How many days a week do you train BJJ? [Reddit Answers]

How many days a week do you train BJJ Reddit discussion is one of the most repeatable and frequent questions to discuss on the BJJ subreddit.

Here, on our BJJ online project, we have raised the question – How Many Jiu Jitsu Classes a Week Should I Train? – where we shared our thoughts and own experience of training jiu jitsu.

This time we decided to expand our research and appeal to a wider audience, for which the Reddit BJJ community is a great resource.

If you follow our jiu jitsu articles you may know how we like to analyze comments and find answers to different topics on r/BJJ which has over 690K members.

How many days a week do you train BJJ Reddit Answers

As usual, we spent time finding and getting acquainted with the topic-related discussions.

We have found over 20 threads with ‘How many days a week do you train BJJ’ Reddit answers.

The request of the question here is statistical, meaning to gather answers from the big jiu jitsu community on how many times a week they train jiu jitsu.

How many days a week should you do jiu jitsu? – has another question intent but we will not ignore it and give it also a disclosure.

  • Data:
  • About 15 r/bjj threads and over 500 comments were researched
  • All answers were found on r/bjj over a time gap of about the last 8-10 years
  • In fact, the numbers represent training sessions per week, not just days
  • All answers belong to different BJJ belt ranks athletes – from white to black belts
  • The responders have different life and training circumstances – full-time jobs, students, have families or not, may maintain additional BJJ strengthening training

The results for how many days a week do you train BJJ Reddit statistics

Training jiu jitsu once a week (BJJ once a week Reddit stats)1.3%
Training BJJ 2 times a week17%
Training BJJ 3 times a week27.2%
Training BJJ 4 times a week22.8%
Training BJJ 5 times a week16.5%
Training BJJ 6 times a week8.9%
Training BJJ 7 times a week3.8%
Training BJJ 8-10 times a week2.5%
Reddit Brazilian jiu jitsu stats from research

training bjj everyday reddit
How many days a week do you train BJJ Reddit statistics;

How many days a week should you do BJJ?

  • Is it good to train BJJ every day?
  • Training 3 days a week BJJ vs. training BJJ 5 days a week.
  • Etc.

Obviously that these are questions of BJJ practitioners with at least some training experience. Because beginners are asking other questions, such as Can you start jiu jitsu at 30 or 40? or Does jiu jitsu build muscle?

Why BJJ athletes are asking themselves all these questions at some point?

The most common reasons are:

  • to improve jiu jitsu skills
  • to get good enough in competitions

Can you train jiu-jitsu every day?

As we see from the statistics from jiu jitsu Reddit members, you can train every day.

But keep the balance not to destroy your physical body and mental state.

As one of the r/bjj memebers said:

“Train as often as you enjoy it.”

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