Best Jiu Jitsu Underwear [Top 6 Picks]

The question of the best jiu jitsu underwear may not be as popular and at first glance as the question of the best BJJ gi or rash guard. But that doesn’t make it any less important. Vice versa. It’s just that usually everyone solves this issue for themselves quietly and without making it public.

Luckily, martial arts brands are not so shy and always know what athletes need. So do the popular and newcomer MMA and BJJ brands.

Here our goal is to find out, what the best jiu jitsu underwear is to find today to get solved this daily training issue for all BJJ practitioners.

What do you wear under a martial arts uniform?

All martial arts styles are different and they all may have their very specific rules and uniform etiquette. For instance, in aikido, iaido, or kendo, there are uniform parts that are worn under the hakama or iadogi jacket.

Martial arts underwear

Also, under the karate or taekwondo jacket, it is common to wear some clothing depending on personal preference.

Some common options include a plain white or black cotton shirt. This is a simple and comfortable option that is appropriate for many martial arts.
Another option is a compression shirt that gained popularity across all martial arts. This type of clothing is form-fitting and can help wick away sweat during intense training sessions.
Undergarments specifically designed for martial arts, such as rash guards. These are made from moisture-wicking materials and are designed to provide added protection and support during training.

It’s important to note that whatever clothing is chosen should be comfortable and allow for a full range of motion. Additionally, it’s a good idea to avoid clothing with zippers, buttons, or other metal hardware, as these can scratch or damage the uniform or, what is more important, the training partner.

All these options can be considered martial arts underwear in a generic meaning.

But we want to find the most comfortable martial arts underwear which is worn by every martial artist – it’s the underwear in the most common sense.

What underwear to wear for jiu jitsu?

The underwear question is in fact as serious as the martial art uniform itself – gi, shorts, spats, rash guards, etc. – as it deals with the athlete’s comfort during practice.

When it comes to selecting the best underwear for BJJ the most important factors are

  • comfort
  • practicality
  • support
  • hygiene

For some people also the brand name.

These factors are built up mainly through materials, design, and cut. Materials are one of the most important factors to pay attention to. As they determine your skin reaction and how long the underwear will last. Keep in mind that pure cotton underwear is not suitable for training in most cases.

Underwear types that match these factors the most are:

  • compression underwear or compression shorts
  • and performance boxers or boxer briefs

In general, it’s best to choose BJJ underwear that fits snugly and won’t shift around during your training. It’s also important to wash your gear after each training session to prevent the buildup of bacteria and odors.

Best Jiu Jitsu Underwear

#1 Under Armour Underwear

#2 Adidas underwear boxer briefs

#3 North South Underwear

Grappling underwear is made for BJJ athletes, men and women.

north south jiu-jitsu underwear
Mens’ North South jiu-jitsu underwear
north south jiu-jitsu underwear women
Womens’ North South jiu-jitsu underwear

North South jiu-jitsu underwear

The underwear by North South is built specifically for athletes including precisely for jiu jitsu practitioners.

The North South underwear doesn’t ride up.

Materials: the outside layer consists of 77% of Nylon and 23% spandex. The inner layer has 95% of bamboo and 5% spandex. Bamboo gives softness and antimicrobial features.

Shop site:

#4 Under Armour compression shorts

#5 Nike Women’s shorts

#6 93brand underwear

93brand bjj underwear
womens bjj underwear

93brand Grappling Underwear 2-pack female and male

93 Brand is one of the top jiu jitsu brands for BJJ gear – gi, rash guards, etc. – for many years already.

The 93brand Grappling Underwear with a pocket is available for men and women.


Do you wear underwear under BJJ spats?

A good question. And most importantly, it is the right question.

You might not know, but some people think that BJJ spats are already BJJ underwear. But it’s not.

If you may think spats are the best jiu jitsu underwear for jiu jitsu practitioners, they are not. Compression shorts or sports underwear pants may be the best BJJ underwear.

But spats, among other things, have another purpose.

Spats are not underwear so you should wear something underneath. Especially if it is about the no gi gear. Some athletes don’t wear underwear underneath the spats. But in those cases, they wear shorts or gi pants above the spats.

And more, spats are the answer to how to prevent mat burn BJJ situations.

Reddit knows always more.

what do you wear under bjj spats
Do you wear underwear under spats? Image caption from r/bjj

Also, be aware of your underwear type in jiu jitsu tournaments. According to the IBJJF rules, “athletes must use undergarments. The use of thong-type undergarments is not permitted; only briefs-type undergarments”.


In conclusion, finding the right is an essential part of your training gear.

The demands of this intense martial art require underwear that can provide comfort, support, and durability.

Throughout this article, we have explored some of the top options available, taking into consideration factors such as moisture-wicking properties, flexibility, and hygiene.

When it comes to jiu jitsu, moisture management is crucial. Underwear made from materials like polyester, nylon, or spandex, with moisture-wicking technology, can help keep you dry and comfortable during training sessions.

Look for options that also offer anti-odor properties to combat bacteria and keep you feeling fresh.

Additionally, flexibility is vital for executing the complex movements and grappling techniques involved in jiu jitsu. Opt for underwear with a four-way stretch that allows unrestricted movement and avoids bunching up or shifting during intense training sessions.

Seamless construction can also prevent irritation and chafing, ensuring optimal comfort throughout your practice.

Hygiene should not be overlooked, considering the close physical contact involved in jiu jitsu.

While personal preference plays a significant role in choosing the best underwear for jiu jitsu, considering these factors will guide you toward making an informed decision.

Remember to prioritize comfort, support, moisture management, flexibility, and hygiene when selecting your jiu jitsu underwear.

Investing in high-quality underwear specifically designed for jiu jitsu can enhance your training experience and give you the confidence to focus on your technique.

By choosing the right underwear, you can train without distractions, avoid discomfort, and stay fresh throughout your jiu jitsu journey. So go ahead, equip yourself with the best underwear for jiu jitsu, and take your training to the next level!

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