Judo classes for adults, do they exist?

Judo is an Olympics sport. You can’t become an Olympic champion starting judo in your 30 or 40. It’s just reality. Because to gain enough skills and abilities to overcome the strongest competition and body stress on the Olympic mats you have to train for a lot of time – years and years. Even though, what about the judo classes for adults?

If I’m 30 the judo door is closed for me and that’s all? Is 40 too old to start judo?


There is no such dramatic story behind it.

Let’s talk more today about the judo classes for adults. In addition, it’s also a good continuation to talk about what is the best age to start martial arts.

Is judo hard for beginners?

In fact, we talk here regularly about starting martial arts after 30 or 40, and 50. For instance, is 40 too late to start BJJ?

You may also find it interesting to read this article – Is judo once a week enough?

Judo is not hard for beginners if you start training with a complete introductory course in judo and keep going step by step. Find a coach you like his or her way of teaching and follow the program.

Is 40 too old to start judo?

And is judo good for over 40?

I have another variant to talk about this subject. Let’s put this question this way – How to start judo at 40?

So, how to start judo at 40?

The most better way is to ask other experienced judokas. And one of the best places to implement it is Reddit. Mainly, to find the answer in the Judo Subreddit community and in other big martial arts talk boards.

We did a big thread research and here is what judo practitioners say:

Yes, starting judo at 30 is a bigger benefit than starting judo at 40. It’s the age when you should pay more attention to your physical limitations, especially if you haven’t done any sports or martial arts before regularly.
40 is not the age to say totally no to training judo.
Find judo classes for adults where coaches are really aware of the question of training for different ages. One of the ways to understand it, look if they have groups specifically for people of your age and level and for how long.
Do not burden yourself with thoughts of comparing your physical capabilities with the physical capabilities and training standards of teens, young adults, or even older adults at 30s+.
Acknowledge what are your abilities and it will help you to stay in martial arts through your 40s, 50s, and even 60s+.
Focus on proper techniques to avoid injuries.
Remember, at 40 you need more time to recover than at 30.
You may look towards Kosen judo which focuses largely on ground fighting.

Remember, martial arts is a sport, and sport is what gets you and keeps you fit. Just do it correctly and wisely.

kosen judo
Kosen judo; Google Images caption

Is 50 too old to start judo?

Don’t expect to read here advice “Don’t worry and go for it, you’ll be fine”. I wouldn’t recommend any sport for any age this way.

But I definitely recommend doing sports. What sports – it’s the story of every individual.

Martial arts in this case is a great field of finding options for everyone.

Let’s say you came across judo in your 50s.

Yes, there is a “retirement age” for Judo when people stop training because of physical limits caused by age. But the exact “retirement age” is always individual.

There are people in judo who still compete in their 60s and even 75s.

Judo Masters – Auckland Open – age 50s, 60s, 70s

What else to know about starting judo at 50?

We recommend reading the points of view we gave here in the previous paragraph regarding how to start judo at 40.

Here is some more advice from experienced judoka in their 50s.

Don’t hesitate to have a pair of knee pads in your judo gym bag.
Try to keep away from randori with younger ambitious judokas.
Do a good warm-up before randori.
Read the book “The Pyjama Game: A Journey into Judo” by Mark Law who on his fiftieth birthday decides to train in judo and ends up getting hooked on the sport.
Try to strengthen your shoulders with push-ups and other workouts. Build your strength according to your needs.

And also, the judokas in their 50s and 60s in the dojo are a motivational point to go ahead with judo and train for the younger athletes.

Judo classes near me for adults

If you are about to find judo classes for adults to start training as soon as possible, we want to assist you.

We have found some judo dojos that offer judo for adults. Of course, these few locations don’t cover the entire map. But it should help you to get an idea – of costs and what to expect – before finding and visiting your local judo dojo.

Judo dojo near me

Judo International
Judo classes for beginners, men and women of all ages.
204 Balcatta Road, Balcatta WA 6021
Costs: $100/month
Mountain Kim Martial Arts
(Virginia and Maryland, USA)
11 locations in Virginia and Maryland.
A. Kolychkine Judo Foundation
(Miami, USA)
Judo for adults regardless of their age or gender.
9664 Sunset Drive, Miami FL 33173
Celtic Judo Club
(Massachusetts, USA)
345 Taunton Ave East Providence, Rhode Island
Kokushi Budo
331 Riverside Dr, New York, NY 10025
Between 105th and 106th St

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