BJJ vs Judo [Reddit Best Comments]

The relationship between BJJ and judo is often considered as “BJJ and Judo” than “BJJ vs Judo”. It has a historical background for it. But today let’s deal with the “vs” perspective. To do this research, we take as usual the BJJ vs judo Reddit comments and pick the best one.

The Reddit community is always an endless source of data and objective opinion. One just should read and research as many threads as possible.

BJJ and Judo are two martial arts that have a lot of similarities, but also some very distinct differences.

Both have their roots in Japanese Ju jutsu, and both involve grappling and the use of throws and holds. Judo is more focused on the throws, while BJJ is more focused on the ground game. BJJ is primarily focused on submission holds, while judo is focused on throws and pins.

Judo also has a strong emphasis on etiquette, while BJJ is seen as more of an individual sport.

In order to find out which martial art is right for you, it is important to understand the differences between BJJ and judo.

Here we will explore the differences between BJJ and Judo in detail and for this, we will use the help of the Reddit martial arts community.

BJJ vs Judo Reddit discussion

You may be at a crossroads right now to find out if should I learn judo or BJJ. It may be one of the reasons why the BJJ vs Judo Reddit advice can help you.

Or, you are already a martial arts practitioner and you are just doing your research.

We have read about a dozen different martial art subreddits related to the subject of BJJ and judo advantages, disadvantages, differences, etc.

The most interesting comments and opinions we put below in the table are in form of short sentences or phrases.

We specifically did not divide the collected information into pros and cons in order to keep the data in the form of simple facts. This information should be used for your own objectivity.

Is judo harder than BJJ? The regular and intense throws in judo have a greater impact on the body than in BJJ, where throws are used less frequently.
The jiu jitsu injury rate is less than the judo injury rate.
Judo is in the Olympics.
The price range for the judo gi and BJJ gi is about the same – from $60 to $250 on average. The same with the fees for training at private gyms. But judo classes are also available for much less cost. For instance, in rec centers, sponsored sports programs, etc.
There are fewer judo classes for adults than it is in BJJ. The older you get in judo, the fewer partners your age you meet. That is not the case with jiu jitsu classes. Due to its specificity, jiu-jitsu is more democratic for age.
Brazilian jiu jitsu places much less emphasis on throws and takedowns. About 80-90% of the time is spent on the ground only.
Judo groundwork is weaker than that of BJJ which is caused by the judo idea principles and judo rule regulations. But there is Kosen judo which is a ne-waza style.
BJJ practitioners have a good “immunity” or pain threshold to chokes and joint locks.
Judo dojos may be quite conservative in their way of progress.
Judo equipment culture is very traditional and conservative. Unlike the BJJ, where you can have a pink or green training gi and almost any no gi design expression.
There are much more BJJ tournaments of different levels than in judo.
Judo vs BJJ for self defense: Judo is a martial art in stance (compared to BJJ) that gives it more advantages on the streets.
BJJ and judo have significantly different rulesets for competitions.
BJJ is more diverse than Judo in moves and techniques.
Depending on the particular judo dojo, it may not be allowed to train there in a BJJ gi, especially in a “nascar gi”. At the same time, it’s totally okay to wear your judo gi for BJJ classes.

Is BJJ just Kosen judo?

BJJ is not Kosen judo as they have had their own parallel way of establishing, and, they both have their own basis of rules and techniques.

First of all a quick reference what is Kosen judo?

Kosen judo is a variation of the traditional Kodokan judo and literally means “High school judo”. As the name suggests, Kosen judo was first introduced in colleges in Japan. In simple words, Kosen judo is a competitive style of Judo that focuses also on ne-waza (ground grappling).

This specific ground game ruleset of Kosen judo makes a lot of similarities with Brazilian jiu jitsu.

Who founded Kosen Judo?

And when was Kosen judo invented?

There was always a groundwork game in judo but at some point, at the beginning of the 20th century, some of the Kodokan judokas started to give more emphasis to the ne-waza in judo that resulted in a full-fledged style of Kosen judo. One of these influencers was Tsunetane Oda who together with other supporters continued to develop newaza.

Kosen judo vs BJJ

Despite the fact that Kosen judo rules allow ground grappling and the historical roots of judo intertwine with those of BJJ, Kosen judo is not BJJ. Otherwise, they would have absorbed each other over time.

But this did not happen and there are no clear signs that it will happen.

One of the main reasons is that BJJ and Kosen judo are two different, independent, and self-sufficient combat sports.

BJJ and Kosen judo rules have some similarities. For instance:

  • it is allowed to pull guard, which is not allowed in the traditional judo rules;
  • allowed to remain on the ground as long as necessary;
  • it is permitted to grab the legs or pants of the opponent. In judo, it leads to a penalty.

Seems to be that there is no difference between BJJ and Kosen judo, but no. In Kosen judo, leglocks are banned. The same with wrist locks, which are allowed in BJJ from the blue belt rank.

In Kosen judo, you can’t touch the opponent’s face. BJJ has also specific “face restrictions”, but you can push the opponent’s head with your hand which often includes touching the face.

In Kosen judo techniques are prohibited the lapel techniques in sense of wrapping with the lapel the parts of the opponent’s body.

Kosen Judo VS BJJ: Takedowns and submissions in tournaments

Are BJJ and judo gis the same?

Another aspect of the similarities and differences between any martial art is the training uniform. The variety of training equipment is not about fashionable expression but traditional and practical origins.

Although judo gi and BJJ gi look the same and even are made of the same types of fabrics, they are different.

Can I use BJJ gi for judo?

The difference between judo gi and BJJ gi may be not obvious for someone who never paid attention to it.

We will not dive now into the historical details of judogi and jiu jitsu gi origins. Instead, we want to emphasize the main points between the BJJ vs judo gi so it has a more practical use.

  • Before visiting a judo class with your BJJ gi ask the judo coach if it is okay for the dojo. Some judo dojos may adhere to traditional rules. Or even from a practical point of view, the shorter and tight-fitting BJJ gi will not be suitable to train the judo techniques;
  • But for sure you can’t compete in judo in a jiu jitsu gi. Judo is an Olympic sport and it has strict uniform regulations for the tournaments;
  • You can use your judo gi for jiu jitsu training as it will stand out all BJJ grips better than any other martial arts gi.

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