BJJ Black Belt vs Heavyweight Armwrestler [Firas Zahabi vs Devon Larratt]

Jiu jitsu fighter vs boxer, Shaolin monk vs MMA fighter, BJJ female vs man, jiu jitsu fighter vs bodybuilder, jiu jitsu vs karate, and so on. The curiosity of pushing together different combat athletes plays always its game with martial arts fans.

And it’s worth it. In many cases. But not all.

Jiu jitsu vs bodybuilder

I like the cases where the match is organized in a friendly and sociable manner. Or at least coordinated by professional tournaments.

Here is an example where you can not just watch, but have a friendly smile on your face because you enjoy what you see.

Bodybuilder white belt vs BJJ brown and black belt

BJJ vs bodybuilder

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BJJ Black Belt vs Heavyweight Armwrestler

Another example is actually the main subject of this article – jiu jitsu black belt athlete fights no gi with a much bigger arm wrestler.

It’s about Firas Zahabi BJJ black belt and his opponent Devon Larratt – a professional armwrestler.

The match was held in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere in the Tristar Gym.

A longer version of the fight, narrated by Zahabi, can be found here.

Devon Larratt BJJ no gi fight experience

Devon Larratt jiu jitsu no gi fight session with Firas Zahabi

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Who is Firas Zahabi?

Firas Zahabi is a jiu jitsu and Muay Thai fighter, and owner and head coach at Tristar Gym (Montreal, Canada) since 2008.

He was born in 1980, in Canada.

More facts about Firas Zahabi:

  • His coach was John Danaher
  • He is a BJJ black belt since 2011 under John Danaher
  • Firas Zahabi is a coach of Georges St-Pierre – one of the greatest former MMA and UFC fighters
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BJJ back take from turtle

Firas Zahabi showing a no gi technique on his Instagram – jiu jitsu back take from the turtle position.

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Professional arm wrestler Devon Larratt

Devon Larratt is a countryman of Firas Zahabi. He is a professional arm wrestler from Canada and a former member of the Canadian Armed Forces.

Larrat is also a popular YouTuber. His channel has over 500K subscribers.

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Who is the best arm wrestler in North America?

According to the World Armwrestling League, as of January 2017, Devon Larratt was the #1 arm wrestler.

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Strongman vs Arm Wrestler

Devon Larratt has another page in his public carrier – the boxing match with one of the greatest strength athletes Hafthor Björnsson.

hafthor bjornsson vs devon larratt

The story is the next: Larratt has no previous training experience in boxing. He started to train for the match in Tristar Gym.

The boxing match took place in Dubai, in 2021.

Hafthor Björnsson vs Devon Larratt Full Fight

Arm wrestling fight by Devon Larratt vs 160 kg Rene Pötzlberger

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Firas Zahabi philosophy

Firas Zahabi on Joe Rogan podcast talks about the reality of violence.

Firas Zahabi Joe Rogan Podcast episode

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