What Is The Biggest Kickboxing Promotion? [A Guide]

When it comes to kickboxing promotion, the world of martial arts enthusiasts is awash with excitement. In this article, we delve into the thrilling universe of kickboxing promotions, focusing on the colossal presence of GLORY Kickboxing. Join us on this exciting journey as we uncover the biggest kickboxing promotion globally, explore its significance, compare it with others, trace its history, spotlight notable fighters, highlight top events, and discuss the future of this riveting sport.

Introduction to Kickboxing Promotions

Kickboxing promotions serve as the lifeblood of the sport, showcasing the most exceptional talents on a global stage. Understanding the biggest kickboxing promotion necessitates a look at the prominent players, their historical significance, and the intrigue surrounding them.

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The Biggest Kickboxing Promotion in the World

Kickboxing has its heavyweight champion in the form of GLORY Kickboxing. This powerhouse promotion is a global leader in the world of kickboxing, known for its thrilling events, talented fighters, and an avid fan base.

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Overview of the Biggest Kickboxing Promotions

Kickboxing promotions have made a significant impact on martial arts. Besides GLORY, other prominent organizations like K-1, and ONE Championship have played pivotal roles in elevating the sport’s status.

When considering the biggest kickboxing promotions, readers are eager to know about the significance of these organizations in the martial arts world. From creating platforms for fighters to captivating audiences worldwide, these promotions have transformed the landscape of kickboxing.

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Notable Fighters in GLORY Kickboxing

What sets GLORY apart is its roster of exceptional fighters.

GLORY Kickboxing has featured numerous notable fighters throughout its history. Here are some of the notable fighters who have competed in GLORY Kickboxing:

  1. Rico Verhoeven: Rico Verhoeven is one of the most dominant heavyweights in kickboxing. He has held the GLORY Heavyweight Championship for an extended period and is known for his powerful striking and technical skills.
  2. Semmy Schilt: Semmy Schilt is a former K-1 and GLORY heavyweight champion. He’s known for his imposing stature and successful career in both organizations.
  3. Nieky Holzken: Nieky Holzken is a Dutch fighter known for his exceptional striking skills. He has competed in multiple weight classes and has had memorable bouts in GLORY.
  4. Simon Marcus: Simon Marcus is a Canadian fighter with a strong Muay Thai background. He’s had competitive bouts in GLORY’s middleweight division.
  5. Gokhan Saki: Gokhan Saki, a Dutch-Turkish fighter, is known for his explosive style and powerful strikes. He’s a former GLORY Light Heavyweight Champion.
  6. Tiffany Van Soest: Tiffany Van Soest is an American female fighter who has competed in GLORY’s super bantamweight division and has achieved success in both kickboxing and Muay Thai.
  7. Robin van Roosmalen: Robin van Roosmalen is a Dutch fighter who has competed in various weight classes. He’s known for his aggressive and technical fighting style.
  8. Badr Hari: Badr Hari is a Moroccan-Dutch fighter known for his aggressive and powerful striking. He’s a prominent figure in the heavyweight division.

These are just a few of the notable fighters who have competed in GLORY Kickboxing. Over the years, the organization has attracted top talent from around the world, making it one of the premier kickboxing promotions globally.

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Top GLORY Kickboxing Events of All Time

GLORY Kickboxing has hosted numerous exciting and memorable events over the years. While the “top” events can be subjective and dependent on personal preferences, here are some of the most notable and highly regarded GLORY Kickboxing events in its history:

  1. GLORY 4: Tokyo (2012) – This event featured a one-night, 16-man heavyweight tournament and marked the introduction of the “Glory World Series.” It was a star-studded event that included fighters like Semmy Schilt, Gokhan Saki, and Remy Bonjasky.
  2. GLORY 17: Los Angeles (2014) – GLORY 17 was known for its stacked card and featured a historic rematch between Mirko “Cro Cop” Filipovic and Remy Bonjasky. The event also included a four-man featherweight contender tournament.
  3. GLORY Collision (2016) – This event was highly anticipated and featured a blockbuster bout between GLORY Heavyweight Champion Rico Verhoeven and kickboxing legend Badr Hari. The fight drew significant attention and remains one of GLORY’s most iconic moments.
  4. GLORY 12: New York (2013) – GLORY 12 was notable for its lightweight tournament and the emergence of fighters like Andy Ristie, who upset the odds to win the tournament by defeating Giorgio Petrosyan.
  5. GLORY 13: Tokyo (2013) – This event was memorable for the “Final 8” lightweight tournament and featured high-level kickboxing action. Andy Ristie won the tournament, once again defeating Giorgio Petrosyan in a shocking upset.
  6. GLORY 14: Zagreb (2014) – This event marked the crowning of Remy Bonjasky as the heavyweight contender tournament winner. It was also memorable for the explosive style of fighters like Mirko “Cro Cop.”
  7. GLORY 11: Chicago (2013) – GLORY 11 featured a one-night, four-man heavyweight tournament. The event was notable for the outstanding performances of fighters like Daniel Ghita and Rico Verhoeven.
  8. GLORY 40: Copenhagen (2017) – This event was memorable for the clash between two of the sport’s best, Nieky Holzken and Cedric Doumbe, who fought for the welterweight title.
  9. GLORY 19: Virginia (2015) – GLORY 19 showcased a highly competitive heavyweight tournament and featured a bout between Errol Zimmerman and Rico Verhoeven, with Verhoeven emerging victorious.
  10. GLORY 50: Chicago (2018) – This event featured a highly anticipated bout between Murthel Groenhart and Harut Grigorian for the welterweight championship, known for its dramatic ending.
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How to Watch GLORY Kickboxing Events

To watch GLORY Kickboxing events, you can follow these general steps:

  1. Check Broadcast Channels:
    • GLORY Kickboxing events are often broadcast on various sports networks and platforms. Start by checking if any sports channels in your region have broadcasting rights for GLORY events. Popular channels that have aired GLORY events in the past include ESPN, CBS Sports Network, and Fight Network, among others.
  2. Online Streaming Services:
    • Many GLORY events are streamed live on official online platforms. Visit the official GLORY Kickboxing website or the specific event’s website to find information about live streaming options.
  3. PPV (Pay-Per-View):
    • Some GLORY events are available as pay-per-view (PPV) broadcasts. In this case, you may need to purchase access to the event through a cable or satellite provider, an online streaming service, or the event’s official website.
  4. Social Media and YouTube:
    • GLORY Kickboxing often shares highlights, interviews, and promotional content on their official social media channels, including YouTube. While full events may not be available for free on these platforms, they can provide valuable content and updates.
  5. Subscription Services:
    • Some GLORY events are included in the content library of subscription-based streaming services. Depending on the region, you might be able to access GLORY events through sports streaming services like DAZN.
  6. Check Local Listings:
    • Check your local TV listings or online sports event schedules to find out if any nearby or national sports networks will be airing GLORY events.
  7. Attend Live Events:
    • If you’re near a location where a GLORY event is taking place, you can purchase tickets to attend the event in person. GLORY Kickboxing hosts live events in various cities around the world.

Additionally, some events may have specific geo-restrictions or licensing agreements, so be sure to verify the accessibility of the event in your area.

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ONE Championship’s Role in Kickboxing

ONE Championship, primarily known for mixed martial arts, has also ventured into kickboxing. We’ll examine its involvement in the kickboxing scene and explore how it complements other promotions.

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Differences between GLORY and ONE Championship Kickboxing

GLORY Kickboxing and ONE Championship Kickboxing are two prominent kickboxing promotions, each with its own unique characteristics and approach to the sport. Here are some key differences between GLORY and ONE Championship Kickboxing:

  1. Geographic Focus:
    • GLORY Kickboxing: GLORY is a kickboxing promotion primarily focused on Europe and North America. It has its roots in the Netherlands, and many of its events take place in European and North American cities.
    • ONE Championship Kickboxing: ONE Championship is an Asian-based organization with a strong presence in countries like Singapore, Thailand, and China. It features kickboxing as one of the combat sports under its broader ONE Championship banner.
  2. Rules and Weight Classes:
    • GLORY Kickboxing: GLORY follows traditional kickboxing rules with weight classes that include heavyweight, light heavyweight, middleweight, welterweight, and featherweight, among others. They use a modified version of the K-1 ruleset.
    • ONE Championship Kickboxing: ONE Championship’s kickboxing rules are based on Muay Thai, including the use of elbows. Weight classes may differ from GLORY and align more closely with traditional Muay Thai divisions.
  3. Fights and Formats:
    • GLORY Kickboxing: GLORY typically features one-off kickboxing matches and tournaments, with fighters competing in standard three-round fights. They also have title fights and championship belts.
    • ONE Championship Kickboxing: ONE Championship often incorporates kickboxing matches as part of its mixed martial arts (MMA) events. Their events might include a mix of Muay Thai and kickboxing bouts, and fighters often compete in the ONE Super Series. They also use a scoring system known as “Global Rules.”
  4. Production and Presentation:
    • GLORY Kickboxing: GLORY places a strong emphasis on high production values, with elaborate entrances, ring walkouts, and a focus on delivering an entertainment spectacle in addition to competitive kickboxing.
    • ONE Championship Kickboxing: ONE Championship is known for its unique production style, which blends sporting events with entertainment. It often includes martial arts performances and music to create a vibrant atmosphere.
  5. Global Reach:
    • GLORY Kickboxing: GLORY has a more global reach with events held in multiple countries worldwide, particularly in Europe and North America.
    • ONE Championship Kickboxing: While ONE Championship is based in Asia, it has expanded its reach and aims to be a truly global sports and entertainment organization, holding events in various countries across the world.
  6. Fighters and Roster:
    • GLORY Kickboxing: GLORY has its roster of kickboxers who primarily compete under the GLORY banner.
    • ONE Championship Kickboxing: ONE Championship often features fighters from different striking backgrounds, including Muay Thai and kickboxing, and they compete under the ONE Super Series.

It’s important to note that both organizations may evolve and adapt their approaches over time, so the differences mentioned here are subject to change. Fans of kickboxing may enjoy both organizations for their unique styles and offerings within the sport.

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Top 10 Best Kickboxing Promotions

While GLORY reigns supreme, there are other noteworthy promotions in the world of kickboxing. We’ll compile a list of the top 10 best kickboxing promotions, offering readers a broader perspective on the sport’s landscape.

Promotion NameFoundedHeadquartersKey Figures
Glory Kickboxing2012United KingdomPierre Andurand (Chairman)
ONE Championship2011SingaporeChatri Sityodtong (Founder)
K-1 World Grand Prix1993JapanKazuyoshi Ishii (Founder)
Bellator Kickboxing2016United StatesScott Coker (President)
Enfusion2011NetherlandsEdwin van Os (Founder)
Superkombat2011 (?)Romania (?)Eduard Irimia (Founder)
Lion Fight Promotions2010United StatesScott Kent (Founder)
Kunlun Fight2014ChinaJiang Hua (Founder)
WGP Kickboxing2011BrazilPaulão Teixeira (Founder)
vacant position
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What is ISKA?

The International Sport Karate Association (ISKA) is not a promotion but an international organization that sanctions and regulates various combat sports events, including kickboxing, Muay Thai, and other forms of martial arts. ISKA is primarily known for its role as a sanctioning body and not as a promotion itself.

ISKA sets rules and regulations, officiates events, and helps ensure safety and fair competition in combat sports. It provides guidelines for event organizers, fighters, and officials, including rules for weight classes, judging criteria, and safety protocols. ISKA is recognized worldwide and has been involved in many martial arts and kickboxing events globally.

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What is the Most Prestigious Kickboxing Tournament?

Along with the GLORY promotion, the most prestigious kickboxing tournament is widely considered to be the K-1 World Grand Prix. K-1, which stands for “Karate-1,” was founded in Japan in 1993 and quickly gained international recognition and popularity. The K-1 World Grand Prix is an annual tournament that brings together some of the world’s best kickboxers to compete in a single-elimination format.

The K-1 World Grand Prix is known for its high-level competition, featuring fighters from various weight classes, including heavyweights and middleweights. Winners of the K-1 World Grand Prix are often regarded as some of the best kickboxers in the world and earn significant recognition in the sport.

The K-1 World Grand Prix has produced legendary fighters and iconic moments in kickboxing history. It has also played a pivotal role in popularizing kickboxing globally.

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List of Kickboxing Organizations

Kickboxing is a popular combat sport with numerous organizations and promotions around the world. Here is a list of various kickboxing organizations and promotions:

  1. GLORY Kickboxing: A well-known international kickboxing organization featuring top fighters and high-level production values.
  2. K-1 World Grand Prix: One of the most iconic and historic kickboxing organizations, known for its World Grand Prix tournaments.
  3. ONE Championship Kickboxing: A division of ONE Championship that includes kickboxing bouts alongside mixed martial arts and other combat sports.
  4. ISKA (International Sport Karate Association): An organization that sanctions and regulates various combat sports, including kickboxing and Muay Thai.
  5. Enfusion: A European-based kickboxing promotion with a focus on quality matches and a growing global presence.
  6. Superkombat: A promotion known for its heavyweight tournaments and a strong presence in Eastern Europe.
  7. Lion Fight Promotions: A prominent promotion in North America specializing in Muay Thai and kickboxing.
  8. Bellator Kickboxing: A kickboxing division of Bellator MMA, featuring both MMA and kickboxing bouts.
  9. Kunlun Fight: A Chinese-based promotion with a global reach, hosting high-level kickboxing and Muay Thai events.
  10. WGP Kickboxing: A Brazilian promotion known for its kickboxing and Muay Thai events, with a strong focus on local talent.
  11. Fight Nights Global: A Russian-based organization that hosts kickboxing and MMA events, featuring fighters from various disciplines.
  12. Rizin Fighting Federation: A Japanese promotion that includes both MMA and kickboxing bouts in its events.
  13. MAX Muay Thai: A Thai-based promotion with a focus on Muay Thai, featuring fighters from Thailand and around the world.
  14. OKTAGON MMA & K-1: A Czech-based promotion that features both MMA and kickboxing bouts.
  15. KOK (King of Kings): A European kickboxing and Muay Thai promotion known for its tournaments and high-level fighters.
  16. FFC (Final Fight Championship): A European-based promotion featuring both MMA and kickboxing fights.
  17. It’s Showtime: A Dutch promotion that has featured some of the top kickboxers in the world.
  18. Top King World Series: A Muay Thai promotion with a global reach, known for its high-level competition.
  19. Rumble of the Kings: A Swedish-based kickboxing promotion with a history of showcasing top talent.
  20. W5 Kickboxing: A European promotion with a focus on high-quality kickboxing events.

Please note that this list is not exhaustive, and there are many regional and local kickboxing organizations and promotions around the world. The prominence and recognition of these organizations may vary, and new ones may emerge over time.

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What is the Biggest Kickboxing Promotion Reddit Opinions

Reddit is a hub of diverse opinions. Here is what Reddit users have to say about the biggest kickboxing promotion, adding a community perspective to the mix.

Kickboxing PromotionGeographic PresenceComments
GLORYWorldwideConsidered most elite.
K-1Japan, WorldwideHistoric and iconic.
ONE ChampionshipAsiaGrowing and global presence.
Kunlun Fight / WLFWorldwideNoted for high-level competition.
Bellator KickboxingUnited States, WorldwideFeatures both MMA and kickboxing.
RiseJapan, WorldwideOne of the biggest in the world.
RWSWorldwideKnown for high-level talent.
WakoWorldwideMentioned for its role.

For more in-depth information, refer to authoritative sources like GLORY Kickboxing’s official website and ONE Championship’s kickboxing page.

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