7 Best martial arts books [Reddit Picks]

Can you learn martial arts through books? No, and yes. But more no. As an argument for “yes” stays the fact that there are many Best martial arts books Reddit threads with recommendations for a reason.

What are these all martial arts and wrestling books about and how can they help learn martial arts?

In this article, we will share some best martial arts books for training and also make some thoughts about whether is it possible to learn martial arts from a book.

Can you learn how do you fight from a book?

You will not become a martial artist by only reading the best self-defense books or martial arts philosophy books. Even watching videos with boxing or jiu jitsu techniques will not help if a person has no martial art background.

Combat sports is an applied activity and even more, it’s a contact sport which means you need other people in this “game”.

Nevertheless, martial arts are based on the knowledge which you can find also in books. But as said it’s applied activities, so the major progression and skill achievement you will get from the amount of practicing hours.

“All knowledge of reality starts from experience.”

Albert Einstein

And this understanding applies to all sports disciplines, no matter what kind.

Can a martial art be self-taught?

Before jumping to the main part of our article with the best books to learn martial arts, let’s point one more time.

Do you want to learn martial arts by yourself?


If the reason is that you are too shy to get close to new people then you have definitely to start training in martial arts. One jiu jitsu class with close guard techniques and rolling and a lot of psychological complexes will disappear.

I know it, I had some similar issues.

If you think you don’t need anyone to learn martial arts, well, we can only recommend staying as objective as you can and wish luck.

Combat sports are about feeling the tight contact from your opponent to understand what are the moves about – punches, sweeps, chokes, attacks, counterattacks, escapes, etc. Otherwise, it’s only a shadow fight.

Martial arts books are here to help if you already understand what you are doing.

Best martial arts books Reddit recommendations

If fighter books matter, are there some must-read martial arts books?

In fact, this question was raised on Reddit many times already. We made our research in the subreddit threads.

As a result, we gathered here the best martial arts books Reddit recommendations by different contexts and genres. Because martial arts books don’t mean only about how to fight and techniques.

Often martial arts books are about:

  • techniques
  • inspiration and philosophy
  • history
  • fiction
  • romance
  • autobiography

Ancient martial arts books

Best books on fighting techniques

Martial arts philosophy books

Autobiography fighter books

Books about martial arts history and traditions

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