Grapplers Guide vs BJJ Fanatics Reddit Advice -What is Better?

When it comes to mastering the art of Brazilian jiu jitsu, enthusiasts are spoiled for choice with a plethora of online resources. Two prominent platforms that consistently appear in discussions are Grapplers Guide and BJJ Fanatics.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll delve into the world of BJJ instruction, comparing these two giants in terms of user opinions, usability, pricing, and more.

So, let’s roll right into the details!

Is Grapplers Guide Worth It?

Grapplers Guide has carved out its place as a treasure trove of BJJ knowledge.

As a platform that offers comprehensive tutorials and insights, it has garnered its fair share of devoted followers. Many users consider it to be a valuable investment due to its in-depth techniques and emphasis on fundamental understanding.

The Grapplers Guide community is vibrant and active, with members sharing their experiences, advice, and progress. This makes it an ideal space for both beginners seeking guidance and experienced practitioners looking to refine their skills.

The platform has gained popularity for its structured curriculum and diverse range of instructional videos, covering techniques, strategies, and even mental aspects of BJJ.

Grapplers Guide vs BJJ Fanatics Reddit Opinions

When weighing the pros and cons of Grapplers Guide and BJJ Fanatics, one can’t help but turn to the Reddit community for insights.

Redditors have engaged in numerous discussions about these platforms, offering a variety of opinions.

Points about Grapplers GuidePoints about BJJ Fanatics
Worth it, impressed with evolving content and unique presentations
Well-organized, easy to navigate, variety of content
Fully organized instructionals, recommended as first purchase
No regrets with lifetime membership
Worth it, especially with lifetime membership sale
Lots of content, valuable for learning
Guest instructors add value
Equivalent content would cost over $5,000 if sold separately
Recent layout change improved focus, lots of expert content
Useful but there are other options too
Great resource, but might not cover deep topicsBJJ Fanatics can refine specific games
Positive comments on instructors’ expertise
AspectGrapplers GuideBJJ Fanatics
ContentOffers diverse content from various instructorsOffers specific technique-focused instruction videos
Starting ValueRecommended as a better starting value for beginnersConsidered useful but some videos are hit or miss
Instruction VarietyOffers a wide range of positions and techniquesProvides focused instruction on specific moves
Instructor QualityFeatures contributions from well-known instructorsIncludes content from high-level jiu-jitsu athletes
PricingVaries in pricing, including discounts and salesRegularly has sales and discounts, can be expensive
ApproachUseful for drilling and learning different areasUseful for targeted techniques and refining skills
Personal PreferenceDepends on learning style and preferenceDepends on personal learning preferences
Free ContentOffers a selection of free videos on YouTubeProvides some free content for marketing purposes
Updates and New ContentContinuously adds new courses and instructionalsOffers new videos and instructionals over time

Opinions vary, highlighting the different preferences that practitioners have based on their goals, learning styles, and skill levels. One common theme emerges: both platforms have their merits and cater to a broad audience.

How to Use Grapplers Guide

Navigating through Grapplers Guide is intuitive and user-friendly. The platform is designed to cater to BJJ enthusiasts of all levels.

Whether you’re a white belt just starting or a seasoned black belt, the interface makes it easy to find content that suits your needs.

Here’s a quick breakdown of how to make the most out of Grapplers Guide:

  1. Choose Your Path: The platform offers paths based on your skill level and goals. Whether you’re looking to focus on fundamentals, advanced techniques, or competition strategies, there’s a path for you.
  2. Video Library: The heart of Grapplers Guide is its extensive video library. From sweeps to submissions, each technique is meticulously explained and demonstrated.
  3. Progress Tracking: Keep tabs on your progress by marking off techniques you’ve mastered. This tracking feature helps you set goals and track your advancement.

How Much Does the Grapplers Guide Cost?

Pricing is a crucial consideration for any online learning platform. The Grapplers Guide offers lifetime subscription options, for instance, the one-time payment may cost you about $297.

The price options grant full access to the platform’s library, making it a flexible choice for learners.

John Danaher BJJ Fanatics Videos – Reddit Reviews

John Danaher, a revered figure in the BJJ world, has collaborated with BJJ Fanatics to deliver a range of instructional videos. Reddit threads are rife with discussions about the quality of these tutorials.

Here are some main points:

Comment Summary
Watch in release order for correct lore.
Release order helps understand the correct lore and Placido’s evolution.
Danaher could profit from launching his own association, creating curricula, and certifications.
Recommends Gordon Ryan’s and Danaher’s DVDs. Guard retention essential for attacking.
Danaher’s Guard Retention series provided immediate results in guard retention.
Watching all Danaher videos gives insight into passing and retention styles.
Advises on purchasing with discounts and coupons for better prices.
Shares a coupon code for discounts.
Suggests focusing on specific-purpose instructionals rather than collecting all.
Anticipates improvements upon returning to training after injury.
Inquires about New Wave Mounted Pin 4×4 DVD.
Will post a review of New Wave: Mounted Pin Attacks.
Addresses the high cost of instructionals.
Asks for details about New Wave Mounted Pin 4×4 DVD.
Explains the placement of Mounted Pin Attacks in the series.
Justifies placing the mounted series last due to limited time in the mount during rolls.
Asks if there’s a mount instructional from Danaher in the gi.
Answers that there isn’t a standalone gi mount instructional, but references related content.
Explains how he purchased instructionals over time with discounts.
Expresses amazement at spending a large sum on instructionals all at once.
Discusses how competitors, coaches, and enthusiasts invest in costly instructionals.
Shares experience with Danaher’s instructionals, stating his earlier ones were more valuable.

Who Owns BJJ Fanatics?

BJJ Fanatics was founded by Bernardo Faria, himself a world-class BJJ practitioner. Faria’s passion for the sport and his desire to share knowledge have culminated in the creation of this educational platform.

His journey from being a dedicated practitioner to an entrepreneur underscores his commitment to fostering growth within the BJJ community.

Bernardo Faria
Bernardo Faria; Google Images caption

Is BJJ Fanatics Worth It?

Much like Grapplers Guide, the value of BJJ Fanatics is subjective and dependent on individual needs.

The platform boasts an array of instructors, each bringing their unique perspective to the table. From guard passing to leg locks, users can explore a diverse range of techniques.

User feedback varies, with some praising the depth of content and the convenience of learning from renowned instructors. Others emphasize the need to supplement platform learning with real-world training to truly maximize its potential.

Does BJJ Fanatics Have an App?

Yes, indeed! BJJ Fanatics recognizes the need for convenient learning on the go. They offer a mobile app that allows users to access their vast library of videos and tutorials from their smartphones or tablets. This app makes it easier than ever to sneak in a quick technique review or study session during lunch breaks or commutes.

What Are the BJJ Fanatics Sister Sites?

BJJ Fanatics has expanded its reach by creating sister sites that focus on specific aspects of BJJ and related topics.

Some of these sister sites include:

  • Judo Fanatics: Catering to judo enthusiasts, this platform offers comprehensive instruction for practitioners looking to enhance their throwing and grappling skills.
  • Fanatic Wrestling: This site provides a wealth of resources for individuals interested in improving their wrestling techniques, whether for BJJ, MMA, or competitive wrestling.

Other sites to mention are Strong And Fit, Dynamic Striking, and Effective Basketball, which have the same team behind them.


In conclusion, the choice between Grapplers Guide and BJJ Fanatics ultimately hinges on individual preferences. Both platforms bring immense value to the BJJ community by offering a vast array of techniques and insights.

Whether you’re a fan of the structured paths on Grapplers Guide or the diverse instructor roster on BJJ Fanatics, these platforms are sure to sharpen your skills and deepen your understanding of this intricate martial art.

So, why not explore both and forge your own path to BJJ mastery?

Remember, the key to success in BJJ lies not just in the platform you choose, but in your dedication, practice, and willingness to learn and adapt.

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