How to use Pso Rite for psoas?

Here is the thing. In fact, this article answers two questions: How to use Pso Rite for psoas? and What is the fastest way to release the psoas? And that is okay, as both issues are tied together as tight as your psoas can be.

Our web project here is about martial arts and specifically the jiu jitsu. We have already talked in detail about the best martial art for bad knees.

Because every martial artist of any age knows the joints and muscle pain very well. Another struggle for athletes is to find the easiest and fastest method to deal with this pain.

This topic is about to help to find the solution to this struggle.

Let’s talk about how to release the psoas muscle pain.

Why is it called psoas?

The name comes from the old Greek language [ψόᾱ] that was romanized to the name that is used now – psoas or the psoas major. Literally, psoas means muscles of the loins.

In Latin, it is called Musculus psoas major.

What is psoas?

The psoas major is one of the biggest and most significant muscles in the human body.

Of course, every muscle in the human being body is important and significant. But if psoas causes pain you might walk hard or in some cases even disable you to walk because of the pain.

The psoas major muscle overlies the vertebral column. It’s a long fusiform muscle that joins the iliacus muscle (passes the pelvis through the groin and with the psoas flexes the hip) to form the iliopsoas muscle.

In fact, the psoas muscle is called a group of three muscles:

  • psoas major
  • psoas minor
  • iliacus
psoas major muscle
Where is the psoas muscle?; Wikipedia images

How to release psoas trigger point?

In fact, finding the psoas trigger point is already halfway.

And yes, finding the method how to release these trigger points may be the hardest part.

Methods can be different:

  • visiting a course of massage by a therapist
  • self-education with books and videos
  • self-massage with tennis or lacrosse ball
  • trying out all kinds of muscle massage tools on the market

The hardest problem with the psoas muscle release is that it’s hard to get to the psoas muscle with enough pressure to get the effect. Because the psoas is a big muscle and is located deep.

A therapist, knowing the deal and having enough strength as if you would make it by yourself, can really help.

But how long will you stand to visit the therapists on the regular basis? Are you able to afford it every time you have a muscle issue?

Muscle massage tools

The muscle massage tools are good rescuers here.

If you have already tried muscle massagers from the market but they didn’t help you, it doesn’t mean they don’t work.

The roller, tennis ball, impact massager, or any other tool has its limits of power. It means not all tools are universal to utilize for any part of the body.

When dealing with the psoas muscle release tool we have found a really good option when making research for our bad knees in martial arts issue.

It’s the Pso Rite psoas massager.

We recommend watching this video on how to use Pso Rite for psoas to understand what is it about. In addition to how to use Pso Rite for psoas, this video shows also additional exercises for psoas muscles.

How to use Pso Rite for psoas?

We have made a Pso Rite review research and found out that the tool works really great but if used correctly.

And the best instructions and exercises are given in the videos on Pso-Rite Instagram.

Pay attention to this advice for Pso-Rite as it may impact significantly the effect of utilizing the tool.

Here on Pso-Rite Instagram, you will find a variety of exercises not only for psoas but also for legs, shoulders, neck, etc.

The hamstring massage on a chair

Chest and shoulder muscle release

Neck massage with the Pso-Rite

Is the Pso-Rite worth it?

The best answer if the Pso-Rite is worth it to buy is to listen to people who have used this massage tool to release their muscle pain.

Luckily, there are thousands of people’s voices to hear about it. Only on Amazon Pso-Rite reviews counter goes over 5000 reviews.

We made the Pso Rite review research and made one big review with all the significant PROS and CONS we have found Pso Rite buyers on Amazon are saying.

Pso Rite Review

Pso-Rite psoas release and massage tool reviews PROS and CONS.

A hunk of pretty heavy-duty plastic, but the results are worth it.Overpriced for a basic hunk of heavy-duty plastic, but to admit it really works well.
Helps to release the sacroiliac joint dysfunction (SI joint pain) within the first use in a couple of minutes. If the pain area is tight it can be extremely intense but the tool does the job.It could cost $5 as it does feel like a cheap piece of plastic, but it works and is worth recommending.
Amazing tool for trigger point massage.Can be a little tricky to find the right position but it is worth it.
A big help with back pain.It’s just molded plastic and pricey. However, it works.
After one day of use releases the suffering from a super tight left side hip flexor when it hurts even putting socks on.Worth to pay $15 instead of its price.
Helps with myofascial pain and tension in the legs, glutes, and lower back that clamps on nerves and causes more pain. When developing precise exercises and stretches for yourself the Pso Rite tool works after the first use.It is worth $20 but unfortunately, there are no other products like this in this space.
Painful to use at first but it does wonders. It gets to the nerves and deep muscle areas to release the back pain.Is very wide for someone with small hips.
Great value for money if used correctly and may save hundreds in physio and sports massages.Best product on the market now but makes disappointing about the price and one-size option.
Works great if used correctly.
Negative reviews may come from people who are laying on both points at the same time. But watching the company’s Instagram videos is worth quickly finding the best method to target the psoas trigger points on one side of the psoas. The base of the pso-rite tool is wide enough to not flip over when using just one side at a time.
Great for L5-S1 piriformis syndrome pain.
Lacrosse balls, books about psoas pain release, foam rollers, and the Theragun liked tools don’t work as well as own full body weight in combination with the Psorite tool.
Helps increasingly to overcome very old back pain.
The continuous use of Psorite massage tool relieves hip flexors and psoas after months of constant pain from an injury.
No power supply needed.

How do you make a Pso-Rite?

If you are struggling from psoas pain and curious about trying out the Pso Rite tool but not for that money, you have an option to DIY Pso-Rite kind tool. And it should be stressed the words “Pso-Rite kind tool”.

If you could recreate the Pso-Rite tool in total it wouldn’t be on the Amazon market now as the Best Choice mark psoas massage tool.

But a try should take a place.

The cheap Pso-Rite alternative

You will need:

  • 8 tennis balls
  • 2 lacrosse balls
  • tape

The meaning of psoas stretch

Do not underestimate the meaning of psoas stretching.

Ask every runner, athlete, or martial artist how important is to stretch the muscles before and after the workout. You can ignore it, but the consequences will not ignore you.

The Joe Rogan Experience Episode talking about the psoas stretch.

Best yoga stretches for psoas muscle

Yoga for releasing the psoas

Balancefrom yoga mat

balancefrom yoga mat
Best seller yoga mat on Amazon

Manduka Yoga Mat premium

manduka yoga mat
How to clean Manduka yoga mat? It’s easy to keep clean. To keep the mat looking great, use the Manduka yoga mat wash cleaner.

A 20-minute yoga practice for psoas stretch

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