9 Best BJJ Books [Reddit Picks]

In this article, we will dive into the best BJJ books Reddit recommendations. Earlier we revealed already the 7 Best martial arts books to pay attention to. This time let’s see what is the best jiu jitsu book to improve your game.

Reddit is a great place to find answers from real people. So we often do open our BJJ topics more widely incorporating not only our own experience.

Are BJJ books worth it?

Here we will present the best jiu jitsu book Reddit recommendations by jiu jitsu practitioners.

But first, let’s be clear about the role and meaning of books for BJJ and martial arts on the whole.

We will just share again, what we have already talked about the martial books in general.

Can you learn how do you fight from books about jiu jitsu?

You will not become a martial artist by only reading the best self-defense books or martial arts philosophy books. Even watching videos with boxing or jiu jitsu techniques will not help if a person has no martial art background.

Combat sports is an applied activity and even more, it’s a contact sport which means you need other people in this “game”.

Can you learn BJJ from a book?

The answer to this question you can see above. In other words, martial arts are based on the knowledge which you can find also in books. But as said it’s applied activities, so the major progression and skill achievement you will get from the amount of practicing hours.

Combat sports are about feeling the tight contact from your opponent to understand what are the moves about – punches, sweeps, chokes, attacks, counterattacks, escapes, etc. Otherwise, it’s only a shadow fight.

Jiu jitsu books are here to help if you already understand what you are doing.

If you are keen on books and another of your favorite time-consuming activity is jiu jitsu, the list below is to help you to find the best BJJ book worth reading.

Best BJJ Books Reddit Picks

Best BJJ instructional book

Can you learn BJJ from books?

The most compatible answer to this question is instructional books.

Yes, there are instructional books for BJJ.

Let’s start with instructional books that can help improve your jiu jitsu techniques level. The list top jiu jitsu books about techniques is solid.

best bjj instructional book

Mastering the Crucifix

by Matt Kirtley

A complete guide to the crucifix BJJ game plan. It’s an instructional jiu jitsu book to bring the back attacks to a new level with understanding the little important points.

Most of us may think about crucifix as a jiu jitsu technique with limited options. But think wider: mounted crucifix BJJ position, inverted crucifix BJJ position, etc.

The author – Matt Kirtley – is a jiu jitsu black belt who teaches BJJ and writes about BJJ.

Jiu jitsu history book

Best BJJ books for beginners Reddit Picks

The next part is dedicated to the best BJJ books for white belts and other useful instructional sources.

All books mentioned above can be utilized for BJJ beginners. But there is more to add according to the Reddit recommendations.

Here are some more sources to pay attention to:

Free books about jiu jitsu:

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