What are the Benefits of Hand Grip Exercises?

Our project is about jiu jitsu, so we will talk today about the hand grips and the hand grips. And no, we didn’t write two times the same thing. We will talk about the hand grip trainer and how it can improve the gripping for jiu jitsu. So, let’s see what are the benefits of hand grip exercises for Jiu Jitsu and not only.

hand grip exercise tool
Hand grip and hand grip exercise tool

The grips are so much about Jiu Jitsu. Every BJJ athlete knows, what it means to hold someone’s body in a gi with bare hands. Sometimes for a couple of minutes. Hand grip strength can be crucial for a match result in competitions.

What are hand grip exercises good for?

Jiu Jitsu is not the only sport where working out hand gripping benefits the athlete’s training and sports routine.

Weightlifters, crossfiters, bodybuilders, climbers, arm wrestlers, football players, etc. Sportsmen in different disciplines develop their grip strength to get better results in their field of activity.

In general, the hand grip exercises train your fingers, wrist, and forearm muscles endurance. Isn’t it what every BJJ athlete wants?

For instance, weakness in hand grip in judo, grappling or BJJ can

  • Change the course of the fight if the athlete didn’t manage to hold his opponent with a grip
  • Sudden breaking of a weak established grip can cause damage to the wrist or fingers
  • To keep grip or wrist control in no gi jiu jitsu requires more effort than in gi fighting

And finally.

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What are the benefits of hand grip exercises for all people?

The grip strength is important not only for professional sportsmen. Every person needs regular training in grip strength to avoid finger, wrist, or hand injuries in daily life routine.

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What exercises improve hand grip?

Firstly, let’s mention what hand grip workout one can do without the hand grip exercise tool.

If talking about hand grip exercises related to jiu jitsu, there are different methods using your own gi, gi belt, or towel. Even more, today you can find grip trainers manufactured specifically for BJJ practitioners.

Regular jiu jitsu training itself is a good hand grip trainer, but sometimes there is a need to enhance your iron gripping strength.

Hand grip exercises for jiu jitsu
Hand grip exercises for jiu jitsu; Google Images caption


For BJJ and Judo
Hand grip strengthener for Jiu Jitsu, Judo, and other martial arts. The Jiu Jitsu grip trainer includes a resistance band, training “sleeves”, carabiner clasps, and carrying drawstring backpack.

But still, hand grip and forearm training is the basic workout routine for every sportsman. This versatility is definitely a benefit, as you can learn from the experience of different experts with no limits. And this is not surprising, since it is a matter of the established laws of human physiology.

There are tons of great exercises for hand gripping strengthening so it is hard to single out what are the best.

We will just stop on a couple of them.

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Top 4 best grip strength exercises for BJJ and other sports

Strength coach Dane Miller shares some best gripping exercises. Most of them intended to workout in a gym, as you will need basic gym equipment. For a detailed view watch the full video on YouTube.

  1. The monkey grips pull-ups

These are basically pull-ups with changing the different pull-up grips holding all five fingers on one side. 4-5 sets of 3-5 reps.

monkey grips pull-ups
Monkey grips pull-ups; screenshot YouTube/Garage Strength

2. Rope climb

4 sets of climbing up and down.

Rope climb

3. Forearm roller

5 minutes of 2 reps

Forearm roller

DMoose Forearm Roller

over 1300 reviews
Forearm trainer with durable PVC anti-slip grip handles. Patented hand grip exercise tool. Wrist roller exerciser reduces the chances of getting carpal tunnel. Works as a pain reliever and helps to cure wrist strain.

4. Plate flips

10-25 kg of plate.

plate flips
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How do you exercise hand grips at home without equipment?

No need to visit the gym to have access to equipment if you want to change your weakness in hand grip. Here are 5 exercises to improve the grip strength at home. Details of the workout with images and additional five exercises are available at Sweet Science of Fighting.

  1. Hand doorway hang
  2. Fingertip push-ups
  3. Newspaper twist and tear
  4. Rubber band finger extensions
  5. Pan Pronation and Supination

And now, what about the hand grip exercise tool?

Hand grippers; pic Wikipedia

The hand grips or grippers are old-school classic workout tools that exist since the early 20th century.

The main benefits of hand grips are:

  • they are portable to use at home, gym, on vacation, on holidays, or at work
  • have different strength levels so can be utilized by beginners, so by professionals
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What muscles do hand grips work out?

The gripper is one of the best hand grip strengthener tools to train the strength of your fingers, wrist, palm, and forearm muscles.

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Hand grip exercises

The methods of hand grip workouts will depend on what parts of your hand you want to train. It is to mention that there are grippers of different resistance. For instance, 10-40 kg, 100 lb, 200 lb, etc. The hand grip tool can be also adjustable.

How do you use a hand gripper for beginners?

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Hand gripper techniques

  1. Thumb, index, and middle finger squeeze
Hand gripper techniques
screen caption here and below from YouTube/kootek

2. Palm, pinki, and ring finger squeeze

Hand gripper techniques

3. Thumb and index finger squeeze

Hand gripper techniques

4. Thumb and middle finger squeeze

Hand gripper techniques

Hand Grip and Finger Strengthener Tool

over 24 000 reviews
Very simple and one of the best finger strengthener tools. Finger strength, wrist, and forearm trainer. 6 pieces in the set. From 6.6 lb to 50 lb to adjust the workout levels. For climbing, wrestling, other sports, and everyday training.
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What is the best hand grip strengthener?

The market is overflowing with the supply of hand grip strengtheners. But we have found the leaders among customers. These are the Ironmind grippers and GD grip strengtheners.

Ironmind Gripper Captains of Crush

Amazon's choice
Single hand grip strengthener tool. Made in the USA. To choose from 11 strengths from 60 lb to 365 lb.

GD Hand Grip Strengthener

over 2300 reviews
Adjustable resistance hand grip from 55 to 176lbs in 6 stages. Material – metal. Silent working – Has no disturbing squeaks. 5 years warranty.

GRIPX Digital Hand Dynamometer

Amazon's choice
Digital hand grip dynamometer for strength measurement. For home, sports, and clinical use. 2 AAA batteries included.
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Hand grippers before and after challenges

One of the favorite parts always and everywhere is the Before-and-After topic. Like the Jiu Jitsu body transformation pictures in our article about the BJJ weight loss.

Let’s watch what we can see in the finger strength bands and hand grippers Before and After results by people who made efforts to go through the forearm workout challenge. The goal of the challenge is to answer the question “Do hand grippers increase forearm size?”.

Video: Using hand grippers every day for 30 days

And one more 30 day challenge for forearm training with hand grip strengthener

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