Find Your Jiu Jitsu BJJ Meme

BJJ is not only about jiu jitsu training, tournaments, and classes. BJJ has also its life outside the mat – community, education, or integration into everyday life. But there is one thing that integrates into all aspects. It’s the BJJ meme.

You all know the memes. It’s a high resonating online satire in contemporary society. The jiu jitsu memes are not an exclusion. They are just about Brazilian jiu jitsu, or other martial arts.

Jiu Jitsu can be funny. Very Funny

We have talked already about the other – fun and motivational side of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. And funny jiu jitsu memes are the continuation of the topic.

Let’s enjoy some free time and take a look at the compilation of Brazilian jiu jitsu memes that we found on the internet.

The Bernie Sanders BJJ Meme Compilation

The Bernie Sanders Meme was in the trend already a long time ago and all have forgotten about it.

But not in the MMA and martial arts environment.

Meet the Bernie MMA memes.

Bernie jiu jitsu meme
Bernie jiu jitsu meme; image from internet
bernie bjj meme
50/50 jiu jitsu position with the “Mitten Grip”; image from internet
Funny jiu jitsu memes with Bernie Sanders
Funny jiu jitsu memes with Bernie Sanders; the image found on Instagram

BJJ White Belt Meme

White belt jiu jitsu meme
White belt jiu jitsu meme be like; image from internet
1 stripe white belt
1 stripe white belt be like; image from internet

No Gi BJJ Meme

What is great about Brazilian jiu jitsu? For example, it has gi and no gi classes. These are two different kinds of grappling. In one, you have the gi grips and in the other, you are challenging your speed and reaction.

But the no gi BJJ meme will show you some fun angles here also. Those, who train no gi will understand.

no gi bjj meme
jiu jitsu meme funny

And one more: Jiu jitsu is for everyone they say

funny jiu jitsu pics
Found on r/BJJ

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