WNO BJJ: Who is the best Jiu Jitsu fighter? [2024 Rankings Update]

The WNO BJJ event – Flograppling WNO championship – is getting popular. This show is becoming popular for no gi jiu jitsu mainly.

It has plenty of support from big references such as Joe Rogan, Lex Friedman, and Alex Jones. As known and just to remind Joe Rogan is a no gi BJJ black belt under Eddie Bravo (10th Planet Jiu-Jitsu).

WNO – Who is the best?

WNO means Who’s Number 1 and is Flograppling’s fight event.

Flograppling has its jiu jitsu rankings results for different divisions like no gi or male black belt gi rankings, etc. starting from 2019. You will find a lot of prominent Brazilian jiu jitsu fighters and grappling names – Gordon Ryan, Roberto Satoshi Souza, Craig Jones, etc.

For instance, here are the 2024 FloGrappling Pound-For-Pound female black belt gi rankings:

1Ffion DaviesEssentialWAL1
2Elisabeth ClayAres BJJUSA2
3Mayssa BastosArt of Jiu JitsuBRA3
4Amy CampoZenithUSA4
5Brianna Ste-MarieBTTCAN5
6Tammi MusumeciEvolve MMAUSA6
7Andressa CintraGracie BarraBRA7
8Amanda AlequinGamblersBRA8
9Alex EnriquezAtosUSA9
10Nathiely de JesusRodrigo Pinheiro BJJBRA10
11Gabi McCombAtosBRA11
12Adele FornarinoAtosAUS12
13Jasmine RochaVagner Rocha Martial ArtsBRA13
14Danielle KellySilver Fox BJJUSA14
15Jessa KhanArt of Jiu JitsuKHM15

And, of course, the 2023 FloGrappling Pound-For-Pound male black belt gi rankings:

1Gordon RyanNew Wave Jiu-JitsuUSA1
2Mica GalvaoMelqui Galvao JJBRA2
3Nicholas MeregaliNew Wave Jiu-JitsuBRA3
4Dante LeonPedigo Submission FightingCAN4
5Diego OliveiraAOJBRA5
6Diogo ReisMelqui Galvao JJBRA6
7Tye RuotoloAtosUSA7
8Pedro MarinhoGracie BarraBRA8
9Mikey MusumeciEvolve MMAUSA9
10Kade RuotoloAtosUSA10
11Kaynan DuarteAtosBRA11
12Craig JonesB-TeamAUS12
13Fabricio AndreyAllianceBRA13
14Giancarlo BodoniNew Wave Jiu-JitsuUSA14
15Felipe PenaGracie BarraBRA15

Earlier we shared the 3-minutes WNO submission by Danielle Kelly BJJ female fighter.

How much do WNO athletes earn?

The fighting fan community always tends to know, how much money you can earn from training jiu jitsu, MMA, grappling, etc. WNO athletes are not an exception. BJJ Reddit subscribers share their opinions:

“They don’t release the numbers because it gives a promoter more negotiation power, the only people who know are people who are on the same team or who have mutual managers.”

“Probably ranging from a thousand to a few grand depending on where you’re at on the card.”

“Andrew Wiltse an elite black belt got paid for 2k. A lot of the blues and purples get pay a percentages of the tickets they sell so not much.”

According to the information on the 2021 WNO Championship page, the event had more than $250,000 in total prizes.

The winner of placing 3rd was fighting for a $7,500 prize, the champion took home $30,000, and the 2nd place was granted $15,000.

Who is #1 in BJJ According to IBJJF Rankings?

The up-to-date 2024 IBJJF rankings data reveals to us, who does Brazilian jiu-jitsu the best.

Here are the top 10 best male BJJ black belts gi division

black belt IBJJF Rankings 2023
Best male adult black belts and female adult black belts in the gI division according to IBJJF rankings by 2024 (all IBJJF weight classes)

IBJJF Male Adult Black Belts Rankings 2024

1Fellipe Andrew Leandro SilvaAlliance San Diego1239.0
2Victor Hugo Costa MarquesSix Blades Jiu-Jitsu841.5
3Erich Munis dos SantosFratres Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu732.5
4Tainan Dalpra CostaArt of Jiu Jitsu666
5Diego Oliveira BatistaArt of Jiu Jitsu516.0
6Kaynan Casemiro DuarteAtos Jiu Jitsu USA474.0
7Nicholas de Barcellos MeregaliRenzo Gracie Austin447.0
8Gustavo Espindola BatistaAtos Jiu Jitsu USA431.0
9Cássio Felipe Sousa CostaSix Blades Jiu-Jitsu – Brasil386.0
10Jansen Gomes RamosCheckMat384.5

Top 10 female black belts gi division in IBJJF 2024

1Gabrieli Pessanha de S. MarinhoInfight Jiu-Jitsu2385.0
2Melissa Stricker CuetoAlliance San Diego1058.0
3Mayssa Caldas Pereira BastosArt of Jiu Jitsu877.5
4Amanda Magda de OliveiraFratres Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu603.5
5Larissa Dias de AlmeidaElementum Jiu-Jitsu589.0
6Jessica Caroline Coelho DantasPax Jiu-Jitsu Academy532.5
7Sábatha Laís Francisco dos SantosFratres Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu516.0
8Andressa Mezari CintraGracie Barra Texas486
9Ana Cristina Araujo RodriguesDreamArt474.0
10Bianca Barbosa BasilioJFC Almeida JJ444

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