How Much Are Private Jiu Jitsu Lessons? [Answered]

Are you interested in learning Jiu Jitsu through private lessons? Wondering how much private Jiu Jitsu lessons cost? Look no further – we’ve got you covered! In this comprehensive guide, we will break down the costs and factors that affect the pricing of private Jiu Jitsu lessons. Let’s dive in and explore the world of one-on-one Jiu Jitsu instruction.

How much do private Jiu-Jitsu lessons cost on average?

The most common question people ask when considering private lessons is about the cost. While pricing can vary depending on various factors, the average cost of private Jiu Jitsu lessons typically falls within a range of $80 to $150 per hour. However, keep in mind that this is a general estimate, and prices can differ based on several variables.

private jiu jitsu lessons cost

What factors affect the cost of private lessons?

Several key factors can influence the cost of private Jiu Jitsu lessons:

  • Instructor’s Experience: Experienced instructors with a strong track record and high-ranking belts tend to charge more for their expertise.
  • Location: The cost of private lessons can vary significantly based on your geographic location. Major cities or areas with a high cost of living may have higher prices.
  • Lesson Duration: The length of the private lesson can impact the overall cost. Typically, sessions range from one to two hours, and the longer the lesson, the higher the cost.

Are private lessons more expensive than group classes?

Private Jiu Jitsu lessons do tend to be pricier than group classes. This is because you are essentially paying for personalized, one-on-one instruction, tailored to your specific needs and goals. The benefits of private lessons include faster progress and individualized attention.

However, group classes have their advantages too, like the camaraderie and competitive spirit that can drive your performance in Jiu Jitsu.

How much are private Jiu Jitsu lessons Reddit discussion

To get a sense of real-world experiences and pricing, it’s often helpful to visit online communities like Reddit. There, you can find discussions and threads where Jiu Jitsu practitioners share their experiences with private lessons and provide insights into the costs. Reddit is an excellent resource for gathering anecdotal information and personal recommendations.

Rate per Hour
The user has seen everything from $50 an hour to $2400 an hour.
$1800 (for leg attacks)
Varies depending on the instructor, e.g., $50
Purple belts: $30-50, Brown belts: $40-80, Black belts: $60-150 (opinion)
Varies; e.g., $75 for blue belt and $300 for a 2nd Deg BB
Wouldn’t pay $2,400
Blue belt: $25, Purple belt: $50, Brown belt: $75, Black belt: $100
£25 per hour (low rate to incentivize regular sessions)
Suggested starting rate: $50-60 per hour
Suggested considering the time spent teaching, not just the hour rate
Charges around $20 per hour
$100 for a black belt, $70-80 for lower belts
Mentioned high costs in the UK due to taxes and fees
£40 per hour in the UK
Instructor charges $50/hour, can vary based on the instructor’s preference
Paid between 25 euros to a max of $100 for private lessons
£25 an hour in the UK
Privates generally more expensive than classes, e.g., black belt charges $100/hr
$100/hr or $400 for a package of 5
Suggested rate based on belt color
Suggested a rate between $50-$80 per hour
$80 Canadian for the hour
Gives privates for free if the student is competing
Varies depending on the caliber of instruction, e.g., $75 for a world champ
Pedro Sauer black belt charges $100/hr
Paid £40 for one hour with a black belt
Gordon Ryan charges $500 an hour
$100/hr for black belt/main instructor, $70/hr for a lower belt (brown/purple)
Suggested pricing: $40-50/hour for purple, $70-80 for brown, minimum of $100 for black
Black belt world champion charged $100/hr
Depends on the market and whether you want to work with a known competitor; prices increasing in Austin
Charges $100/hr
Mentioned free open mats as a cost-effective option
Suggested starting at $50, increasing based on demand
Suggested teaching two students at a time, starting at $30-$40 per hour if teaching

These are user-provided estimates and opinions and should be taken as general references rather than definitive rates for private Jiu-Jitsu lessons. Rates can vary significantly based on the instructor, location, and other factors.

Do Jiu-Jitsu academies offer package deals for private lessons?

Many Jiu-Jitsu academies and instructors do offer package deals for private lessons. These packages often come at a discounted rate when you purchase a certain number of sessions in advance. It’s a cost-effective way to commit to your Jiu Jitsu journey and save some money in the process.

Here is an example of private lessons cost by Team Lloyd Irvin:

ServiceRate per Hour
Grappling w/ Leg Lock Instruction$1,800
Combat BJJ$2,500
Week-long intensive group training (private corporations)$20,000
Private Lessons with a Black BeltAt least $100 (Check with Individual Instructors For Their Rates)
Private Lessons with a Brown Belt$80
Private Lessons with a Purple Belt$60
Private Lessons with a Blue Belt$40

Jiu Jitsu private lessons’ cost in Gracie Jiu Jitsu Tulsa is as follows:

Pricing options (Adult)Rate per Hour
1hr with a Blue Belt$50
1hr with a Purple Belt$75
1hr with a Brown Belt$90
1hr with a Black Belt$110
Pricing options (Child)Rate per 30 Minutes
30min with a Blue, Purple, or Brown Belt$30
30min with a Black Belt$50

What’s the typical duration of a private Jiu-Jitsu lesson?

Private Jiu Jitsu lessons typically range from one to two hours, with one hour being the most common duration. The choice of lesson length can depend on your goals and preferences. Some students prefer longer sessions for more in-depth training, while others find one-hour lessons sufficient.

Do instructors charge differently for children’s private lessons compared to adult lessons?

In some cases, instructors may charge differently for children’s private lessons compared to adults. This is because teaching children often requires a unique skill set and approach. It’s essential to discuss pricing and expectations with your instructor if you’re considering private lessons for your child.

Are there any additional costs involved, such as equipment or facility fees?

When considering the cost of private Jiu Jitsu lessons, it’s essential to inquire about any potential hidden costs. Some instructors or academies might charge extra for equipment usage, facility fees, or other miscellaneous expenses. Make sure to clarify these details upfront to avoid any surprises.

How can I find affordable private Jiu-Jitsu lessons in my area?

Finding affordable private Jiu Jitsu lessons in your area is possible with some research and effort. Here are some tips to help you in your search:

  • Local Academies: Check with local Jiu Jitsu academies and dojos. They often have resident instructors who offer private lessons.
  • Online Reviews: Read online reviews and testimonials to get a sense of an instructor’s reputation and pricing.
  • Ask for Recommendations: Seek recommendations from fellow Jiu Jitsu practitioners or friends who might have taken private lessons.
  • Introductory Sessions: Some instructors offer discounted introductory sessions for new students. Take advantage of these to gauge the instructor’s teaching style and assess the overall fit.

What’s the cost difference between a beginner and an advanced private Jiu-Jitsu lesson?

The cost difference between beginner and advanced private Jiu Jitsu lessons can vary. Beginners might find slightly lower rates as they start their journey, while advanced students who require more specialized training may pay a bit more. It’s important to discuss your level and goals with the instructor to determine the most suitable pricing.

Are private Jiu Jitsu lessons worth it?

The question of whether private Jiu Jitsu lessons are worth it depends on your goals and preferences. Private lessons offer numerous advantages, including personalized instruction, faster skill development, and focused attention on your specific needs. While they may be more expensive than group classes, the benefits can justify the cost, particularly if you are serious about advancing in Jiu Jitsu.

Data on Private Jiu Jitsu Lessons Cost

To provide you with expert data on private Jiu Jitsu lessons cost, we’ve prepared the following table outlining the average pricing based on experience levels:

Experience LevelAverage Cost per Hour
Beginner$80 – $110
Intermediate$100 – $140
Advanced$120 – $150

Please note that these are average figures and can vary depending on location and instructor. Always reach out to local academies and instructors for specific pricing details.

In conclusion, the cost of private Jiu Jitsu lessons can vary widely based on factors like instructor experience, location, and lesson duration. It’s important to conduct thorough research, ask questions, and consider your personal goals when choosing private lessons. The investment in private Jiu Jitsu lessons can be well worth it if you’re committed to honing your skills and advancing in this dynamic martial art.

For more information and resources on Jiu Jitsu, consider visiting authoritative sources like BJJ Fanatics, Gracie Barra, and BJJ Heroes. These websites offer valuable insights and information to aid in your Jiu Jitsu journey.

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