Best Karate Gi for Kata [Top 6 Picks]

What is the best karate gi for kata? Not for kumite, a regular training karategi, or the best Kyokushin karate gi. But the specific one gi for kata.

Karate has an ancient history of origin and takes a confident place in modern sports. Obviously, all this time karate acquired comprehensive development in all important directions. The karate equipment and uniform are one of the most important parts of karate.

Today you can find on the market easily whatever you need for karate practice. But at the same time, it’s not always easy case to decide on a choice. There are dozens of martial arts brands with karate gear:

  • Adidas
  • Arawaza
  • Kwon
  • DaeDo
  • Tokaido
  • Budo Nord
  • SFJAM Noris
  • Hayashi
  • Green Hill
  • Punok
  • etc.

With time new manufacturers appear and broaden the assortment.

Our goal here is to find out the answer to this specific question – What is the best karate gi for Kata?

We have experience with this sort of issue and not only with karate, so let’s dive in.

What is a Kata gi?

First things first.

In case you are in a situation to refresh or get the details on what is the difference between a karate Kata gi and any other karate dogi.

What are the different types of karate gi?

If you do not go into all the details and nuances and explain the difference briefly, then there are two main different types of karate gi or karate gi design cuts:

  • a shortened cut with short sleeves and pants
  • and karategi with regular length of sleeves and pants

If one dives into more details, then the following types of karate gi are also categorized based on their weight, fabric, and design:

  • Lightweight gi
  • Middleweight gi
  • Heavyweight gi
  • Kata gi
  • Kumite gi

In its turn, karategi fabric types can be cotton, polyester, or a blend of both. The design and color of karate gi can also vary based on the style and preference of the practitioner.

What is kumite vs kata gi?

Firstly, kumite and kata are two different forms of karate practice that require different types of gi.

The kata karate gi uniform belongs to the first variant – with shortened sleeves and pants. If you hear the kumite karate gi name, it is meant the full-length karate uniform.

Kata uniform is usually more durable with thick cotton fabric and kumite karate dogi is a lightweight uniform.

kata karate gi uniform

How should a kata gi fit?

And how do I know my karate gi size?

The fit of a kata gi is important as it can affect the practitioner’s performance, comfort, and overall appearance. Here are some guidelines for how a kata gi should fit. If you choose a kata karate uniform or any other type of dogi, pay attention to these main points:

  1. The length of the sleeves of the kata gi should end at the wrists, with the cuffs falling just above the hands when the arms are relaxed at the sides.
  2. Tightness. Kata gi should fit snugly, but not too tight or too loose.
  3. Shoulder fit. The fabric should not bunch up or restrict movement in any way.
  4. Waist fit should fit comfortably without being too tight or too loose.
  5. The length of the jacket should extend down to the hips or mid-thigh, depending on the preference of the practitioner. It should not be too long or too short, as this can affect the appearance of the uniform.
  6. Don’t rely on a sizing guide of a specific brand as a universal sizing chart for any other gi. Each brand has its own uniform patterns and cut nuances.

Overall, the kata gi should fit well and allow for a full range of movement without being too tight or too loose. A properly fitting kata gi will not only enhance the practitioner’s performance but also give them a professional and traditional appearance.

Best Karate Gi for Kata

And finally, to the most important and interesting part of this article – What is the best karate gi for kata?

Below you will find the best picks for kata karate gi uniforms we have defined according to the customer reviews and most popular searches on the internet.

We divided the list of the best karate gi for Kata into two parts – Japanese karate gi brands and other (non-Japanese karate gi brands).

This list is about to help to find the best karate gi for training, promotion, or tournaments.

Japanese karate gi brands

Tokaido Karate gi for Kata

shureido heavyweight karate gi
Shureido heavyweight karate gi

Shureido karate gi for Kata

Shureido medium-weight karate gi from another well-known Japanese brand.

Shureido New Wave 2 Karate Gi Kata has a wide range of sizes starting from 110 cm.

Polyester and cotton blend Karate Gi has Normal cutting pants. Good for kumite and kata practicing.

Shureido karate gi price on average $115-$170.

non-Japanese karate gi brands

adidas karate gi for kata
Adidas karate gi for Kata

Adidas WKF Karate KATA Champion Gi

Adidas Karate Gi for Kata American cut uniform.

It is made of 100% cotton and is WKF approved for international competition.

The average price for Adidas WKF Karate KATA Champion Gi is $130-140.

Adidas is a German multinational and the largest sporting goods manufacturer in Europe.

karategi hayashi wkf approved
Karategi Hayashi WKF approved

Hayashi Karategi Katamori

Hayashi is another brand by a German martial arts goods manufacturer.

Hayashi karate gi uniform is WKF approved for international competition.

Available sizes start from 150 cm to 200 cm in 5 cm steps.

Arawaza karate gi
Arawaza karate gi

Arawaza karate gi for Kata

Arawaza is a well-known and established for decades already martial arts gear brand from Canada.

Arawaza Amber Evolution Kata Karate gi meets all standards of high-quality Japanese uniforms. The brand presents one of the most expensive karate gi assortment.

seishin karate gi
Seishin karate gi

Seishin karate gi

It was a question of where to put the Seishin brand – to Japanese brands or to others.

Seishin karate gi is developed, designed, and refined in Okinawa by Sweden’s “karate nerd’ and popular karate blogger Jesse Enkamp. The shop and dojo bu Seishin is located in Okinawa.

Seishin karate gi has male, female, and kids cut.

What is the difference between Japanese cut and European cut karate Gi?

The main difference between a Japanese cut and a European cut karate gi is in the way they are tailored to fit the body. A Japanese cut karate gi is designed to fit close to the body, with a shorter jacket length and sleeves that are more tapered towards the wrists. A European cut karate gi is designed to be looser and more relaxed, with a longer jacket length and sleeves that are wider at the wrists.

What is Japanese cut karate gi?

The Japanese cut allows for a greater range of motion and flexibility, which is important in the quick, agile movements of karate. The pants are also typically shorter and narrower than those of a European cut gi. It has also a longer lapel to prevent the jacket from riding up over the gi belt which is also called obi.

The pants in European cut karategi are usually longer and wider as well. This cut is often preferred by practitioners of other martial arts styles, such as judo, where a more relaxed fit is more appropriate for grappling and throwing techniques. This similarity with the judo gi doesn’t wonder as karate gi has references of its origin to the judo uniform.

Overall, the choice of a Japanese or European cut gi comes down to personal preference and the particular needs of the martial art being practiced.

Both cuts have their advantages and disadvantages, and it’s important to choose a gi that fits well and allows for comfortable movement during training and competition.

What is the difference between Japanese cut and American cut karate gi?

In general, the differences between Japanese and American cut karate gi are the same as the Japanese vs European cut. American karategi uniform has a regular length of pants and sleeves compared to the shorten Japanese cut.

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