Best BJJ Gi Reddit Reviews – 13 Top Gi Brands Ever [UPD 2024]

One day it dawned on us that the best way to find a good jiu jitsu gi is to look for the best BJJ gi Reddit reviews on the Reddit BJJ community.

If you are new to BJJ you might not know the r/bjj Subreddit. It’s a huge online jiu jitsu community with over 730 000 members. You can read about it in our article here.

If you are an experienced athlete, you may say what a discovery, every BJJ practitioner knows it. BJJ Reddit is one of the first places that comes to mind when you need advice on what jiu jitsu uniform to buy. No matter if it is a gi, rash guard, or shorts.

And you are right.


One thing you need every time, whenever you have to look for a new gi again, to make the whole search on Reddit for threads to remind you what were the recommended gis. Or to find out what are the up-to-date recommendations.

Another thing is when you have all the best BJJ gi Reddit reviews in one place.

And this place is here now.

The best BJJ gi challenge big data

  • We have found and gone through to read about 15 different threads about jiu jitsu gi brands on Reddit BJJ.
  • We spent about 13 hours analyzing and composing all gi recommendations and discussions by real people who train jiu jitsu.
  • These discussions on r/bjj are spacing the time span from 2014 to the current months.

The result of this Best BJJ Gi Reddit Reviews challenge is the below list of assorted Brazilian jiu jitsu gis by the community.

Keep reading to find out, what the best jiu jitsu gi recommendations are given on Reddit by your fellows – the experienced jiu jitsu practitioners.

This article should help every athlete to avoid the challenge of finding the best jiu jitsu gi. We have done it for you.

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Best BJJ gi brands not relying on price

  • This collection of best BJJ gi Reddit reviews doesn’t rely or depend on brand popularity, price, or color.

Because it’s not a review for the cheapest BJJ gis or the most expensive one. Moreover, the best ones don’t necessarily mean the most expensive.

If you are looking for the most affordable jiu jitsu gi, read our Top 5 Best beginner Gi for jiu jitsu.

Best BJJ Gi for Beginners
Top 5 Best BJJ Gi for Beginners

For the Reddit gi review list we selected the most popular gis – most times mentioned and recommended on Reddit as the best.

You are seeing the list here presented in reverse order starting with the less mentioned and to the first – the most popular and the best choice gi according to BJJ subreddit.

Used terms explained:

  • Overall points – how many times was the brand positive mentioned
  • What people say – we gathered the main PROS and CONS people shared from their experience with the brand
  • Best Brand’s gi – the specific gi name of the brand that was recommended
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Best BJJ gi brands Reddit List

A small spoiler before we jump to the main topic.

We gathered all BJJ gi brands that were mentioned on Reddit during our research into one list.

Here it is.

All BJJ gi brands mentioned on r/bjj*during our research
Fuji SportsOuano
RoninGold BJJ
X-GuardHarada Brand
Albino Preto, A&P, AP (Shoyoroll’s sister company)Platinum
KeikoVanguard Kimonos
IsamiWant Vs Need (no longer live)
GR1PSShoyoroll (SYR)
Break PointWar Tribe
Voūk Kimonos (Vouk)Revgear
Origin93 Brand
HayabusaStandard Kimono Company
AtamaBlank Kimonos
HyperflySummo Sports
KitsuneProdigy Kimonos
Padilla and SonsBCKimonos
Elite SportsSenso
Lanky Fight GearPura Fibra Alliance Gi
Inverted GearSanabul
Half SumoVital Kimonos
FlowVandal Kimonos
Moya BrandGameness
Your Jiu Jitsu GearLucky Gi
Combat CornerCTRL Industries
VHTS (Very Hard To Submit)Valor Fightwear
Bull TerrierKillerbee
Best BJJ gear brands list

Total: 64 BJJ gi brands.

The winner list will show only 13 top gi brands – those, who received more than 10 points. But nevertheless, the research resulted not just in the top 10 BJJ gi brands but as many as 13 best brands.

BJJ gi brands list that received less than 10 points and didn’t get to the best BJJ gi brands Reddit pick

BJJ Gi BrandPoints
War Tribe6
Albino Preto, A&P, AP5
Moya Brand5
Your Jiu Jitsu Gear4
Gold BJJ3
Bull Terrier3
VHTS (Very Hard To Submit)2
Break Point2
Voūk Kimonos2
BJJ Gi BrandPoints
Padilla and Sons2
Elite Sports2
Lanky Fight Gear2
Combat Corner2
Lucky Gi2
Valor Fightwear2
Pura Fibra Alliance Gi1
BJJ Gi BrandPoints
Half Sumo1
Harada Brand1
Vanguard Kimonos1
Want vs Need (no longer live)1
Standard Kimono Company1
Blank Kimonos1
Summo Sports1
Prodigy Kimonos1
Vital Kimonos1
Vandal Kimonos1
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13 Top Gi Brands Ever according to Reddit reviews

#13 Atama

What people say
Mundial gi is super durable, fits great, and feels like you are wearing armor.The Mundial Atama gi pants are the best rip-stop pants. Great fit and very comfortable.
Best Brand’s Gi
Ultra Light 2.0
atama gi reviews
Atama gi reviews; image caption from Atama site

#12 Progress

What people say
The most comfortable BJJ gi ever.Like soft pajamas.
Really good look with minimus branding. Soft but tough.
Best Brand’s Gi
Any specific Progress gi names were mentioned.

Progress BJJ Gi

black, white, blue
Lightweight BJJ gi. Free white belt included. Pants with drawstring closure. No flashy logos and designs, simple blank jiu jitsu gi.

#11 Sanabul

The Sanabul gi is just exploded on Amazon as a best choice starter gi for jiu jitsu.

Sanabul brand has famous jiu jitsu stars as ambassadors, like Michael Bisping, Sean O’Malley, and John Danaher.

What people say
Sanabul gi is affordable and durable.A good starter gi for BJJ.
Holding strong for two years of jiu jitsu training. Pretty damn good BJJ gi for the money.
Sanabul BJJ gi is nothing fancy but come in a good variety of different colors and doesn’t let down after a couple of years of consistent use.Fit is quite loose.
Best Brand’s Gi
Any specific Sanabul gi names were mentioned.

Sanabul Gi Essentials V.2

6 gi colors
Ultra-Light Weight Single Weave. Women’s Sanabul Jiu Jitsu gi also available. 100% cotton. Stiff, rubberized collars, tapered sleeves, and dense single weave design.
6 colors: black, white, blue, navy, green, and grey.

The Sanabul gi takes a secure place as the best affordable black jiu jitsu gi for training under $100.

#10 CTRL Industries

What people say
If you choose the right size and you will be thrilled with what you get.Fits really well but tacky-looking kimonos.
The best-looking BJJ gi. The is comfortable inside and out. Has ripstop pants. Higher quality than SYR gi. Good designs and comfortable.
Best Brand’s Gi
Shine On Syd B.
ctrl industries gi review
CTRL Industries gi review; image caption from CTRL site

#9 Inverted Gear

What people say
Bamboo is an extremely soft and comfortable BJJ gi but shrinks more than their other gis.Light Pearl gi is very light and comfortable but a little more abrasive compared to Bamboo. Can be good for competition.
Really durable and comfortable jiu jitsu gis.
Best Brand’s Gi
TCO (Tap Cancer Out) and Inverted Gear GiBamboo
Light Pearl
inverted gear gi review
Inverted Gear gi; image caption from Inverted Gear site

#8 Scramble

What people say
Great fit and feel of the new Athlete Scramble gi.Aesthetic love. The best feeling gi.
The Athlete Pro 5 quality is undeniable, the pants are great but the jacket is too long. Affordable jiu jitsu gi, slim fit, durable and look great.
Best Brand’s Gi
scramble bjj gi
Scramble BJJ gi; image caption from Scramble site

#7 Shoyoroll (SYR)

Yes, Shoyoroll gi is only in 7th place. Just statistics, nothing else.

Nevertheless, Shoyoroll Instagram has 145K followers.

Shoyoroll online store –

Quite well-known are the RVCA Shoyoroll gi collaborations. The Shoyoroll and RVCA gi are one of the most expensive gi out there.

What people say
Batch #41 Superlite is light and sturdy.Looks great, it’s more style over substance.
Fits really well but tacky-looking stuff.
Best Brand’s Gi
shoyoroll gi reviews
Shoyoroll Gi reviews; image caption from Shoyoroll site

#6 93Brand

93Brand is New York based small grapplers company that is well known among athletes for a long time already.

93 Brand store site

What people say
Even the basic $60 93 Brand gi fits well and lasts for a long.Makes a good competition to Shoyoroll, Maeda, Atama, Vulkan, Fuji, and others in comfort and durability.
The Hooks gi has a huge size chart, very good quality, best pants ever. Identical fit to Shoyoroll gi. Quality products in general. 93 Brand’s branding is subtle but still slick.
Best Brand’s Gi
93 brand gi
93 Brand gi; image caption from 93Brand site

#5 Flow Kimonos

Where are Flow Kimonos made?

Flow Kimonos is a brand based in Boston, USA. What we have defined from our best BJJ gi Reddit research is that the Flow gis are underestimated.

Are Flow Kimonos good?

Looks like if the Flow brand marketing would be more spread, the Flow BJJ gis could have better positions in the top gi brands list.

The Flow Kimonos Hemp gi is available to purchase only once a year due to the shortage of materials.

Are Flow Kimonos IBJJF legal?

Yes, the Flow Kimonos are IBJJF legal. But pay attention to what color you choose for the tournaments. As IBJJF allows only three main jiu jitsu gi colors – white, blue with navy blue, and black.

Flow Kimonos shop site –

What people say
The quality-to-price ratio is too good.Flow Air after three years the lapel color is staying dark and the rest is fading a bit. Nevertheless, the gi stays as good as just got it.
Feels great and super light. Customer service is subpar. Alpine is a lightweight amazing summer gi.
Pro Series gis are a good stuff.Are pretty universal for fit. Fits the same as Shoyoroll but is cheaper. Very athletic cut.
Doesn’t shrink. The pants are soft. “Replacing my gi wardrobe with Flow gis”.Flow Hemp gi is antimicrobial, it doesn’t stink even if left in the bag for a couple of days.
Best Brand’s Gi
AlpineFlow Kimonos Hemp gi
Pro Series
flow kimonos air gi
Flow BJJ Gi Air; image caption from Flow site

#4 Kingz Kimonos gi

What people say
Kingz Ballistico 3.0 is the best gi ever, is perfect, tapered super nice, and has a super high quality.Very sturdy, hard to say enough good things about Kingz BJJ gi.
Kingz Kimonos provides intermediate sizing like A3H, A3L, etc. Has a good fit. Doesn’t shrink too much, and has good seams.
Best Brand’s Gi
Kingz Balistico 3.0Kingz Hemp gi
The OneUltralight
Kingz Classic 3.0

The One White KINGZ Gi

Cotton twill pants
Kingz BJJ gi for training and competition. IBJJF approved. Premium basic white jiu jitsu gi by the Kingz BJJ brand. 400 gsm pearl weave jacket. 10 oz cotton pants. The gi comes with a white belt. Kingz BJJ gi size chart has wide range of sizes from A0 to A5.

Kingz Ultralight Gi Review

black, blue, white
Lightweight gi with 420 gsm pearl weave jacket. IBJJF approved. 8 oz pants. A wide range of sizes: A00, A0, A1, A2, A3L, A4, and A5. Available in black, white, and blue colors.

Kingz Classic 3.0 Review

blue, white
Lightweight BJJ kimono. 450 gsm pearl weave pro competition gi. The jacket with a rubber lapel inside. IBJJF approved. 100% cotton pants. Available in white and blue colors.

Kingz Balistico 3.0 Review

black, blue, white
A wide range of sizes: A00, A0, A1, A2, A3L, A4, and A5. Available in black, white, and blue colors. Premium competition gi. 480 gsm pearl weave jacket. Pre-shrunk fabric. NO-Grip sleeve technology.
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#3 The bronze winner

The bronze medal winner among the BJJ gi brands is Tatami Fightwear brand. That is not surprising. Tatami gear is on everyone’s lips worldwide for many years already.

What people say
The gis are worth checking out and Tatami has some good deals always.Great fit, great weight, and last for a long time.
Many different gi choices are available. Tatami Hokori shrunk at about two sizes.
Tatami Nova Mk 4 is the lightest and most comfortable gi.Tatami Nova 6 is affordable, has a slim fit, is durable, and looks great.
Best Brand’s Gi
Tatami NovaSub-zero
SRS CompDweller

Tatami Nova MK4 BJJ Gi

black, blue, white, khaki
Lightweight gi with 350 gsm pearl weave jacket and 10 oz 100% cotton tapered pants. A free BJJ belt is included.

Tatami Estilo Premium Gi

9 colors
Premium gi with 550 gsm pearl weave jacket. 12 oz twill cotton pants. Tatami Estilo gi comes in different versions – 6.0, 5.0, 4.0. Is available in 9 colors. Tatami Y-Vent technology. On the picture is JT Torres BJJ black belt wearing Tatami Estilo gray gi A2 size with his 5’7 in height.

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#2 The almost winner

The second place got the Fuji BJJ gi.

Honestly, when we just started with this research, I was sure that the winner will be Fuji with their All Around gi.

But a surprise was waiting for me.

The BJJ gi brand winner of this list (which you will see below) broke ahead and got the most points from the very start.

Anyway, Fuji BJJ gi got confidently the second most of all points by a slight margin from the winner.

We want to stress that Fuji confirmed its status as the most sturdy and reliable gi over years.

What people say
Affordable, has a good fit, is solid and lasts forever. Fuji makes quality products that are legit built like tanks.
Doesn’t shrink after many times of washing in warm water.Someone prefers $20 Fuji pants over Origin’s pants.
A basic quality gi, affordable, durable and holds up the best.Fuji All Around is fine but is smaller than other gis of the same size and shrunk more after washing and drying.
Suparaito gi is awesome,
Fuji Sekai gi is an amazing gi, Elemental is a favorite-looking gi.
Sekai 2.0 is beautiful and has a great cut.
Best Brand’s Gi
Fuji Lightweight GiAll Around (Part of the FUJI Victory gi line)
SuparaitoRenzo Gracie Competition Gi
Fuji Classic PerformanceSekai

All Around Fuji BJJ Gi

over 1500 reviews
550 g traditional mid-weight weave. The best selling and most trusted Fuji Gi kimono for years. Cotton twill pants with traditional cotton drawstring.

Fuji Lightweight Gi

for hot weather
Summerweight BJJ gi is for jiu jitsu training in hot weather. Pearl weave 450 gsm jacket. Pre-shrunk material. IBJJF, NABJJF, and UAEJJF approved.

Fuji Suparaito Gi

black, blue, white
With bungee drawstring pants. Lightweight gi. Suparaito is a Japanese word and means “Superlite”. IBJJF, NABJJF, UAEJJF, and jiu jitsu master Xande Ribeiro approved.

Fuji Sekai 2.0

black, blue, white
Lightweight gi made from 450 gsm pearl weave material. The pants are from ripstop. The collar is reinforced with extra stitching. IBJJF, NABJJF, UAEJJF, and jiu jitsu master Xande Ribeiro approved.

Fuji Elemental Gi

black, blue, white
Material: 100% cotton. The pearl weave jacket has reinforced seams. The collar is made from a rubber collar and a polycotton blend that makes it stiff and allows it to dry faster. IBJJF, NABJJF, UAEJJF, and jiu jitsu master Xande Ribeiro approved.
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#1 And the winner of the best BJJ gi Reddit reviews is!

The best choice and the best BJJ gi Reddit review over the years got the Origin BJJ gi brand – the best American made BJJ gi.

If you don’t know the Origin brand let us share some short facts.

Origin is based, designed, and made in the US. And we should more say here about the words “made in the US”. Because it means, Origin literally makes the fabrics and manufactures their gis in the USA.

Making own fabrics for martial arts uniforms is a huge thing no exaggeration. The jiu jitsu uniform, especially the jackets, is made from specific cotton-weaved fabrics. The almost monopolists and the biggest suppliers of the fabric are China and Pakistan. Here are made about 90% of all jiu jitsu uniforms and other martial arts gear.

But Origin went with another way – their own.

Does Jocko Willink own Origin gi brand?

It’s a common question people are asking who is already known with the Origin USA brand and Jocko Willink.

In fact, the founder of Origin is the 3d degree black belt in jiu jitsu Pete Roberts. Origin USA and Jocko Industries are partnered to create quality products for Grappling athletes and their lifestyles.

What people sayOrigin Gi Review
The Rift gi is soft, pliable, still strong, and really well made. They can make custom Pro pants. Awesome belt system on the pants – don’t slide down and no need constantly to retie.
Expensive gi but so worth it. But if to request their factory seconds it’s possible to get about half price. It is possible to customize the size and mix pants and jacket sizes.
Path and Rift gis is soft as hell, if hell were soft.Lightweight and quick drying. Origin Everest gi is for hot weather.
Very good customer service. Origin’s gis are heads above everyone else but it takes forever to make and get shipped. The best gi ever purchased including Shoyoroll.
Origin’s weave materials are freaking awesome, pants are incredibly comfortable like a pair of favorite well-worn jeans. Excellent build quality and the material is what make it truly high-end.
Crazy comfortable, literally like pajamas and last for a very long time. Quality is about better than everything else.Good gis but overpriced. Sleeves oddly loose.
“Gi brand Jesus would wear”.Doesn’t shrink after machine washing and drying.
Best Brand’s Gi
AxiomComp DNA Atleta

Origin Gi Review Comp DNA Atleta

black, white
Approved for all IBJJF tournaments. The gi has Origin’s classic style pants made with Origin’s Atomic Twill GEN 2 materials. Resistant to abrasion. Pre-shrunk PolySynth© yarn that is supposed to be “100x stronger than the industry standard”.

Origin BJJ Gi Axiom

black, white
Dragon weave classic cut jacket made from Origin’s hybrid-blended fiber textile. It’s the strongest and most resilient textile that Origin makes.

Origin Everest Gi

white gi
Lower price segment Origin gi with the same best made Origin’s ultralight ATOMIC TWILL GEN 2 materials. With silver embroidery. Resistant to abrasion.

Origin Path Gi

white and black gi
Limited production gi. Comes with classic Origin’s pants, which are possible to upgrade to the Origin Pro Pants. The Path gi is made from pre-shrunk Origin PolySynth© fabrics. The material allows the moisture to pass between the weave and not get absorbed into the yarn of the fabric.

Origin BJJ Gi Rift

white and black gi
The most expensive gi by Origin. A gi that is designed from scratch for dynamic motion. Multi-panel tailored gi with the Spiral Wrap Cut© by Origin allows the gi to spiral symmetrically around your body.
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Conclusion to the best BJJ gear brands research

I must admit this research has changed my vision about the best BJJ gis brands. Despite the fact that I train jiu jitsu for over seven years and I’m quite deep into the BJJ market, as we are producing and selling martial arts goods for many years.

The Origin brand I know for many years. I have even watched a short documentary about the owners and how they create their products. But I never thought that their gis are so much popular and spread among the athletes.

Venum, Storm, GR1PS, Hayabusa, and some other brands have surprised me with how much they lost in their popularity and positions. Though, they have quality products.

The results are very telling.

We are very happy we have made this research. The time and efforts were worth it.

I think we can even encroach on calling it the list of the best BJJ gi in the world, as BJJ Reddit members, who shared their gi reviews, are spread worldwide.

Let it help you to find your top-notch jiu jitsu gi for regular training, competition, etc.

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