A Real MMA Fan Brittney Elkin: MMA Record and Life

Just shortly took place the fight Brittney Elkin vs Claressa Shields on 10th of June 2021. World champion boxer Claressa Shields defeats Elkin by 3rd round in Atlantic City, New Jersey.

Brittney Elkin and Claressa Shields pic screenshots from Google Images

Brittney Elkin shares her flashbacks and impression about the fight on her Instagram

There are so many great MMA fighters female and male. Brittney Elkin is among this athletes.

What do we know about Brittney? Let’s dive shortly into the main questions and answers we usually wants to know about the MMA pro fighters.

Brittney Elkin MMA record

She is holding a 3-7 record in MMA with only one stoppage in her career. The data is as for June 2021.

Weight, height, age

Her weight is 155 lbs (70 kg). Brittney Elkin’s height is 5’11” (180 cm) that is over medium as for female height. The female MMA fighter is 35 years old (1986-06-11) and was born in Wyoming, US.

Brittney shares motivation to start train jiu jitsu on her Instagram:

“Just a little reminder if your not happy with your body you could join martial arts.

I was a chubb. And well wrestling and jiujitsu changed that.

Take it to any extreme you want. But yea… It helps with depression and self worth also.

So join martial arts! There are lots of great gyms world wide.

Brittney Elkin BJJ mates in 10th Planet Jiu-Jitsu in Bethlehem; pic from Brittney Elkin Instagram

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