Mother of Rugby Player Invented Her Own Cauliflower Ears Protection

Who does not know that cauliflower ears also called wrestler’s ears or another scientific medical term for cauliflower ear – perichondrial hematoma? They are the wrestler’s faces. It’s not because they are beautiful as much, but because we recognize a wrestler by the ears first rather than by the face. UFC fighters’ ears are not an exception.

Cauliflower ear in wrestling is not the only way to get them. Playing rugby is also an “opportunity”.

Rugby ears:

cauliflower ears rugby images
Cauliflower ears rugby players images; Screenshot from Google Images

Irish dental technician Brenda Philips was watching rugby with her son – a rugby player, when she saw one of the players injured by the ear and it burst open. After, the idea came to her to create a rugby ear protection for the athletes’ ears.

According to Philips, wrestling cauliflower ears have not just an unnormal look, but also regularly hurt, and a re-injury can worsen hearing, which will further complicate the ears’ treatment.

What causes cauliflower ears or why do UFC fighters have weird ears?

Impact sports are the main cause. As well-known wrestling training program is usually very intense. In martial arts, cauliflower ears from wrestling are the most common case.

“As the injury to the ear heals it can shrivel up and fold in on itself and appear pale, giving it a cauliflower-like appearance, hence the term cauliflower ear.” says doctor of osteopathic medicine John P. Cunha.

Ears can be injured by a hit while boxing, MMA or etc., so from tight pinching the head in a hold. The second variant is how BJJ athletes become wrestling cauliflower ears owners. In most cases cauliflower ears from wrestling are irreversible.

UFC fighters ears look weird
UFC fighters ears look weird. In the images: Conor McGregor, BJ Penn, Khabib Nurmagomedov, Randy Couture, James Thompson, Alexander Gustafsson, George St-Pierre. Images capture from Google Images

Ear draining is the first treatment that can be done after you feel there is liquid inside the ear. Very often athletes do this procedure by themselves.

UFC fighter’s ears “Explosion”

The combat fighters are those who have the worst cauliflower ear. The UFC ear “explosion” during the fights is not a rare story that happens to MMA fighters’ ears. There are compilations on the internet about the worst cauliflower ears.

Video: This happened to Leslie Smith during her UFC fight

This video is the shortest answer to why UFC fighters have weird ears.

Branda Philips was thinking about ear protection for four years. The first sample was made with a mold of the ear of her son Connor, who tested it.

cauliflower ears rugby
Branda Philips (left) and her son Connor

Now the product is ready, a patent application has been submitted, and it is already available to order under the brand Caulear Protection. The price on the official website is £100.00 (about $145).

cauliflower ears protection
Caulear Shields, pic from

The principle is simple: from the materials sent, you need to make a mold of your ear and send it back after the person receives ready-made silicone inserts for his ear.

Here is what the ear with Caulear Shields Protection looks like:

wrestling ears
Silicone ear guards rugby

Shia LaBeouf ears in Tax Collector movie

There is a concern on the internet about Shia LaBeouf ears as we can see in the movie ‘Tax Collector’ (2020).

Why does Shia Labeouf have cauliflower ear?

Someone who just saw the Tax Collector movie might be curious or worried about what is going on with his ears.

But for real martial arts fans and practitioners, other questions arise immediately. And namely, how did Shia LaBeouf get cauliflower ears and are they for real?

How did Shia Labeouf get cauliflower ear?

After some observation analysis, came to the conclusion that Shia Labeouf cauliflower ear is artificial and made fake for the movie. As we know cauliflower ears appear after repeated impact and strangulation on ears while wrestling. And as known to the public Shia LaBeouf doesn’t have regular training in martial arts sports.

The movie was released a couple of years ago but the interest on the internet in the Shia Labeouf cauliflower ears didn’t decrease.

shia labeouf cauliflower ears
Does Shia LaBeouf have cauliflower ear for real?; Screenshot from ‘Tax Collector’ trailer

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