What color gi should I get for BJJ?

Today we are answering a BJJ question – What color gi should I get for BJJ? The BJJ gi colors etiquette is not what in other traditional Japanese martial arts. Brazilian jiu jitsu has also its origin in Japanese martial arts traditions. But BJJ managed to cultivate its own culture.

The BJJ gi colors take a significant place in this culture.

Does Gi color matter in jiu jitsu?

You may wonder if there is any meaning to black BJJ gi color, blue, or maybe white.

To be short, there is nothing special with the gi colors in Brazilian jiu jitsu.
You can choose for your BJJ classes any of the common BJJ gi colors – black, white, blue, or navy blue.

Does it matter what color gi I wear?

As mentioned already – jiu jitsu gi color doesn’t matter. Even beginners can wear any color.

Unless two exceptions:

  • Pay attention that in jiu jitsu tournaments there are certain requirements for the uniform. On IBJJF competitions are allowed only white, black, blue, or navy BJJ gi colors.
  • Ask your jiu jitsu school if they have preferences regarding the gi color. For instance, Gracie Jiu Jitsu, Atos Academy prefer the white jiu jitsu gis.

What color gi for BJJ beginner to get?

The BJJ beginners can get any gi color for the jiu jitsu classes. The regular and traditional Brazilian jiu jitsu gi colors are:

  • white
  • blue or navy
  • black

I would recommend starting with the dark gi color – black or blue. They will surely serve longer compared to the white gi, which gets stained without proper care.

Custom colors – gray, pink, brown, green, etc. – are also allowed and popular among BJJ athletes.

green bjj gi
Green and orange BJJ gi by Modern Flow Brand
orange bjj gi

Today you can easily find custom gi colors in different BJJ brand shops.

You can even tie-dye your BJJ gi.

jiu jitsu gi color
Tie dye jiu jitsu gi color; Google image caption

Choose your favorite gi color and start your jiu jitsu journey.

Remember, the best BJJ gi color is the one you fill confident and comfortable.

Best black BJJ gi

Best white jiu jitsu gi

Best blue BJJ gi

Judo gi color meaning vs Karate gi color meaning vs BJJ gi color meaning

The gi colors (or kimono colors) in most martial arts have more meaning compared to BJJ. But modern trends are gradually dissolving the strict framework of old traditions and replacing them with new ones.

For instance, the karate gi (or dogi) originally is white. A black gi can mean a karateka with instructor rank. Different dojos and styles have their requirements for the kimono. Today more and more we can see different karate gi colors in dojos.

Nevertheless, the white karate gi is still the most traditional gi color. The meaning of the white gi in karate can be interpreted as pureness of intent.

The same with judo gi colors. But the most meaning of gi color appears in the tournaments – where each opponent has to be in different gi colors – one in white, the other in blue.

What color belt do you start with in BJJ?

With the BJJ belt colours it’s another story. As with any martial art belt.

The gi belt color matters.

If you just start your journey in BJJ, your belt color as a beginner will be white. The same in aikido, Kung fu, karate, judo, etc. To learn more about the Brazilian jiu jitsu belt ranking or karate belt order check our articles.

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