Can I use BJJ gi for judo? [Explained]

Crosstraining in martial arts disciplines is a common thing. But it doesn’t matter at all that the athletes feel “as at home” in a new school or gym. Each martial art academy except the traditional etiquette may have its own traditions. So such questions as “Can I use BJJ gi for judo?” or vice versa from an experienced combat practitioner are normal things.

We will take some common questions and answer them. What, in fact, we do here on a regular basis as this is what our project is about.

So, what about the Gi? Can you use a jiu jitsu gi for Judo?

And vice versa – Can I wear a judo gi to BJJ?

Can I use BJJ gi for judo?

Let’s answer the main question, are BJJ and judo gis the same or not.

Yes, you can use a BJJ gi for Judo training, but it’s not legal in judo competitions, especially the Olympics, because they are not made to the same standards as Judo gi. Judo competitions require a judo gi in order to ensure the safety of the competitors.

But the BJJ gis are made of the same type of fabric as the judo gis and in most cases, the density is sturdy enough to handle the techniques in judo like the judo throws and grips.

Also, some restrictions on wearing a BJJ gi may take place depending on the rules or preferences in each judo school or gym. The best way is just to ask the judo coach at the gym.

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Is there a difference between judo and BJJ gi?

Are BJJ and judo gis the same or not? If not, what is the difference?

Judo and Brazilian jiu jitsu are two of the most popular martial arts in the world. They both originated in Japan and share a lot of similarities. For example, they both use a gi – a uniform worn by practitioners.

The basic fabric specification is the same for both – weaved cotton fabric.

What makes the main difference between judo gi vs BJJ gi is the cut, design, and variety of density.

Let’s split it into short answers to get an easier understanding of the differences.

Judo gi vs BJJ gi

Judo giBJJ gi
Judo gives more stress to the gi so it’s thicker and provides more padding. BJJ gi has a different cut than a judo gi.
Judo gis are typically heavier, and sturdier than BJJ gis. They also have baggier sleeves and a longer jacket (gi). According to the trends of the last years, BJJ gi is often made of a lightweight weave fabric or even twill fabric like a canvas, which makes it more comfortable and breathable.
Judo gis in most cases have extra material for movement and grips.Many BJJ gis are not so reinforced as starter judo gis.
Gi for judo is made to withstand the influence of repeated kinds of loading and grabbing.Jiu jitsu gis, for instance, sleeves in BJJ gis, are more tapered than in judo gi.
There are very specific rules in judo as to the sleeve length, thickness, and stiffness of the uniform.Some people may tease you for your BJJ “NASCAR gi”.
Judo uniform has a skirting on the bottom half of the gi jacket.
Judo vs BJJ gi
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Can you wear a black gi in judo?

Wearing a BJJ gi to judo should rarely be a problem even with a black gi.

But in practice, those who start to visit judo classes use their BJJ gi for the first couple of months only. Then they tend to buy a judo gi to utilize the judo practice in the most appropriate conditions. And it saves tear on your BJJ gi.

Also, having another gi is always a good thing.

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Can I wear a judo gi to BJJ?

The question seems to be the same as the main subject of this article.

But there is still a subtle difference in the context of the answer.

Yes, you can take a judo gi for BJJ classes. The reliable cut and material of a judo gi will cover all your needs for a sturdy jiu jitsu gi.

As for the tournaments, even if you will pass the gi checking inspection with the gi checker tool at the BJJ competitions, you still may not want to wear a judo gi to the matches. Because the baggier and longer cut of the judogi will give more opportunities to your opponent to establish grips.

As said, the sleeves in BJJ gi are way more tapered than in judo gi. So your uke may complain about it when training together in pairs because it makes the grip on sleeves much harder. For instance, during the uchikomi judo drill.

Uchikomi training drills

And more on judo drills with gi grips:

Training 4 Directions of Uchikomi

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Can I use BJJ gi for judo? [Conclusion]

So, the conclusion is – you can use BJJ gi for judo unless:

  • it’s not a judo competition
  • the coach of the judo classes has nothing against it
  • your BJJ gi has a comfortable cut and specifications to withstand the judo classes

In fact, as a BJJ practitioner, you have a great option – you can buy one more gi that will be universal for both classes. And as a BJJ practitioner, you know well – there is no such thing as too much jiu jitsu gis in the wardrobe.

Here are a couple of variants of gi to pay attention to that will match your BJJ and judo classes for adults:

mizuno judo gi

A single-weave Hayato Mizuno judo gi for about $65 is a good choice. It’s a basic beginner gi with any patches.

fuji bjj gi all around

Fuji BJJ gi All Around – a very basic but one of the best jiu jitsu gis for almost a decade. People in judo classes will almost not notice the difference.

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