The highest percentage Judo throws [Top 6]

Is it possible to define the highest percentage judo throws? As we know there are many different judo throwing techniques – simple, hard, basic, leg throws, forward throws, etc. But what of them are utilized the most?

Obviously, the highest percentage judo throws shows what is the most effective judo throw in general.

In this article, we are showing the results of our research on this topic.

So let’s dive in.

Highest percentage Judo throws in the Olympics

As we all know, judo is an Olympics discipline since 1964. What does it mean for our subject of the highest percentage judo moves, namely the throws?

It means we have a big playground for research using official and professional footage.

In fact, competitions are a great way to make almost any kind of research on martial arts and to gather statistics, for instance, the judo throw statistics. Like the injury statistics in different martial arts we have talked about here – Is Learning Jiu Jitsu Dangerous?

The performance of athletes in tournaments summarizes many years of training on the mats in the dojo and participation in other competitions.

The Olympic Games give us big data for sports and since judo is presented there very extensively, researchers have enough data to work with.

So did the researchers from Poland and Italy in their study Techniques frequently used during London Olympic judo tournaments: A biomechanical approach.

The field of research were the Olympics Games in London in 2012.

359 throw techniques and 77 grappling techniques were analyzed for the study of the throwing technique frequencies and other moves.

6 most used judo throw techniques in competitions

The considered study has 13 pages of work.

Here we present the brief result related to our subject: Which judo throw techniques and grappling moves are frequently used by contemporary elite judo athletes

In the image below are presented the 6 effective variations of judo throw techniques utilized in the London Olympics 2012. The data is taken from the mentioned research.

  • Tai Otoshi
  • Seoi Nage
  • O Uchi Gari
  • Ko Uchi Gari
  • Uchi Mata
  • Soto Makikomi
highest percentage Judo throws
6 most effective judo throws in the London Olympics 2012; Screenshot from the PDF of the mentioned above research

Highest percentage Judo throws (Olympics 2012)

Judo throws namesEffectiveness %, maleEffectiveness %, female
Seoi (Eri – Morote)14.8 (329)8.2 (222)
Uchi Mata9.2 (138)15 (143)
O Uchi Gari15 (53)24 (49)
Ko Uchi Gari12 (57)37 (35)
Tai Otoshi25 (36)23.8 (21)
Soto Makikomi10 (10)23.6 (17)
Tani Otoshi46 (13)50 (16)
Uchi Mata sukashi90 (10)100 (10)
Most effective judo throws

As we see, the most performed throw is the Eri Seoi Nage but the most effective in percentage is the Uchi Mata Sukashi, which in fact is the counter technique to Eri Seoi Nage.

Eri Seoi Nage

How do you do a basic judo throw Eri Seoi Nage (two hand shoulder throw)?

Uchi Mata Sukashi

Overall, the study showed that judo athletes performed PLmaxA technique more often than other techniques.

PLmaxA code in the study refers to the Physical lever applied with max arm.

The best judo throws

It’s hard to define only one most effective judo throw. For every athlete, it will vary and depends on the build and preference.

If honestly, it should be at least a short list of the best judo throws. And definitely, it needs more place and time to disclose the topic.

But we have found an alternative way.

We have categorized the best judo throws according to characteristics – the most powerful, hardest, popular, and painful. To find the answers, we researched people’s opinions in forums and talking threads.

As a result, we give the answers in a brief form.

What is the most powerful judo throw?

In other words, which judo throw generates the most kinetic energy?

Here are two throwing techniques in judo acceptable for the question:

  • O Soto Gari
  • Ura Nage

The funny way to answer this question regarding accumulating kinetic energy would be – Seoi Nage throw done by a beginner.

O Soto Gari

What is the hardest judo throw?

Tai Otoshi is mentioned as one of the hardest throws to accomplish.

Also worth paying attention to Harai Tsurikomi Ashi and Yoko Gake.

What is the most popular judo throw?

One can find information on the site of Judobase data about the most commonly used throws in the competitions according to the scoring. This data (as of 2016) shows, as of the commentators, that Uchi Mata and Seoi Naga are the most performed.

What is the most painful judo throw?

Daki Age judo technique can be for sure in this list. In fact, in BJJ it’s a slam which is not allowed.

Also to mention are Kani Basami and Kawazu Gake.

Are judo throws allowed in BJJ?

Yes, judo throws are allowed in BJJ if they do not contradict the rules of jiu jitsu. As mentioned above Daki Age which is a prohibited slam in BJJ. Unless you perform it without throwing the opponent but sitting down with him slowly.

Or Kani Basami which is also banned in BJJ.

So, judo throws are allowed in jiu jitsu but pay attention to the throw in accordance with the BJJ rules.

How do you throw a sacrifice throw for BJJ?

Here is a demonstration of the sacrifice judo throw technique adopted for Brazilian jiu jitsu.

The judo sacrifice throw demonstrated by Olympian judoka Travis Stevens:

What are judo throws called?

The throwing techniques in judo have their Japanese judo throws names.

For instance, the Sacrifice Throw has its Japanese judo term – Sumi Gaeshi, which is one of the 40 judo throws by Jigoro Kano.

The next tutorial is shown and explained by Olympian and judo black belt Sophie Cox.

The spring hip throw aka Hane goshi

Hip throw judo technique

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