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UPD 2022-04-23: Dear readers and community,
We are in Ukraine where the war was started by russian aggression is continuing till now. 

We don't want to leave our country.
We appreciate every cent you can spend to support us, every aid you can send to us.

PayPal  o.pruska@gmail.com 
The up-to-date needs list write.as/17m1psf4idbpd.md
About our volunteer work please contact us on Fb www.facebook.com/olga.pruska.9/

Olga and Andriy

We are a small team of two — wife and husband — who are a bit addicted to BJJ for the
last 7 and 9 years. We are purple and brown belts in Brazilian jiu jitsu.

We have the luck to combine our sports addiction with our own business. We train several
times a week and we work almost every day expanding our knowledge in BJJ from
different angles.

BJJaccessories was created as a part of the journey.

We enjoy maintaining a healthy lifestyle and jiu jitsu makes a significant contribution to it.
Some thoughts on this topic we share you can read in BJJ During Pandemic or Life
without Jiu Jitsu

BJJaccessories is here to provide up-to-date and useful information and be a resource for
those who also have jiu jitsu in their life.

Start to read our content from the main page https://bjjaccessories.com/

You can contact us here https://bjjaccessories.com/contact/

This is us trying to master new jiu jitsu drills

jiu jitsu drills
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