Can you do jiu jitsu with a nose piercing?

Body jewelry in Jiu Jitsu or any other martial art is a thing to pay attention to. Can you do jiu jitsu with a nose piercing? In fact, this question may arise from a person who didn’t do jiu jitsu or grappling before. As an athlete who trains grappling combat styles does understand the issue already.

A good point is that a person feels a need to get clear with the nose piercing and jiu jitsu question before starting to train.

Our goal for today is to help get the answer to whether one can do jiu jitsu with a nose piercing.

Can you do jiu jitsu with a nose piercing?

This question can also sound like “Can you do martial arts with piercings?”. But in fact, it’s too generic and each martial artist should look into depth in the context of his or her combat sports style. For instance, can you box with piercings, do you do Muay Thai with piercings, is jiu jitsu with nose piercing possible, etc.

That’s why we want here to discuss specifically the jiu jitsu piercing.

Can I wear a nose ring in BJJ or any other piercings?

The short answer is:

In jiu jitsu classes there is no strict rule that you are not allowed to wear a nose or any other piercing. But the coach or your experienced teammates will insistently recommend you put off the piercing before rolling. Anyway, some jiu jitsu schools will strictly prohibit wearing piercings. And it is very appropriate.

There are two reasons for it: Your pierced eyebrow or nose piercing can get ripped off or it can injure your partner during the rolling.

Also in most BJJ tournaments, it is strictly prohibited to wear any body piercings.

Can you have piercings in BJJ competitions?

As just mentioned, in most BJJ tournaments it is strictly prohibited to wear any body piercings.

Here is an extract from the Fuji BJJ tournament rules regarding the piercings.

Can you have piercings in BJJ
Are piercings allowed in BJJ tournaments?

Can I have piercings in BJJ?

Piercings and martial arts are in general a questionable combination. As a general rule, the piercings should be taken out before training.

But body piercing is not a cause at all not to do jiu jitsu or any other sports.

It depends a lot on the style and place of the piercing.

So, how can I do Jiu Jitsu with a new ear piercing or any other kind of piercing? How do you hide an industrial piercing for sports?

Jiu jitsu is not an anti-piercing story. But jiu jitsu with piercings can be a serious risk during grappling training. Which is why we want to emphasize some important points. Relying on this information draw your own conclusions.

When you have a new piercing stay out from training until it’s completely healed and to the point when you can take it out before jiu jitsu classes.
Imagine if it got caught on someone’s clothes – no gi or gi. BJJ gis are pretty tough so when your piercing gets caught by the gi it wouldn’t be the gi ripping, but your nose or ear.
Be aware especially with new piercings as you can get nasty infections on the mats. Remember that jiu jitsu is about rolling on the ground with sweaty people.
Keep in mind that grabbing at your head or neck is a common thing in grappling – MMA, jiu jitsu, etc.
Many jiu jitsu practitioners with piercings come finally to a point they have to sacrifice their nose or other styles of piercings if they want to continue training. Mostly it happens because they get tired to take it out every time or going through the healing process.
Nose piercing BJJ arguments

Can you do BJJ with a nose piercing?

Regarding the nose piercing and BJJ we can’t say anything new as already mentioned.

There is always a risk to get ripped off.

On the other hand, some athletes with snug-fitting nose hoop piercings say that they train 3 times a week with the ring in and have no issues.

It can be also your case – a snug-fitting nose piercing – and you can give it a try. But anyway, the best and safe option is to take out the nose piercing before the training.

Another option you can try out is to use the nose piercing retainer.

The pros of the piercing retainer are:

  • they are silicone or soft materials so they will be less stuck on gi or other stuff
  • made to keep your nose piercings open so they don’t heal up

Industrial piercing and BJJ

Nowadays there are a lot of different styles of ear, nose, and body piercings – septum piercing, industrial, helix, belly button piercing, etc.

industrial piercing and bjj
Industrial piercing; Here and next – Google Image caption
septum piercing jiu jitsu
Septum piercing
helix piercing bjj
Helix BJJ piercing – yes or no?

If to be short and honest, industrial piercing and BJJ are a bad combination. For sure you will need to take out the piercing before any jiu jitsu classes.

Here are only a couple of main points to mention.

Industrial piercing, helix, or any sticky-outie piercing would be a huge risk for training jiu jitsu. One can say it’s probably the least jiu-jitsu-friendly style of piercing.
It’s hard to imagine a safe way to roll with an industrial piercing even with headgear.
Increases highly the risk of folding the ear and getting cauliflower ears.
Industrials are hard to heal. If getting a new industrial piercing you will need to take a long break in training – about 8-12 months – until it heals.
And again, for sure you will be not allowed to train in an industrial piercing in. The only option is to put it off every time.

Antimicrobial soap for piercings

Obviously, the piercing zones are delicate body areas and after intense sweaty rolling sessions you will have a desire for their extra care.

Especially if you have new or recently made piercings.

Luckily, there are many best antimicrobial soap for piercings findings on the market.

Antimicrobial soap for piercings

Dr. Piercing Aftercare Antimicrobial soap for piercings. Saline cleaning swabs with provitamin B5 for piercings’ recovery. Must-have accessorise for athletes with nose piercings.

best antimicrobial soap for piercings
Provon Antimicrobial Lotion Soap

Provon antimicrobial soap for piercings. An all-in-one soap for piercing eases the jiu jitsu earrings cleaning and not only. If you are looking for the best soap for piercing, this one can come to the list.


As we’ve seen, body piercings have their own sets of risks when it comes to training Brazilian jiu-jitsu. However, if you know what to expect and stay vigilant about safety precautions, then it should be relatively easy for you to do BJJ safely with a nose piercing.

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