MMA Socks 101: Can I wear socks to MMA gym?

If you’re new to MMA training, you might be wondering whether or not you can wear socks to the gym. After all, it’s important to have the right gear for any workout, and socks are no exception.

Even more, the same question arises in other martial arts, such as BJJ.

In this article, we’ll dive into the world of MMA socks and answer all your burning questions about whether or not they’re allowed, if they provide any benefits, and what kind of socks you should wear.

Let’s get started.

Do MMA fighters wear socks?

When it comes to professional MMA fighters, the answer is generally no.

You’ll often see fighters entering the octagon barefoot, and this is because it allows for better grip and control during fights. That being said, during training sessions, some fighters do opt to wear socks for various reasons, which we’ll get into below.

mma fight barefoot
MMA fight in the UFC octagon; Google Images caption

Are you allowed to wear socks in MMA?

The answer to this question largely depends on the rules of the specific gym you’re training at.

In general, most MMA gyms don’t have a strict dress code, and wearing socks to the gym is usually allowed. However, it’s always a good idea to check with your gym beforehand to make sure.

Official Unified Rules of MMA

But if you are concerned about whether are you allowed to wear socks in MMA fight events or not, you need to check the official rules of the event organizer.

For instance, the Official Unified Rules of MMA which, among other things, regulate the rules of UFC fight events, doesn’t mention any details regarding socks. But there is a clear rule about shoes that says that fighters shall not wear shoes in the cage or ring.

Are there any benefits to wearing socks during MMA training?

Yes, there can be.

Wearing socks in MMA can help prevent mat burn on your feet, which can be a common problem for MMA fighters who spend a lot of time training on the ground.

Additionally, socks can help keep your feet warm and provide extra cushioning, which can be beneficial during intense training sessions.

Will wearing socks affect my performance in MMA?

It’s unlikely that wearing socks will significantly affect your performance in MMA. In fact, as we mentioned above, wearing socks can provide certain benefits that may actually improve your training. However, it’s important to choose the right type of MMA socks for your specific training needs.

What type of socks are best for MMA training?

When it comes to choosing socks for MMA training, there are a few key factors to consider.

First and foremost, you want to choose socks that are made from a breathable, moisture-wicking material to help keep your feet dry and prevent odor.

Additionally, you want MMA socks that are lightweight and provide a snug, comfortable fit to prevent slipping and sliding during training.

Some good options include:

compression mma socks
Compression MMA socks on Amazon

Additionally, it’s important to choose socks that are durable and can hold up to the wear and tear of intense training sessions.

What are the alternatives to wearing socks at an MMA gym?

#1 Foot Grips

If you’re not a fan of wearing socks during training, there are a few alternatives to consider. One option is to use foot grips, which can provide some of the same benefits as socks without covering the entire foot.

These grips are typically made from a non-slip material that can help improve traction and grip during training.

#2 Grip Pads Socks

Another option is the non-slip socks grip pads.

One more alternative to wearing socks is to use ankle supports or braces. These can help stabilize the ankle and provide additional support to help prevent injury during training.

However, it’s important to note that ankle braces can also limit mobility and flexibility, which can be detrimental to your performance in the cage.

Finally, some fighters may opt to train barefoot. While this can provide the greatest amount of control and feel, it also increases the risk of injury to the feet and toes. If you do choose to train barefoot, be sure to inspect the training area for any potential hazards or obstacles that could cause injury.

FAQs to Socks in MMA Gym

What is the typical dress code for an MMA gym?

As we mentioned earlier, most MMA gyms don’t have a strict dress code, and you’ll see a wide range of attire during training sessions.

However, it’s generally a good idea to wear clothing that allows for a full range of motion and is comfortable to move in. This typically means shorts or leggings and a breathable, moisture-wicking top.

mma gym dress code
MMA gym dress code; Google Images caption

What do MMA practitioners advise regarding wearing socks in MMA?

It is always a good option to ask for advice and thoughts in the related community, such as r/martialarts.

We made a short summary of the main theses from the comments. Here are they:

  • Some MMA gyms do not allow trainers (shoes) to be worn on the soft mats during training.
  • Fighters prefer to train barefoot to improve their grip and control during training.
  • If you have anxiety about barefoot training, MMA training without socks and shoes is a great way to overcome it.
  • Ultimately, the decision to wear socks, wrestling shoes, or go barefoot during MMA training is a personal preference and depends on the gym’s rules and regulations.

What do MMA fighters wear on their feet?

MMA fighters may wear socks, foot grips, or ankle supports during training to protect their feet and minimize the risk of injury or infection.

Why don’t UFC fighters wear socks?

UFC fighters are not required to wear socks during fights, and many choose not to in order to improve their grip and control during grappling and striking. Also, they need to follow the competition rules regarding the uniform requirements which can prohibit wearing socks or any shoes.


MMA socks may not seem like a big deal, but they can have a significant impact on your training and performance.

By providing additional support, traction, and hygiene, socks can help you get the most out of your training sessions while minimizing the risk of injury and infection. When choosing socks for MMA training, look for options that are breathable, moisture-wicking, and durable enough to withstand the demands of the sport.

And if you’re not a fan of socks, consider alternative options like foot grips or ankle braces to help protect your feet and toes during training.

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