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Top 5 Best BJJ Gi for Beginners

Best BJJ Gi for Beginners

If you are an experienced BJJ athlete, you know what you need for your best jiu jitsu practice. And also you may know, how it is to be at the start of your jiu jitsu jorney. Because once you were ...

What is Fuji BJJ Tournament?

Fuji BJJ Tournament

Brazilian jiu jitsu is not only about sports, life and body transformation, fun, and community. It's also about the competition in tournaments. And talking about BJJ tournaments we understand ...

The Best UFC Cards of all Time

Best UFC Cards of all Time

The UFC with its tremendous rising in popularity over its almost thirty years of existence has risen a diversity of subcultures and fans. One of the subculture's phenomenon are the UFC trading ...

BJJ Submissions: The Kimura Lock

kimura submission

The longer you train jiu jitsu, the more jiu jitsu techniques you learn. Seems to be obvious. But the point here is, that you learn not just the classic BJJ - Kimura lock, triangle choke, etc., but ...

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