Jiu Jitsu Gi Patch Drill to Kill

„Put your gi on and let`s roll.“

„Drill, slap, bump, roll, repeat.“

And etc.

Every jiu jitsu practitioner knows the fun part of BJJ or more to say the way to express it. And one of these ways is the athlete`s uniform — the gi. BJJ gis are commonly used as a piece of jiu jitsu art, where we can sew on bjj patches also called simply gi patches.

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Patch for Gi ‘Drill to Kill’

Very common are also custom jiu jitsu patches, that are used by different BJJ academies to identify themselves on tournaments or by BJJ practitioners to show their affiliation to a specific academy or gym.

All martial arts patches have their „mood“.

The same with jiu jitsu patches. They can be funny, it can be some motivational words or it can be a hard rock and artistic «dark side» style.

Drill to Kill patch for on gistore.rocks

Choosing a bjj gi patch for yourself, remember — the best BJJ patches are those that express your everyday mood on the mat. Time goes, mood changes and your bjj gear can change to the beat though. Funny gi patches can be mixed with some cool and hard rock sewn on pieces and vise versa. And that is cool in BJJ — this expression on the gi is allowed.

But do not overdo it.

As for us, style and aesthetic should be present.

More so there is bjj patches etiquette on competitions. For these events bjj patch placement on your gi is regulated by the tournament organizers like IBJJF (International Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Federation), USA or International Jiu Jitsu Federation of other promotions (NAGA, NEWAZA, etc.). Take it to your attention and read the official rules, when choosing places on your gi for patches.

IBJJF Uniform requirements
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