Top 5 Best BJJ Gi for Beginners

If you are an experienced BJJ athlete, you know what you need for your best jiu jitsu practice. And also you may know, how it is to be at the start of your jiu jitsu journey. Because once you were there. Let’s do this and pick up the top 5 best BJJ gi for beginners.

The goal of this jiu jitsu gi guide is to help you to pick the best BJJ gi for the money you are ready to spend for your first gi.

Before we go further to the best beginner BJJ gi selection, first things first.

What is a Jiu Jitsu outfit called?

The Brazilian jiu jitsu uniform for training and competing is called gi. You can also often hear people say “jiu jitsu kimono”. But the correct variant is gi. The kimono is the national outfit in Japan.

The gi name is not unique to BJJ. It comes from Japanese martial arts. The origin history of the gi goes to keikogi – “clothing for practicing” – developed by Judo founder Kani Jigoro in the 19th century.

The gi uniform consists of a jacket, pants, and a belt and refers to many martial arts, e.g. aikido (aikido gi), karate (karate gi), judo (judogi), etc.

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What color gi should I get as a beginner?

And do Jiu Jitsu gi colors mean anything?

In Brazilian jiu jitsu the gi color means nothing. In other traditional and not only martial arts the situation nowadays is the same.

But. The aspect of the uniform color is still present. Here are the main outlines:

  • In BJJ tournaments allowed are only white, black, blue, and navy gi colors. For regular training other colors are also acceptable, like gray, pink, orange, olive, red, etc.
  • Some jiu jitsu schools may prefer only some colors of BJJ gis. In most cases, it is white in color. Ask your coach for preferences
  • In judo mostly preferred are white and blue judogi. In competitions, only these two colors are allowed. If one contestant wears a white gi, the other wears the blue one to differentiate both
  • Some martial arts schools are very authentical to the traditions and keep the outfit culture strict
  • There are martial arts, like Vovinam Viet Vo Dao with one single uniform color – blue

There is no best BJJ gi color because BJJ is not about the gi color, it’s a practical sports activity.

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What is the price of a gi?

The average jiu jitsu gi cost is about $70-$100 for a basic budget BJJ gi and approximately $130-$260 for a custom brand and fancy BJJ gi.

For instance, the Sanabul NASA gi costs $180. The Shoyoroll gi can have a price tag of $260.

The most expensive BJJ gi was the Shoyoroll Batch 32 Beast for $1100.

most expensive BJJ gi
Most expensive BJJ gi; screenshot from eBay
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The TOP 5 best beginner jiu jitsu gi

The list of best gi for BJJ beginner doesn’t necessarily mean the cheapest gis. In our picking, we are guided by the principle “best affordable jiu jitsu gi + good lasting quality = best beginner gi uniform”.

Our starting picker is the best-balanced choice between quality+reliability+price.

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1. Fuji All Around Gi

Best choice for best beginner gi above $50

Price: $77-$106, depending on the color and available discount BJJ gi offer.

Fuji All Around gi is one of the most popular BJJ gis by the Fuji brand and FUJI BJJ tournament holder. This gi is on the market for years. I still remember my coach in the Fuji All Around gi navy color when I just started to train jiu jitsu.

Here is the testimony for this fact – the best cheap BJJ gi Reddit recommendation for the Fuji BJJ gi All Around eight years ago.

best bjj gi brands reddit
Best BJJ gi brands Reddit discussion; Screenshot from the Reddit BJJ community

Fuji Sports is in the best BJJ gi brands list for a long time and partners with world champion and superstar athletes, e.g. Xande Ribeiro, Travis Stevens, Rolles Gracie, etc.

Fuji All Around Gi Navy

over 1500 reviews
550 g traditional mid-weight weave. The best selling and most trusted Fuji Gi kimono for years. Cotton twill pants with traditional cotton drawstring.
  • Minimal decorations
  • Best selling by Fuji brand for years
  • The popular navy color is allowed for competitions
  • White, blue, black colors, and pink Fuji gi
  • High-rated BJJ gi brand, IBJJF approved
  • 550 g weave is heavier and should be taken into consideration for weigh-in on tournaments
  • Gi belt is not included
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Best cheap BJJ gi

It’s normal to look for a budget BJJ gi variant for your first jiu jitsu classes. Even more, we would recommend finding a cheap basic gi. Because you don’t have to give all your money for a fancy uniform to look solidly in front of your new gym mates.

Remember, the main purpose of the uniform is comfortable training. Other attributes go in second place.

You could find an inexpensive blank aikido or judo uniform. Their double-weave jackets meet the requirements for successful jiu jitsu technique utilization.


We don’t recommend doing it unless you already have one. If you have a judogi or a double weave aikidogi, it will fully cover your needs for jiu jitsu training for the first time. Also, it will give you time to gather experience to decide, what BJJ gi you want.

Why we don’t recommend buying aikido or judo uniform?

Because the jiu jitsu brand market today is overflowing with offers. And for the same money, you would spend on a budget aikido uniform, you can find a really good gi for Brazilian jiu jitsu.

Moreover, some best BJJ gi brands offer inexpensive BJJ gis with good reviews.

Here are the best cheap BJJ gi picks we have selected on the market.

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Best BJJ gi under $100

In fact, you can find about ten or more offers of jiu jitsu gis under $100. But we based our selection on the recognition by customers and presence on the market for a quite long time.

During our research, we have found a number of new cheap BJJ gi brands. Even though they have already a bunch of good reviews, we didn’t add them to the list. Let’s give more time to the newcomers to show what they are in practice.

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2. Sanabul Gi Essentials V.2 Ultra Light

Price: $60 for women’s gi, $65.50 special offer price for the unisex gi. The regular price is $100

The Sanabul BJJ gi is definitely the #1 in the best jiu jitsu gi under $100 list with its special offer.

Almost 7000 customer reviews and one of the best BJJ gi on Amazon. Michael Bisping, Sean O’Malley, John Danaher, and other famous athletes are the ambassadors of the Sanabul brand.

Sanabul Gi Essentials V.2

Amazon #1 best seller
Ultra-Light Weight Single Weave. Women’s Sanabul Jiu Jitsu gi available. 100% cotton. Stiff, rubberized collars, tapered sleeves, and dense single weave design.
6 colors: black, white, blue, navy, green, grey
  • Ultra-Light Weight Single Weave
  • #1 best seller jiu jitsu gi on Amazon
  • Women’s Sanabul Jiu Jitsu gi available
  • Preshrunk fabric
  • A free belt can be included as a special offer
  • No critical points found
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3. Hawk Jiu Jitsu Gi Ultra Light

The best budget BJJ gi pearl weave with white jiu jitsu belt included. Is present on the market for several years already.

Price: $48

Hawk Jiu Jitsu Gi Ultra Light

Over 3000 reviews
350 gsm Ultra-Light preshrunk pearl weave material. White BJJ belt included. 10 oz ripstop pants. IBJJF Legal. Simple plain design.
  • Price under $50
  • Over 3000 reviews
  • 350 gsm Ultra-Light preshrunk, 10 oz ripstop pants
  • White BJJ belt included
  • IBJJF Legal
  • No critical points were found and for this price are very hard to find
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4. Elite Sports Lightweight BJJ Gi

Price: $60 with a special offer. $80 regular price.

Who doesn’t know the Elite BJJ gi by Elite Sports? Those, who are at least some time in BJJ already definitely heard about this popular gi. A great choice for the best beginner BJJ gi.

Elite Sports Lightweight BJJ Gi

Belt included
Light-weight preshrunk 60% cotton and 40% polyester material. White BJJ belt included. 10 oz ripstop pants. IBJJF Legal. Simple plain design.
  • Price under $50 with a special offer
  • Almost 4000 reviews
  • Hand wash and machine wash and dry
  • White BJJ belt included
  • IBJJF approved
  • No critical points found
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5. Your Jiu Jitsu Gear Gi Premium 350/450

Price: $65

The Your Jiu Jitsu Gear gi exists for a quite long time and is created by BJJ practitioners. It has a simple totally plain BJJ gi design so you can choose any jiu jitsu patch placement you want.

This gi deservedly belongs to the best affordable BJJ gi list.

Your Jiu Jitsu Gear Gi Premium 350/450

Free belt included
Preshrunk cotton pearl weave fabric. Rubberized collar. Free white BJJ belt included. Simple plain BJJ gi design.
  • Price under $100 with
  • Over 1300 reviews
  • Hand wash and machine wash and dry
  • Free white BJJ belt included
  • Made by BJJ practitioners
  • No critical points found

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How to wash your gi?

Next, when having your gi, you will definitely search for the best detergent for BJJ gi and some advice on how to wash the gi.

We have dedicated a post to the topic to deal with this question easily – Wash Your Gi: What is the Best Detergent For BJJ Gi?

The main rule you have to remember – wash your gi after each training.

The conclusion to the Best BJJ Gi for Beginners list

We are sure, that this list will change with time. Because Brazilian jiu jitsu didn’t stop developing and spreading over the world. New BJJ brands will appear.

With time we will update and write new reviews about the best BJJ gi for beginners, competitors, or regular training.

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