What is a Judo Belt Called?

If you are new to judo, you might be wondering about the different belts in judo and their names. Judo is a popular martial art that has a ranking system based on the color of the belt. Even more, the judo belt system plays a role as the ancestor of belt rankings in many other martial arts.

In this blog post, we will answer the question of what is the judo belt called.

Are there belts in judo?

Yes, there are belts in judo. The judo belt system is an essential aspect of this martial art, and it serves to measure a judoka’s progress and skill level.

Judo Belt Name

In judo, the same as in other Japanese martial arts, the belt is called “obi.” The color of the obi signifies the rank of the judoka (judo practitioner). The white obi is worn by beginners and represents purity and innocence. As the judoka progresses through the ranks, they will earn different colored obis (judo belts).

Judo Belt System

The judo ranking system consists of six kyu ranks (beginner levels) and ten dan ranks (black belt grades).

The kyu ranks start with the white belt, and then progress through different colors, including yellow, orange, green, blue, and brown.

The dan ranks are the black belts, which range from first dan to tenth dan.

Here are the colors and names of the different obis in judo:

  • White: Beginner
  • Yellow: 6th kyu
  • Orange: 5th kyu
  • Green: 4th kyu
  • Blue: 3rd kyu
  • Brown: 1st and 2nd kyu
  • Black: Dan ranks (1st dan to 10th dan)

To progress through the kyu ranks, a judoka must participate in tournaments and demonstrate their skills to their sensei (instructor).

For the dan ranks, a judoka must be invited to test for the black belt by their sensei. The test includes demonstrating their skills and knowledge of the techniques of judo. It is a significant accomplishment to earn a black belt in judo.

What do you call a black belt in judo?

In judo, a black belt is called “shodan” for first dan, “nidan” for second dan, and so on up to “judan” for tenth dan.

Martial Arts Obi

In Japanese martial arts, not only in judo, the belt is known as “obi.” The obi is an essential piece of the martial arts uniform, and it serves to signify the rank and skill level of the practitioner.

What is Obi-Otoshi?

The word “obi” in the name may confuse, but in this case, “Obi-Otoshi” is a judo throw technique that involves using your opponent’s belt (obi) to throw them. The technique is a part of the nage-waza (throwing techniques) in judo and requires precise timing and technique to execute correctly.

Obi-otoshi judo throw demonstration

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