How long to get black belt in BJJ? [Reddit Comments]

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How long does it take to get a black belt jiu jitsu? [Short answer]

Normally and on average it takes about 10 years to get a black belt jiu jitsu. But this time frame is not a strict rule. It’s average. In reality, it can be 8 or 20 years. Too many conditions and situations are happening in the big worldwide jiu jitsu community. And they all have their place.

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How long does it take to become a black belt in jiu-jitsu?

Now let’s hear what BJJ practitioners on Reddit are saying and what experience they have.

Can you get a black belt in BJJ in 3 years or 2?Skilled individuals can receive their black belts in 2-3 years, but this is an exception to the rules.
Can you get a BJJ black belt in 5 years?Yes, but more likely no. “Yes” is possible if you can “completely reinvent” your ability to accomplish a “major physical skill” within 5 years.
The IBJJF rules for belt timeline progressionThe IBJJF is a commercial organization, not a governing body. Although one of the biggest. Not all BJJ athletes compete in IBJJF tournaments.
Their rules and requirements are more like guidelines. There is no “iron rule” to meet the IBJJF minimums to progress in BJJ.
How quickly can I become a black belt?One of the ways is to spend a lifetime training a related martial art like judo and be among the black belts in a couple of years. Or even less, as happened to Travis Stevens.
A fast black belt is a fake black belt?Basically, it’s impossible to set up a fake BJJ gym with a fake black belt that promotes fake BJJ belts. Jiu jitsu is a big community but it is still a community. At some point in time, the fake “McDojo” will be revealed by true practitioners. Although, in tournaments, the organizers use the official BJJ black belt registry (IBJJF certified black belts, etc.) to allow them to compete.
Regarding becoming a black belt in a short time – read previous points.
Getting a black belt in jiu jitsu in 2-3 years is a rare story. It’s about very talented and desperate fighters.
In the next years, we may see more 5-6 year range black belt promotions as the quality and methodology of teaching BJJ improves.
How long to get black belt in BJJ? [Reddit answers]In one of the r/bjj threads, BJJ practitioners were asked to share how long it took for them to get a black belt in BJJ. Here are the years that were mentioned.

It is worth noting that about 60-70% of the answers are accounted for 10 years.
8, 10, 12, 14, 15, over 15 years.
How long to get black belt in jiu jitsu?

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Fastest BJJ black belt [Reddit talk]

This question is quite common.

The next real examples answer this question and even more.

You may already know that BJ Penn and Caio Terra have received their BJJ black belt really fast.

How fast did BJ Penn get his black belt in BJJ?

For instance, BJ Penn – BJJ athlete and former UFC and K-1 MMA fighter – was awarded his legitimate black belt in 2000. B.J. Penn began training BJJ in 1997 and in 2000 he was already a black belt which makes only 3 years time gap to a black belt.

The same time span was the case with Caio Terra. He started jiu jitsu in 2003 and in 2006 he was awarded his black belt in jiu jitsu. So, three years till black belt.

Fastest BJJ black belt
BJ Penn and Caio Terra; Google image caption

Both promotions – of BJ Penn and Caio Terra – are one of the fastest in Brazilian jiu jitsu history.

The same as Geo Martinez black belt under Eddie Bravo from the 10th Planet Jiu Jitsu who got his black belt also in three years. Vitor Ribeiro needed only four years to achieve the black belt in jiu jitsu.

All these BJJ heroes are “fast” black belts but not the fastest.

Meet Travis Stevens and his 18 months till a black belt in Brazilian jiu jitsu. He is also a well-known American judoka.

His BJJ belt progression timeline under John Danaher was lasting just 18 months. He went through all jiu jitsu belt ranks. Travis Stevens is a BJJ black belt since 2013.

Travis Stevens vs Paulo Miyao

Unfortunately, the International Judo Federation doesn’t allow ranked judoka to compete in BJJ tournaments. It also applies to Stevens.

travis stevens bjj
Travis Stevens BJJ black belt; Google image caption
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Youngest BJJ black belt

According to the IBJJF requirements, the holder of a BJJ black belt cannot be younger than 19 years old.

But it’s not a strict rule. Because as we know, life doesn’t follow the rules.

There are many cases in the big BJJ community when a black belt was awarded to younger practitioners because their time came.

Here are the names of the youngest BJJ black belts from the recent time:

Mica GalvaoEarned his black belt at 17 in 2021 under his father – Melqui Galvao.
youngest bjj black belt
Diogo ReisEarned his black belt at 18 in 2020 under Melqui Galvao, 7 months after he was promoted to brown belt.
youngest bjj black belt
Twins brothers Kade and Tye RuotoloEarned their black belts at 18 in 2022 under Andre Galvao.
youngest bjj black belt
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Can anyone become a BJJ black belt?

Anyone who trains in Brazilian jiu jitsu and goes through the BJJ belt progression timeline can become a BJJ black belt. BJJ is not a secret martial arts school only for the chosen ones. It’s a combat sport where you get what you achieve on the mats or in tournaments.

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