Fast 3 min Submission by Danielle Kelly BJJ Female Fighter

Danielle Kelly BJJ black belt was a hit lately, in June 2021, on WNO fights. Danielle defeated Jessica Crane with a clean kneebar just in 3 minutes. As a result, she set the new women’s fastest submission record.

Watch this beautiful and professional female no gi fight on FloGrappling:

Danielle Kelly about her fight on her Instagram:

“I went from a horrible first performance to having the fastest submission win at WNO women’s 115lbs. Never give up even if you feel like you’re counted out. Focused on next one.”

As usual, let’s go through the main questions about Danielle Kelly people ask.

How old is Danielle Kelly BJJ?

She is 26 years old as of 2021. Danielle`s birthday is on Dec 4, 1995, and she has been training for more than thirteen years already. Kelly is a Brazilian jiu-jitsu black belt from Philadelphia.

Body transformation of Danielle Kelly BJJ and what she thinks about from her own words:

“I usually hate making these kinds of posts but I wanna make a point ☝🏼

Recently I’ve been getting the few trolls who tell me “I’m too skinny” “I’m built hungry” “you have no meat on your body” etc. the list goes on.

On the left I was pushing maybe 130lbs at one point when I was at a phase in my life of not sure what I was doing after a loss in my life that changed everything, taking school , eating bad food and around the wrong people & took about a year of training off. I’ve even had people tell me how fat I’ve gotten or “husky” for nicer. I was NOT happy lol.

Now I’m at a healthy weight walking between 110-115lbs these past 2 years. I feel so much better about myself and my cardio and training is much better. But this isn’t about a weight thing…

So basically the moral of the story is: you can’t make everyone happy so DO YOU. Do what makes you happy. And I’m proud of what size I am. Shout out to the small girls too.”

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WNO Fighting Event: Who is the best Jiu Jitsu fighter ever?

WNO means Who’s Number 1 and is Flograppling’s fight event. This show is becoming popular for no gi jiu jitsu mainly. Even more, WNO has plenty of support from big references such as Joe Rogan, Lex Friedman, and Alex Jones. As known and just to remind Joe Rogan is a no gi BJJ black belt under Eddie Bravo (10th Planet Jiu-Jitsu).

Flograppling has its jiu jitsu rankings results for different divisions like no gi or male black belt gi rankings starting from 2019. You will find there a lot of prominent Brazilian jiu jitsu fighters and grappling names – Gordon Ryan, Roberto Satoshi Souza, Craig Jones, etc.

Who is #1 in BJJ According IBJJF Ranking?

The up-to-date 2020-2021 IBJJF ranking data reveals to us, who can Brazilian jiu-jitsu be the best.

Here are the top 10 best male BJJ black belts gi devision

Ranking all ibjjf weight classes
Best male adult black belts and female adult black belts in gI division according IBJJF ranking by 2020-2021 (all IBJJF weight classes)

Male Adult Black Belts

Fellipe Andrew Leandro Silva
Alliance San Diego
Ronaldo Pereira de Souza Júnior
Atos Jiu Jitsu USA
Alexandre Faria Molinaro
Carlson Gracie South Bay
Marcus Vinícius Oliveira de Almeida
CheckMat USA
Thiago Augusto Araujo Macedo
Rodrigo Pinheiro BJJ
Richar Emiliano Nogueira
Rodrigo Pinheiro BJJ
Horlando de Jesus Monteiro
KMR BJJ Kimura International
Max dos Santos Gimenis
GF Team
Leandro Lo Pereira do Nascimento
Ns Brotherhood
Eldar Rafigaev
Jungle BJJ

And, of course, the best Top 10 female black belts gi devision

Claudia Fernanda Onofre Valim Doval
Soul Fighters Tijuca
Nathiely Karoline Melo de Jesus
Rodrigo Pinheiro BJJ
Bianca Barbosa Basilio
Atos Jiu-Jitsu
Nathalie Wan Soares Veras Ribeiro
CheckMat USA
Danielle Renee Alvarez
Alvarez Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu
Mayssa Caldas Pereira Bastos
GF Team
Ffion Eira Davies
Sábatha Laís Francisco dos Santos
Morumbi Jiu-Jitsu Academy
Maria Malyjasiak
Abmar Barbosa Association
Carina Curvelo Santi

How much do WNO athletes earn?

The fighting fan community always tends to know, how much money you can earn from training jiu jitsu, MMA, grappling and etc. WNO athletes are not an exception. BJJ Reddit subscribers share their opinions:

“They don’t release the numbers because it gives a promoter more negotiation power, the only people who know are people who are on the same team or who have mutual managers.”

“Probably ranging from a thousand to a few grand depending on where you’re at on the card.”

“Andrew Wiltse an elite black belt got paid for 2k. A lot of the blues and purples get pay a percentages of the tickets they sell so not much.”

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