Best American Made BJJ Gi [Reddit Picks]

If you’re a BJJ enthusiast, you know how essential a high-quality BJJ gi is for your training and matches. While the market is flooded with various options, the American made BJJ gi stands out not only for its quality but also for supporting local businesses.

In this article, we’re diving into the world of American made BJJ gis, exploring their origins, popularity on Reddit, and some of the top picks recommended by the BJJ community.

Are All Gis Made in Pakistan?

When it comes to BJJ gis, there’s a common misconception that most of them are made in Pakistan. However, that’s not entirely true.

While a significant portion of gis are indeed manufactured in Pakistan due to cost-effectiveness, the BJJ gi market is much more diverse. There are gis produced in various countries, including the USA.

Where are BJJ gis made?

BJJ gis are produced in various countries around the world, with different manufacturers sourcing their materials and labor from different regions.

While many gis are manufactured in countries with a strong textile industry and lower production costs, such as Pakistan, China, and Brazil, there are also some brands that produce gis in the USA and other countries.

Here’s a breakdown of where BJJ gis are commonly made:

  1. Pakistan: A significant portion of BJJ gis is produced in Pakistan due to its well-established textile industry and competitive manufacturing costs. Many popular brands source their gis from Pakistani factories.
  2. China: China is another major player in the global textile and manufacturing industry. Some BJJ gi brands manufacture their products in Chinese factories.
  3. Brazil: Being the birthplace of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Brazil has a long history of gi production. Some well-known Brazilian brands continue to produce gis locally.
  4. USA: While less common due to higher production costs, there are a few brands that pride themselves on manufacturing their BJJ gis in the USA. These brands often emphasize quality and the use of domestic materials.
  5. Other Countries: BJJ gis can also be produced in other countries, depending on the brand’s preferences and business strategy.

It’s important to note that the choice of manufacturing location can impact factors such as cost, quality, and availability.

Different brands prioritize different aspects, and some practitioners may prefer gis made in specific countries due to personal preferences or beliefs about supporting local industries.

How Many BJJ Gi Manufacturers Are There in the USA?

The United States boasts a couple of BJJ gi manufacturers that pride themselves on producing high-quality BJJ gis produced in the US, such as Origin and Vanguard Kimono. Additionally, there are more than a dozen American based brands that design their gis and get them made in other countries, such as Pakistan as one of the biggest cotton fabric suppliers.

These US jiu jitsu gi manufacturers focus on providing premium materials, craftsmanship, and attention to detail that cater to the specific needs of BJJ practitioners. This dedication has earned them a loyal following within the BJJ community.

Where Is Shoyoroll Made?

Shoyoroll, a prominent name in the BJJ gi industry, has gained a reputation for its stylish and well-crafted gis.

Originating from California, Shoyoroll takes pride in producing BJJ gis that have become highly sought after by practitioners worldwide. Their commitment to quality and unique designs has made them a favorite among BJJ enthusiasts.

On the official website there is no statement where the gis are being produced. Except that in the description of some gi editions, such as the “Classic Brazil Kimono” there is a specification that the gi is “Made and crafted in Brazil”.

Shoyoroll gi
Shoyoroll gi; Google Images caption

Where Is Gold BJJ Made?

The same story with the Gold BJJ brand – no information where the gis are made were found on the site.

Gold BJJ is a notable player in the BJJ gi market, which is based in San Diego, United States. They have gained recognition for their focus on simplicity, durability, and comfort. Gold BJJ’s gis have garnered positive reviews from practitioners who appreciate their high-quality construction and attention to detail.

Where Are 93 Brand Gis Made?

93 Brand is a BJJ gi manufacturer that has gained popularity for its innovative designs and commitment to producing their in the US designed and in Pakistan made gis. Based in New York, 93 Brand has been a staple in the BJJ community for its unique approach to design and production, setting them apart from other manufacturers.

Where Are Fuji BJJ Gis Made?

Fuji Sports, a well-established name in the martial arts industry, also offers a range of BJJ gis.

While Fuji Sports is headquartered in the USA, their gis are also being produced in Pakistan.can made.

Where Are Elite Gis Made?

Elite gis is a brand that gained a huge popularity among the big worldwide BJJ community with their very affordable gis. Dedspite this fact, Elite Gis has garnered attention from both casual practitioners and serious competitors alike. The same as other big and smaller BJJ brands, Elite gis are being produced in Pakistan.

Best American Made BJJ Gi

If you are about to find not only designed but also made in the US BJJ gi, you have to be prepared to encounter not a plenty assortment of such brands. But they still exist.

Into this list we can name at least two brands – Origin and Vanguard Kimono.

Best American Made BJJ Gi Reddit Best Picks

Reddit, a hub for BJJ enthusiasts to share insights and recommendations, has a wealth of information regarding the best American made BJJ gis. Here are some of the top picks from the Reddit BJJ community:

Key Points
Origin gis are fantastic; weave is strong and comfy, but they shrink a lot if dried; Origin offers a great fitting gi.
Origin gi has no complaints; academy sells pre-patched gis; great quality.
US textile industry decline contributes to outsourcing BJJ gi production.
Inverted Gear and Gameness are mentioned as potentially US-based brands.
Cheaper to make gis in countries like Pakistan.
American textile industry decline as a reason for outsourcing.
Premium price, not cost, makes Origin profitable.
Origin’s value line discussion.
Praises Origin’s new weaves; sizing and quality differences from other gis.
Positive experience with Origin’s Dragon Weave gi.
Cost, labour, and shipping affect US manufacturing viability.
Discussion about looms and material for gi manufacturing.
Origin gi’s delayed production and cost; negative experience.

Please note that some comments contain subjective opinions, and the information provided is based on the comments as they appear.

  1. Shoyoroll Americana: This gi is celebrated for its durability, unique design, and American craftsmanship. BJJ practitioners on Reddit rave about its comfortable fit and stylish appearance.
  2. Gold BJJ Aeroweave: Reddit users appreciate the lightweight yet sturdy construction of this gi. It’s designed for maximum mobility and comfort, making it a favorite for training and competition.
  3. 93 Brand Hooks V3: With its attention-grabbing aesthetics and solid construction, this gi has earned a place in the Reddit BJJ community’s top picks. Its American made quality and affordable price point make it a popular choice.
  4. Elite Sports Ultra Light Preshrunk BJJ Gi: Combining excellent value with American craftsmanship, this gi is well-received on Reddit. Its lightweight design and durability make it an attractive option for practitioners of all levels.


What Gi Does Joe Rogan Wear?

Joe Rogan is known to wear the Datsusara gi brand, which showcases his preference for high-quality and comfortable hemp gi gear during his BJJ training sessions.

In conclusion, the US made BJJ gi market offers a not big range of options, and still each with its own unique features and qualities. Manufacturers like Shoyoroll, Gold BJJ, 93 Brand, and Elite Gis have earned a solid reputation within the BJJ community for their dedication to creating top-notch gis although made in other countries.

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