Best cheap BJJ gi for $50 [Top 5 Kimonos]

Is there any best cheap BJJ gi? How long does a BJJ gi last if its price is $50? In this article, we will find out what is the best cheap jiu jitsu gi to pay attention to.

Also, we will answer related questions that arise when searching for a jiu jitsu gi, especially the first one.

How much should I spend on a BJJ gi?

As the popularity of Brazilian jiu jitsu only grows, it brings also new players to the BJJ brand market. In the last couple of years, new brands appeared with cheap jiu jitsu gis.

The cheapest BJJ gi for adults we have found costs $46.

How expensive is a BJJ gi?

In total, an average and honest price for a good gi is about $100-120. There are gis for a higher price starting from $200. But the experience and practice show that a BJJ gi for $100 has everything you need for comfortable and long-lasting rolling.

Just find the right gi brand for this price.

Do these cheap jiu jitsu gis worth the attention? And what are the best of them to buy?

Best cheap BJJ gi Reddit reviews

In our list of the best cheap BJJ gis we will use our knowledge combined with the reviews and comments from the R BJJ Subreddit community. It’s always a great place to find real data. We recommend also checking our Best BJJ Gi Reddit Reviews – 13 Top Gi Brands Ever.

Best place to buy BJJ gi

There are 5 main best places to buy BJJ gi:

  • Amazon (of course). Amazon often offers better shipping prices compared to the official brand site.
  • Official online stores of the popular jiu jitsu brands and retailers: Tatami Fightwear, Fuji Sports, Origin, etc.
  • Local martial arts stores
  • At your jiu jitsu academy if they have such offer
  • And of course

Best cheap BJJ gi for $50

1. Hawk Jiu Jitsu Gi Ultra Light

2. Reevo Gi for kids and adults

3. Black and red BJJ gi Jayefo

4. FUJI Judo Single Weave white gi

5. Twister Fight Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Gi

If you are ready to spend $10-15 above the $50 price, you will have several more very good options of cheap BJJ gis but quite qualitative.

Pay attention to:

  • Elite Sports Gi
  • Sanabul Gi
  • Your Jiu Jitsu Gear Gi

How many gi do you need for BJJ?

For the first time, one gi will be enough for you if you train 2-3 times a week. But after a couple of months of 3 times a week training, you will feel you need one more gi.

Two jiu jitsu gis in your wardrobe:

  • 1. Allows you not to worry about if your gi will have time to dry to the next jiu jitsu class
  • 2. Two gis will last you longer as you change them out compared to if you would have only one
  • 3. Two gis are must have if you go for a 2-3 day seminar or BJJ camp

What is the difference between a white gi and a black gi?

Are black gis allowed in BJJ at all?

The difference is in the color only. In other words, when you are worried about the BJJ gi colors etiquette – there is no difference between a white gi and a black gi.

You can wear any gi color.

But actually, there is an important point between the white and black gi. The white gi needs more treatment if you want to keep your gi white for a longer time.

How do I keep my gi white

Does it matter what color gi I wear?

As already mentioned, the BJJ gi colors etiquette is very simple. You can wear any gi color – white, blue, black, navy, pink, etc.

But pay attention that in jiu jitsu tournaments there are certain requirements to the uniform. On IBJJF competitions are allowed only white, black, blue, or navy BJJ gi colors.

So, what color gi should you wear depends on you, unless your jiu jitsu school prefers specific gi color. Usually, it’s white gi color. For instance, Gracie Jiu Jitsu and Atos academy wear white gis.

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