Best Martial Art for Short Guys [Explained]

Our article’s subject for today is to find out what is the best martial art for short guys. You may find this topic unusual or weird but people are asking this question to find answers.

And if a jiu jitsu practitioner or any other martial artist has a question we are always here to make research on the subject and share our own experiences.

Martial arts questions and answers

If you lack some knowledge of what you are doing there is always a good way to find help. Just immerse yourself in a community of people who are passionate about the same thing as you.

Martial arts in general is a huge community of athletes which is divided into different more big martial art styles communities.

But you are free to find answers to your martial arts FAQ in any of those groups.

Nowadays it is easy to do it online, where you can find a bunch of related groups on Reddit. And be sure you will find the answers or at least significant data to think about.

For instance, the BJJ Reddit (r/bjj) counts over 670K members with about 1000 online members every moment.

The r/MM subreddit even more – over 2M subscribers.

The best martial art for short guys Reddit discussion

We have had a good experience getting really significant feedback and data from the martial arts subreddit’s members aka practicing athletes and fighters.

One of our great big data researches is the Best BJJ Gi Reddit Reviews – 13 Top Gi Brands Ever which gave me personally a lot of surprising real information.

This time we wanted to look into the best martial art for small person Reddit discussions to find out what thoughts people sharing.

Which martial arts is best for short guys?

Let’s compliment the question wider.

Does height matter in martial arts at all?

Which body type is best for BJJ?

Is height important in MMA?


Now as we opened the subject question a little wider, let’s have a talk.

A key point that we want to share in this article is:

The height doesn’t matter in martial arts to make the decision to train martial arts or not. Your height – short or tall, wide or thin – will matter how you should do the martial arts.

The best martial art for short guys and for anyone is that one that gives confidence.

Short guys and girls have their pros and cons. The same with the lanky and wide guys.

If you are a short guy but talented in martial arts – your mental clamps don’t block your physical abilities and you are ready to work upon your endurance – you will succeed in any combat style.

Karate, taekwondo, MMA, Krav Maga, Jiu Jitsu, Kung Fu, Aikido, muay thai, kickboxing, etc.

It’s about finding the best fighting style for small guys in the martial art discipline you train. Plus and importantly, it should be customized to your character and personal physical features.

Which body type is best for BJJ?

In fact, this question is from the same story about what are the best martial arts for short guys.

Here is an example from real life.

I’m a tall 177 cm (5’11) woman training jiu jitsu and rolling 99% of the time with skilled BJJ practitioners and heavier than me men.

Yes, I’m not short. But anyway I’m fighting in not equal conditions.

Does it mean Brazilian jiu jitsu is not for me?


I’m a big girl, meaning an adult who has the ability to analyze the situation.

I will not stop training jiu jitsu because I’m fighting not with someone. First of all, I’m fighting with myself:

  • Every rolling I’m struggling with my habit to get into the same bad positions
  • Learn more to relax and make less tension
  • I’m fighting my fear to start passing the guard first instead of pulling the guard
  • Etc. and etc.

Can a small person do BJJ?

What about the best martial art for short girl?

I would say the same.

Another real story from life.

We have a small tiny girl in our jiu jitsu class. She is an experienced Aikido martial artist. But when she trains jiu jitsu, she understands that the “game rules” here are different and she has to calibrate her fighting style to her small girl conditions.

What martial arts is good for short people?

Here is a simple guide that may help to decide on a choice about the martial art style for short people:

  1. Identify your temperament: are you keen to grapple or for individual work?
  2. Depending on the choice find a martial art that responds to the specific style mostly.

Back to our best martial art for short guys Reddit discussions.

We gathered here information and opinions we found on Reddit essentially relevant to the subject.

Martial artComments
Wing ChunIt’s not a combat sport and is more for individual work to complement hand moves speed. Lack of brute strength.
JudoA combat sport for any weight division. Stocky short people may have good success. In Judo being lower than your opponent is an advantage.
BJJAikidoka works in pairs but it’s not grappling and is more about joint manipulations with takedowns. Short guys may feel comfortable with the takedowns and rollovers in aikido.
AikidoAikidoka works in pairs but it’s not grappling and is more about joint manipulations with takedowns. Short guys may feel comfortable with the takedowns and rollovers in Aikido.
Boxing and Muay ThaiBoxing is a good background for any body type in sense of speed of reaction and self-defense.
BajiquanBajiquan training is about individual work. Good for short, stocky people.
MMAA full-contact combat sport. Be prepared to get a couple more punches from taller guys than you will manage to hit them. But if you have enough explosion speed in your arms and legs you may fight on an equal footing with everyone.

Best BJJ gi for short big guys

If you have a problem finding a jiu jitsu gi for short and big guys we have some hints on what direction to search for.

Obviously, you have to look for BJJ brands that:

  • offer a wide range of sizes
  • offer custom sizes
  • have customer support where you can get help picking the size

But anyway be ready to make additional tailoring for yourself after buying the gi.

Here are some brands you should pay attention to when searching for a very specific BJJ gi size.

#1 Gorilla Fight Gear

Gorilla Fight Gear has a BJJ gi size chart from A1 to A5XX.

#2 Origin BJJ gi

The Origin brand allows customizing the gi jacket and pants. They manufacture their own fabrics for the gis. You can contact their support to get information on what kind of customization is possible.

#3 Killer Bee Gi

Killer Bee Gi specializes in manufacturing custom jiu jitsu gis.

#4 XXL BJJ Facebook group

Check the XXL BJJ group on Facebook – a “place to share training tips, comps, gear for the big guys”.

What is Conor McGregor’s arm reach, height, and weight?

Conor McGregor’s arms reach is 188 cm or 74 inches. His height is 175 cm (5’9”) and his weight is 71 kg.

From 2008 to the present he is “surfing” different MMA weight divisions:

  • Featherweight
  • Lightweight
  • Welterweight

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