MMA Fighter vs Shaolin Monk Video Compilation

For us – people from Brazilian jiu jitsu – it is obvious to discover something new about other martial arts. Whether for fun or education it’s still the world we understand. MMA fighter vs Shaolin monk fights is part of this discoverable world.

I guess I have a right to call myself a fan of martial arts, as I’m 37 now and my first movies on videotapes were with Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan old movies.

Do you remember this authentic Chinese kung fu look by Jackie? I do.

jackie chan old movies
Jackie Chan Old Kung Fu Movies captures from Google Images

Who will beat whom

As far as I remember there are always the ‘Who will beat whom’ battle discussions mainly on the internet. At the time of popularity of boxing, or jiu jitsu, or karate, or kung fu everyone wanted to know it.

Would a Shaolin monk beat an MMA fighter? Can a street fighter beat a martial artist? Can Shaolin monks really fight? These eternal questions want answers and show. And I’m sure the last one is the main reason.

It’s an MMA epoche, so now it’s time for MMA fighters.

I was surprised to see how popular are the videos with Shaolin monks fighting other martial artists. But the most popular are the video compilations with Shaolin monk Yi Long.

Highlight video of MMA Fighter vs Shaolin Monk Yi Long fighting vs other fighters

Chinese kung fu fighter Yi Long vs German muay thai fighter Olli Koch, Germany 2014:

You can find Yi Long interview before one of his fights in 2014 on YouTube here.

I watch UFC and other MMA fights regularly. It’s very often exciting and in most cases painful even to watch, but you still keep watching. There is a constant conclusion I do every time after MMA fight watching – So good not to have punching techniques in BJJ.

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