What is a Buggy choke BJJ move? [Explained]

You already know a lot of different jiu jitsu move names: twister, Kimura, Americana, triangle, etc. But at some point, you hear Buggy choke and start to remember:

“Ezekiel choke, cross choke, Darce choke... But what is a Buggy choke?!”

Or you may know it already and came here for answers on how to do a buggy choke.

It’s the right place for both subjects.

What is a buggy choke?

If you are new to this jiu jitsu move let’s dive into some definitions.

If shortly, a BJJ buggy choke is a triangle choke made in a weird yoga way.
If explained with the jiu jitsu technique language, it’s a reverse triangle choke made from the bottom side control position.

What is good about this jiu-jitsu choke is that it’s a submission possibility for a fighter who is trapped in a bad position (side control). It gives big chances to turn the fight on an unexpected way for the opponent.

Do buggy choke work?

Answer: Yes. Tested and done by me as well.

But Master Ken from Enter the Dojo doesn’t think so.

Do you need to be flexible for buggy choke?

But there is as always a “but” – You have to be flexible.

Buggy choke flexibility is an important component of this submission.

One more thing to mention is, sometimes even with the highest yoga level flexibility you will be unable to buggy choke or to finish the buggy choke. The cause can be the huge body disproportions between the fighters.

How to do buggy choke BJJ submission?

Next thing is to have a clear visualization of the subject.

What does a buggy choke look like?

Now let’s follow the steps from the video on how to do jiu jitsu buggy choke.

The most common situation is the buggy choke from side control.

Buggy choke variations

And now up to the Buggy choke tutorial from different jiu jitsu positions.

#1 Step-by-step tutorial for Buggy choke from bottom side control

Very often you may see buggy choke no gi implementation. But the buggy choke gi version also works.

For instance, in this tutorial you see the buggy choke in gi.

  1. Position – bottom side control.
bjj buggy choke

2. Kick the hips up

bjj buggy choke

3. Hold the ankle with the distant to it hand

bjj buggy choke

4. Put your hand through the unilateral leg to hold the foot with the hand

bjj buggy choke

5. Put the other leg above to close the triangle. Squeeze to finish the buggy choke.

bjj buggy choke

#2 Buggy choke from guard

Closed guard buggy choke

#3 Buggy choke from top

#4 Flying buggy choke

The flying buggy choke by Kade Ruotolo.

#5 reverse buggy choke

Or the inverted buggy choke.

#6 Buggy Choke BJJ Fanatics course

buggy choke the world

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Black Belt Paulo Marmund has a full course in the Buggy choke on BJJ Fanatics

Buggy Choke The World From Everywhere

  • Kimura To Buggy
  • Guillotine To Buggy
  • Buggy From Half Guard
  • 100 Kg Buggy
  • Buggy From Mount
  • Buggy From Double Unders
  • Crucifix Buggy
  • Buggy In The Cage
  • etc.

The World From Everywhere By Paulo Marmund

Double Buggy choke 10th Planet Video

What? A Double Buggy choke?!

That’s right.

It happened during the 10th Planet Qualifiers when Rene Sousa and Derek Rayfield closed each other in a double buggy choke.

Eddie Bravo: “That’s never gonna happen again!”.

But what is the funny fact about it and what does it mean for the grappling and jiu jitsu world?

It means that one of the buggy choke defense ways is the buggy choke itself.

Can you choke in jiu jitsu with Buggy choke?

BJJ chokes are legal submission techniques if utilized according to the official rules of IBJJF, ADCC, etc.

The implementation of the jiu jitsu Buggy choke does not entail violations of the rules – no neck crank, illegal head fixation with two hands, etc.

So, yes, the Buggy choke is legal. In fact, it’s a triangle position but in another manner.

Who invented buggy choke?

The are two versions of the origin.

The one that became viral in October 2018: The buggy choke was invented by a BJJ white belt Austin Hart who is (or was) a Ralph Gracie Team Member.

A few days later a BJJ black belt Jack Sebastian Magee published a video where his is explaining that he invented this choke hold technique much earlier, about five years ago.

In the video, he gives some other details about the technique.

How do you stop a buggy choke?

Is there a way how to defend buggy choke?


The one way to escape buggy choke we already know.

#1 It’s the Double buggy choke.

#2 One more option is the “answer the phone” defense. It will help you to create some space inside the already closed buggy choke.

buggy choke defense
“Answer the phone” buggy choke defense

And some more preventing and defending ways against the jiu-jitsu choke we are talking here about:

Buggy choke submission in different fights

Buggy choke MMA performance

The fact that you need some flexibility skills in your body for the Buggy choke jiu jitsu technique makes this move not for everyone.

But despite this fact, we already know that even MMA fighters in MMA gloves can do it.

Kade Ruotolo Buggy choke

Kade Ruotolo closes a Buggy choke on Cole Franson at the WNO BJJ Championship.

Bellator Buggy choke

Oliver Enkamp Buggy choke submission on Bellator 281:

ADCC buggy choke

The ADCC buggy choke slam and a normal one on ADCC West Coast Trials 2022.

Buggy choke arm break

Another Buggy choke MMA performance but with an arm break.

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