you have healthy fingers and no history of finger injuries, you may not need to tape your fingers. It’s also important to note that taping is not a substitute for proper technique and training. To minimize your risk of finger injuries in BJJ, it’s important to focus on proper form and technique and to gradually build up your strength and flexibility over time.

Ultimately, the decision to tape your fingers for BJJ should be based on your individual needs and circumstances. If you have any concerns about whether or not taping is appropriate for you, it’s a good idea to consult with your BJJ instructor for guidance.

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How do you use athletic tape on BJJ?

Everyone uses his or her way to tape the BJJ fingers but mostly there is one main method for taping fingers for jiu jitsu.

How to tape BJJ fingers?

Video: Best way to tape fingers for BJJ
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BJJ finger tape alternative

First of all, taping fingers for BJJ will not go anywhere as this is so real to life. But one can use some alternatives to BJJ finger tape.

One of these alternatives is to strengthen your fingers or the hand grip with a finger workout tool.

But this finger tool will not save your skin from abrasion or fixate your already dislocated finger. As an alternative to finger tape for this case, you can use a flexible splint for fingers.

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