Best martial arts camps in the world [BJJ, MMA, Karate, etc.]

This is a list of the best martial arts camps in the world. And even not the full one as we are sure there are a lot more local and abroad camps that should also come to this list.

If you know a martial art camp that isn’t listed here, write us a message and we will add it to the list. Jump to the contact form here.

Best place to learn martial arts in the world

Long story short: Martial arts camp is the best place to learn martial arts in the world.

How would I describe martial arts camps shortly:

A martial arts camp is a skill, mind, and body transformation camp for practitioners. And even a more brief description: It’s a retreat place for combat athletes.

In addition, martial arts camps are a great way to socialize children in a sports environment.

Children’s martial arts summer camp

Martial arts summer camps and martial arts march break camp for kids are opportunities for kids to spend their time efficiently and at the same time with fun.

Are there children’s martial arts summer camps at all?

Yes. And a lot.

Below we give only a short list of those as we just couldn’t list all of them.

But anyway it will give you an understanding of what to search for.

Top martial arts summer camp list for kids and youth

Martial art summer campAbout
Taekwondo summer campThere are a lot of different taekwondo schools that offer kids and youth summer camps every year across the US.

These taekwondo schools have camps:
– American Taekwondo Association (ATA)
– Tiger martial arts
– JC Taekwondo Academy
– Star Martial Arts
– Ahn’s Taekwondo
– Master Chong’s summer camp
– Greenville martial arts summer camp
– Synergy martial arts summer camp
– Ki martial arts summer camp
– One martial arts summer camp
– Victory martial arts summer camp
– InCourage martial arts summer camp
Karate training campIn the same way as the TKD, karate schools offer karate summer camp for children.
For instance,
– Impact martial arts summer camp
– Championship martial arts summer camp
– Top Leaders Martial Arts
– Martial arts Advantage summer camp
– Richmond martial arts summer camp
– Excel martial arts summer camp
– Samurai summer camp
– Premier martial arts summer camp
– Xtreme martial arts summer camp
– Kaizen karate summer camp
BJJ kids camp– Precision martial arts summer camp for kids offers BJJ, capoeira, and integrated striking. Their program has also a martial arts spring break camp and no-school days.

– Legacy martial arts summer camp offers jiu jitsu and kickboxing classes
– Epic martial arts summer camp in the United Kingdom
Boxing camp for youth– UFC Gym classes are designed specifically for kids and youth in boxing and MMA.
ufc boxing camp for youth

– Boxing Science offers boxing summer camp for youth in the United Kingdom.

– Youth boxing camps by RF Youth Boxing.
– Epic martial arts summer camp in the United Kingdom
Other martial artsElite martial arts summer camp with Krav Maga classes

Martial arts training camp for adults

Summer camps are most beliked in any kind of activity – fitness, yoga, wellness, etc. So combat sports are too.

There are martial arts camps not only for kids.

A summer martial arts camp is an invaluable way to spend the summer vacation weeks. Especially since there are many martial arts camps you can visit with the whole family. So you don’t have to choose between your passion and your family.

You are worrying that your family doesn’t practice martial arts and will find it boring?

But what if the martial arts training camp for adults takes place on a lake, in Hawaii, Bali, or Europe? Sounds like a game-changer, isn’t it?

Martial arts camps abroad and in the US

We have made a research to create a list of the best martial arts training camps in the world.

Some of them are being held for years already and some are organized recently but are still worth paying attention to.

The training fight camps are a way to improve martial arts skills in a fun and relaxed atmosphere. Also, it’s a possibility to train in a new environment with new people and places regardless of experience level or affiliation.

We split the list into tables with different combat disciplines.

Mixed martial arts camp (MMA fight camp)

The MMA camps are one of the most popular to visit among athletes even those from other combat styles – grappling, BJJ, etc.

If you don’t see a specific MMA camp on the list, share the details and we will add it to make the best MMA camps list more complete.

Our list is about to help to find the best MMA camps in Europe, an MMA summer camp, etc. Also, where available we give the MMA summer camp cost so you can understand the needed budget.

Best MMA training camps

MMA training campAbout
MMA Camp Phuket, ThailandPlace: Tiger Muay Thai & MMA gym
Price: $130/week
Check the site for MMA fight camp schedule.

MMA training camps with dorms:
Place: Phuket Top Team Thailand
Price: accommodation from $170/month, training from $100.
Top Team gym offers also an MMA camp diet with their meal plan. Check the site for details and the MMA training camp schedule.
UFC training camp for youthUFC Gym classes are designed specifically for kids and youth in boxing and MMA.
ufc boxing camp for youth
MMA training camp in Mexico2 Week Fitness and MMA Training in San Pedro, La Paz.
Price: from $350
MMA training camps with dorms.

Best BJJ camps in the world

Among other martial arts camps, we hope to make this list also to a BJJ camp finder where every jiu jitsu practitioner can find ideas and places where to improve BJJ skills in combination with vacation, fun, and travel.

BJJ and camp aka BJJ vacation camp is a great way to spend your vacation time – in summer or winter – if you are a jiu jitsu practitioner.

Those who have already experienced the BJJ camp vibe can confirm.

Let’s see what jiu jitsu camps are available to choose from.

BJJ camps Europe, US, and not only

Here are several BJJ camps Europe and US based we have found.

As already mentioned, if you know more BJJ retreats and camps, write us a message and we will add it to the list.

BJJ Focus camp
bjj focus camp
Place: BJJ Focus camps take place in Leuven, Belgium
About: “Focus camps aims to organize high level jiu jitsu camps, focused on a specific part of the game with some of the best guys in the world at that aspect”.

Top grapplers as seen on the project – Craig Jones, Lachlan Giles
Origin BJJ Immersion campWhat is Origin Immersion camp?

The Origin BJJ Immersion camp is a BJJ training camp held for over 10 years by the US top BJJ gi brand manufacturer Origin. It’s a week of just pure BJJ training with the special origin immersion camp instructors such as Rafael Formiga, Dean Lister, Chewy (Chewjitsu), Bernardo Faria, etc.

The camp registration includes a free Origin gi (that starts from $159). Origin is well-known for their cooperation with Jocko Willink.

The BJJ Immersion Camp cost is about $2200.

A detailed Origin Immersion camp review you can read here in BJJ Reddit.
BJJ Globetrotters camp
BJJ Globetrotters camp
Here is a short list of the places where the BJJ Globetrotters camp was held: Maine, Arizona, Faroe, Germany, Iceland, Austria, Caribbean Island, etc.

BJJ Globetrotters has events over the uear – jiu jiitsu retreat in summer, BJJ winter camp, etc.

Read the BJJ Globetrotters camp review here.
BJJ Fanatics camp
BJJ Fanatics camp
The first ever BJJ Fanatics camp took place in November 2022. But there are chances that it’s not the last one. So, stay tuned.
Daisy Fresh camp aka Pedigo Submission Fighting
Daisy Fresh camp
Daisy Fresh BJJ gym aka Pedigo Submission Fighting team and its pro grapplers are very well-known in the jiu jitsu community. The Daisy Fresh gym is itself an all-year place to go for non-stop training.

Check their updates on events and camps, for instance, on Instagram.

Daisy Fresh BJJ 3 Day Camp and how it looks like you can watch in this YouTube video.
Hero BJJ retreats
hero bjj retreats
BJJ surf camp and jiu jitsu retreat – it’s what we recommend to pay attention to if you are looking for a fun relaxed vibe combined with non-stop jiu jitsu training.

Hero Academy offers its format of Hero BJJ retreats. It’s a good option for a Brazilian jiu jitsu summer camp. Top BJJ athletes that take part in Hero BJJ retreats: Chewy, Carlos Rosado, etc.

Hero BJJ retreats hold also surf and jiu jitsu camp events.

Place: Brazilian jiu jitsu camp in Costa Rica
Price: from $15/class
Hero Brazilian jiu jitsu training camp events can be found here – jiu jitsu retreats 2023.
Hidden jiu jitsu campsHidden jiu jitsu camps are patronized and organized by Henry Akins – a black belt under Rickson Gracie.

Place: BJJ boot camp in Costa Rica, Las Vegas, Thailand.
Site: and
Balaton BJJ summer campBalaton BJJ summer camp for all jiu jitsu athletes in Siófok, Hungary, Europe. Usually, it takes palce every August.

Balaton camp is organized by ZR Team and has different coaches like Gutemberg Pereira, Adam Wardzinski, Tom King, Taylor Pearman, etc.
Big Frog BJJ retreat
Big Frog BJJ retreat
BJJ and beach camp
Big Frog’s BJJ Retreats is a BJJ surf camp in Florida. Open to all teams and affiliations. Pool, ocean fun, and group BJJ beach camp party.
4 day training is a good variant for a BJJ weekend camp.

Place: BJJ camp Florida, USA
Price: from $295
7 Days Surf and Jiu-Jitsu Camp in HawaiiPlace: BJJ surf camp in North Shore Oahu, Hawaii.
Price: $3450
Renzo, Rillion, and Roger Gracie BJJ camp
roger gracie bjj camp
Place: Gracie Jiu Jitsu camp in Mexico
Price: from $1400
Instructors: Renzo Gracie, Rillion Gracie, Roger Gracie, Kyra Gracie, Rolles Gracie, Igor Gracie, Gregor Gracie.

Open to all teams and affiliations.
Bali BJJ camp8 Day Martial Arts, Surf, and Yoga Holiday Canggu, Bali
Price: $673

Jiu Jitsu Escapes in Uluwatu, Bali.
Instructors: Gezary Matuda, Bruno Malfacine
Price: from $2900
BJJ camp TenerifeThe best places to train BJJ are near to the beach. Here is one more variant.

Place: BJJ camp Tenerife
Price: £300
Jiu jitsu yoga retreat in SpainPlace: Jiu jitsu yoga retreat by Tatami Spirit in Malaga, Spain.
Price: €150
Women’s grappling campPlace: Grappling Getaways, USA.
Grappling Getaways offers womens’ Jiu Jitsu camp once a year.
Price: $1250 (each women’s jiu jitsu camp price differ)
Grappler’s Retreat
grapplers retreat
Place: Grappler’s Retreat, USA. A great BJJ training vacation destination in Mendocino Coast, Northern California.
Price: from $2050

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