Can You Tackle Someone In BJJ? [Opinions]

When it comes to Brazilian jiu jitsu, the term “tackle” might not be the first thing that comes to mind. BJJ is often associated with ground techniques, submissions, and grappling, but what about tackling your opponent? Is it allowed, and if so, how does it work within the context of this martial art?

In this article, we’ll dive deep into the concept of tackling in BJJ, exploring what it means, what techniques are involved, and what the BJJ community has to say about it.

Can You Pick Up Your Opponent in BJJ?

In BJJ, tackling an opponent doesn’t involve picking them up and driving them to the ground like you might see in wrestling or American football. Instead, it’s more about using takedown techniques to establish control and gain an advantageous position on the ground.

The idea is to bring your opponent down while maintaining balance and control throughout the process.

What Is Considered a Tackle in BJJ?

In BJJ, a tackle is typically referred to as a takedown.

A takedown is a technique used to bring your opponent from a standing position to the ground, with you maintaining control throughout the transition.

There are various takedown techniques in BJJ, and they can be broadly categorized into two main types:

1. Sweeps and Throws

Sweeps and throws are takedown techniques that involve using your opponent’s weight and momentum against them. For example, a hip throw (O Goshi) or a shoulder throw (Seoi Nage) are classic Judo techniques that have been adapted into BJJ.

These moves allow you to use your opponent’s energy to bring them down while maintaining control.

2. Shoots and Takedowns

Shoots and takedowns are more direct approaches to taking an opponent down. One common takedown in BJJ is the double leg takedown. This technique, also known as a “blast double leg takedown,” involves driving into your opponent’s legs to bring them to the ground. It’s a powerful move but requires precision and timing.

Can You Tackle Someone in BJJ? Reddit and Forums Opinions

To get a better understanding of how the BJJ community views tackling in BJJ, we turned to online forums and Reddit discussions.

Opinions on this topic vary, as BJJ practitioners come from diverse backgrounds and training philosophies. Here’s a glimpse of what some members of the BJJ community had to say:

Main Point
The counter to the tackle is the grapple.
Described the tackle as a dive from a standing position.
Starting seated can help engage the legs before the tackle.
Suggested using butterfly guard and reverse de la Riva.
Advised against training with a partner who tackles.
Suggested guillotine, reverse de la Riva, and De la Riva/spider.
Mentioned that there’s no running start in grappling.
Described the tackle as similar to a Judo move, Morote Gari.
Mentioned getting caught in a guillotine choke from a tackle.
Mentioned the risk of guillotine when attempting a tackle.

What Is a Blast Double Leg Takedown?

The term “blast double leg takedown” often comes up in discussions about tackling in BJJ. This technique is a powerful takedown move that can catch your opponent off guard if executed correctly.

Morote Gari Double Leg Takedown in Judo

Here’s a closer look at what a blast double leg takedown involves:


  1. Start from a standing position, with both you and your opponent facing each other.
  2. Lower your center of gravity slightly, keeping your knees bent and your weight on the balls of your feet.


  1. Explode forward and slightly to the side, driving your lead shoulder into your opponent’s midsection, just below the waist.
  2. As you make contact, wrap both arms around your opponent’s legs, securing a tight grip.
  3. Keep driving forward, using your momentum to lift your opponent’s legs off the ground.
  4. Once your opponent is off balance, take them to the ground by bringing their legs forward and guiding them to a controlled landing.

Key Points:

  • Maintain a low stance and explode with speed and power.
  • Ensure that your shoulder makes solid contact with your opponent’s midsection.
  • Keep a tight grip on your opponent’s legs to prevent them from sprawling or countering.
  • Control the descent to avoid unnecessary injury to yourself or your opponent.

The blast double leg takedown is a dynamic move that requires practice to perfect. It can be a game-changer in BJJ matches, as it allows you to take control of the fight from the very beginning.

Blast Double Leg


So, can you tackle someone in BJJ? The answer is yes, but it’s not the same as tackling in football or other contact sports. In BJJ, tackling involves using takedown techniques to bring your opponent to the ground while maintaining control and balance.

The BJJ community has varying opinions on the importance of tackling in the sport, with some practitioners emphasizing its value and others favoring alternative takedown methods like sweeps and throws.

One standout takedown technique in BJJ is the blast double leg takedown, a powerful move that can catch opponents off guard if executed with precision.

However, like any technique in martial arts, it requires practice and skill development to use effectively and safely.

In the end, tackling in BJJ is just one aspect of the sport’s rich tapestry. Whether you choose to incorporate it into your game or focus on other techniques, the most crucial factor is continuous learning and improvement.

So, get on the mats, practice those takedowns, and explore the world of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu to discover what works best for you.

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