3 Things You Learn From Rolling With Higher BJJ Belts

Here are three BJJ life lessons I’ve learned from rolling with people of varying BJJ belt levels. Let it be a small excursion to a big topic ‘Best Tips for BJJ White Belts’.

  • 1) There’s a huge difference between white and blue belts
  • 2) But there’s not as much difference between purple and brown belt, brown and black belts
  • 3) Everyone has their bad days and time in jiu jitsu

White and Blue BJJ Belts: One Step, But a Big Difference

White belts are at the beginning of their journey in Jiu Jitsu, while their blue belt counterparts are on the other side of the spectrum. BJJ white belts are new to them, they’re trying things out and figuring out what works best for them to achieve new jiu jitsu power. Blue belts have spent at least two years mastering their craft.

Blue belts in BJJ are literally experienced jiu jitsu athletes. Their strength, compared to white belts, is in control and the ability to correctly estimate the situation in a fight. The Blue BJJ belts are patrons of white belts.

White Belts Are Friends Not Food BJJ meme
White Belts Are Friends Not Food BJJ meme; pic from internet

From my purple belt experience, I would recommend a very new white belt to roll with blue belts and not with white belts of the same level, unless the coach or higher BJJ belt will control the rolling. So you will have a very high chance to avoid injuries. The other story for a blue belt is to be injured by a white belt in this case. Higher belts know, what I mean…

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Female jiu jitsu black belt
Jiu jitsu black belt vs white belt

Pro Level: Purple, Brown, and Black BJJ Belts

Starting from a purple belt it’s not just about years of training and experience, but about style and jiu jitsu power quality. This is the level when you start to describe your BJJ gym mates according to their common rolling style – ‘she is a triangle goddess’, ‘he is like a snake or a tick’, ‘the blade man to guard pass’.

In most cases, the purple belt is a stage where one moves from purple to brown belt BJJ promotion, and to its black belt is an obvious happening.

Jiu Jitsu as Self Critique and Discipline Therapy

Jiu Jitsu, like other sports, requires a lot of time and dedication. With injuries and day-to-day life, it can be challenging to keep up with the grind. Exercises for jiu jitsu, and training lessons take a lot of time, as well as living a healthy lifestyle. But if you feel passion and dedication to this martial art you will easily manage all that come on your jiu jitsu journey.

For me personally bad times in jiu jitsu are, when I feel that I don’t deserve my belt, because I can’t fight, I’m not creative, I do stupid mistakes over and over again, I have no skills, and my technique basis is so poor. Right now I have these times as a purple belt and it’s true.

What I like in jiu jitsu community, you don’t have to pass your bad times alone. There are always more experienced jiu jitsu friends, who can estimate your dilemma and share their own knowledge. The big thing is to find a coach close to you in spirit.

In conclusion, let’s answer some common questions.

Should white belts roll with higher belts?

Yes, and it applies to all belt colors and vice versa. In BJJ getting tapped by lower belts can teach as much, as tapping to a higher belt.

Interesting opinions on the topic are shared on the popular BJJ YouTube channel Chewjitsu

4 Ways to Roll with Lower Belts in BJJ for BJJ Competitions

What is the hardest BJJ belt to get?

The hardest belt in BJJ I would say is the blue belt. Some practitioners leave jiu jitsu before achieving the blue belt. And it’s okay. The white belt time is the time to try jiu jitsu.

But sometimes happens the reverse side of the medal. People get overtrained because of their excessive passion to train hard complementing with home strength training and workouts. As a result in about a year, they need to take a break.

How to be more technical in BJJ?

If you are a white belt and challenged about how to improve your jiu jitsu skills, first of all, you should know, that there will be no end to this game. This question is with you forever. While you improve your jiu jitsu, jiu jitsu as a worldwide martial art sport progresses also. And it’s great. As it describes, what is BJJ, it means BJJ is not outdated and there is always a place for ‘new blood”.

One of the most important skills in BJJ is to level up your game, but how should you act when you face someone with a higher rank?

The higher belt will be more skilled than you and should be respected. You should make sure that the match is fair by using good techniques.

Make sure that you are not just doing an endless amount of sweeps or just trying to get points because this will annoy the other person. The match should be well-rounded and both participants should give an equal amount of effort.

The higher belt’s goal is to help people improve their game, so don’t worry if they are beating you up during the roll. The purpose is not to win the rolling, but rather to learn from it so that there can be progress in one’s skill set over time

Another video from Chewjitsu:

Why You Roll Worse against White Belts in BJJ

Where is Chewjitsu gym located?
Chewy is a black belt and BJJ coach in Derby City MMA in Louisville, Kentucky.

Bonus: 5 more things you learn from rolling with higher jiu jitsu belts

  • Patience is key
  • Keep your guard up and be aware of their movements
  • Always respect your opponent
  • Be as technical as you can be, even if they’re better than you
  • They’ll show you new ways to move and position your body

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