Best BJJ Fanatics Instructionals Reddit [Recommends]

If you’re a Brazilian jiu jitsu enthusiast looking to elevate your skills, you’ve probably heard of the term “best BJJ instructionals.” These are online resources that provide valuable insights, techniques, and strategies to help you excel in this intricate martial art.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll delve into the world of BJJ instructionals, exploring their worth, Reddit’s top picks, and much more. So, grab your gi and get ready to roll into the world of the best BJJ instructionals.

Are BJJ Instructionals Worth It?

When it comes to enhancing your BJJ prowess, investing in instructionals might be one of the smartest moves you can make.

Imagine having access to the wisdom of experienced practitioners and black belts, all distilled into easily digestible videos that you can watch at your own pace.

Whether you’re a novice or a seasoned practitioner, BJJ instructionals offer a treasure trove of techniques and strategies that can significantly accelerate your progress on the mats.

Benefits of BJJ Instructionals:

  • Variety: BJJ instructionals cover a wide array of techniques, positions, and scenarios, allowing you to cherry-pick what suits your style and skill level.
  • Convenience: No need to travel to a gym or attend specific classes. You can learn from the comfort of your home, on your schedule.
  • Repetition: Instructionals allow for repeated viewings, enabling you to fully understand and internalize complex maneuvers.
  • Expert Insights: You gain insights from high-level practitioners, often including their personal tips and tricks.
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Who Has the Best BJJ Fanatics Series? Reddit Picks

When it comes to BJJ instructionals, one platform that frequently pops up in discussions is BJJ Fanatics. This online hub hosts a treasure trove of instructionals from top-tier practitioners.

Curious about which series the Reddit community recommends? Let’s take a look!

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Best BJJ Fanatics Videos – Top Reddit Picks

RecommendationKey Points
ETS Kimura Series by DanaherEffective submission and binding element for overall game. Not as long-winded as his others.
Tom Deblass’ Half Domination and Lachlan Giles’ half guard set.Impressed by Deblass and Giles’ instruction styles. Deblass for half guard and Giles’ set.
Lachlan Giles’ half guard and Craig Jones’ Z guard.Increasing success in half guard. Learning subtleties of the position.
Bernardo guard passing encyclopedia and Pritt Mihkelson’s series.Preference for match watching and imitating movement patterns.
Craig Jones and Bernardo’s pressure passing.Advice to pick instructionals that suit individual gameplay needs.

Tom DeBlass Shows Half Guard Mastering

Also to mentione are:

  1. John Danaher’s “Enter the System” Series: Renowned BJJ guru John Danaher’s series on BJJ Fanatics has garnered a massive following. His in-depth breakdowns and systematic approach to techniques have earned him a legion of fans.
  2. Gordon Ryan’s “The System”: A standout in the world of No-Gi grappling, Gordon Ryan’s instructionals provide valuable insights into his unique approach to BJJ.
  3. Lachlan Giles’ “High Percentage Chokes”: Giles’ emphasis on high-percentage techniques makes his instructionals particularly useful for both beginners and experienced practitioners.
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Best BJJ Instructional for Beginners – Reddit Advice

If you’re just stepping onto the BJJ mats, fret not! Reddit’s got your back with recommendations for the best instructionals tailored for beginners.

Instructional RecommendationKey Points
John Danaher’s Go Further Faster Pin and Turtle EscapesHighly recommended for beginners, clear understanding and prevents being overwhelmed in rolls.
John Danaher’s Go Further Faster Pin and Turtle EscapesWatching at 1.25x speed helps correct fundamental errors.
John Danaher’s Go Further Faster seriesMoves beginners from clueless to good status.
John Danaher’s Go Further Faster Pin and Turtle EscapesFocusing on escapes aligns with success.
BJJ Globetrotters YouTube channel and Priit Mihkelson’s materialQuality free resources for beginners.
Garry Tonon’s Habits for JJ and Ryan Hall’s Defensive GuardIdeal for beginners, Tonon and Hall’s instructionals.
John Danaher’s Go Further Faster seriesPin escapes and guard retention for beginners.
Lachlan Giles’ SubmetaFantastic for beginners, subscription-based.
Grapplers GuideA comprehensive resource for beginners, on-sale option.
Grapplers Guide and Lachlan Giles’ SubmetaRecommends Grapplers Guide and Submeta subscription.
Danaher’s Go Further Faster seriesProvides theory and practice for beginners.
Bernardo Faria’s Foundations of BJJHelpful to recognize techniques and concepts in rolls.
Andre Galvao’s The Basics of Brazilian Jiu-JitsuComprehensive curriculum for beginners.
BJJ Wrestling Plan by Richard SalamoneValuable for improving wrestling skills.
John Danaher’s Go Further Faster seriesHighly effective for beginners, combining theory and practice.
YouTube resources and specific instructionals based on needsYouTube has valuable resources for fundamentals.
John Danaher’s Go Further Faster seriesBeginner course focusing on fundamentals.
John Danaher’s Go Further Faster series, Lachlan Giles’ Submeta, BJJ 365 by Coach BMacNotable instructionals with significant impact.
Focus on class attendance and fundamental understanding before instructionalsBuilding solid fundamentals before delving into specific instructionals.
John Danaher’s instructionalsDanaher’s clear and concise instruction style.
John Danaher’s Go Further Faster Pin and Turtle EscapesTop recommendation for beginners, provides clarity and foundational understanding.
John Danaher’s Go Further Faster Pin and Turtle EscapesPriority on escaping and mastering basic positions.
Focus on consistent class attendanceEmphasis on attending classes for fundamental understanding.
Wait for BJJ Fanatics sales and consider different optionsMention of Andre Galvao’s instructional and potential savings.
John Danaher’s A New Philosophy of Positional EscapesHighly valuable instructional for beginners.
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Top BJJ Fanatics Instructionals

Looking for a quick reference guide? Here’s a list of some top BJJ Fanatics instructionals that have received rave reviews:

  1. “The Guard Passing Anthology” by Lachlan Giles: Unlock the secrets of effective guard passing with this extensive series.
  2. “The Triangle Machine” by Craig Jones: If triangles are your favorite submission, Craig Jones’ instructional is a must-watch.
  3. “Enter the System: Kimura” by John Danaher: Dive deep into the kimura submission system with John Danaher’s meticulous guidance.
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In Conclusion

The world of BJJ instructionals is a goldmine of knowledge waiting to be explored. From mastering the basics to diving into intricate techniques, these videos provide an avenue for continuous improvement.

While BJJ Fanatics emerges as a popular choice among practitioners, remember that the effectiveness of instructionals ultimately depends on your dedication to practice and refinement.

So, whether you’re a white belt or a black belt, harness the power of instructionals to take your BJJ journey to new heights.

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