What is BJJ? Introduction to Jiu Jitsu

What is BJJ and what does BJJ mean for a person, who wants or just started to train and has been training for several years? We talked here already a lot about Brazilian jiu jitsu, but never mentioned the very basic things and terms.

We will do it now and explain what is jiu jitsu about as simple as possible. It will be a beginner Brazilian jiu jitsu guide or introduction to Jiu Jitsu.

What is BJJ?

Let’s talk about this topic in a series of simple questions that people may ask.

What does BJJ mean?BJJ stands for Brazilian jiu jitsu mostly called just jiu jitsu.
Jiu jitsu pronunciationThe jiu jitsu word is a Japanese term. In English the pronunciation is [ joo-jit-soo ]
Why is BJJ so popular?BJJ, in addition to its sporting attributes, covers a whole range of aspects of social and mental health aspects. Read the Benefits of BJJ below.
What is the purpose of BJJ?BJJ is a combat discipline, but it’s also a universal sport that people utilize for different needs: weight loss, hobby, professional fighter career, sport, etc.
What is jiu jitsu like?Brazilian jiu jitsu has an in common with judo and traditional Japanese jujutsu due to jiu-jitsu origin. But BJJ is a self-sufficient martial art as it is mainly based on ground fighting which is not typical for other styles. Transitioning from judo to jiu jitsu or from other martial arts is a common situation nowadays.
What is a BJJ instructor called?Depending on the jiu jitsu school and its traditions the BJJ instructor can be called professor, sensei, or just, and very often, coach.
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Benefits of BJJ

“What are the benefits of Brazilian jiu jitsu?” is a very popular question. And I always like to answer it simply – naming the 3 benefits of BJJ:

  • Fitness benefits of BJJ training: Health benefits of BJJ are obvious. It’s hard to understand and believe if you are new to jiu jitsu or have not started yet. Because how can it have health benefits, it’s a combat martial art, so it should be dangerous, at least for your bones and face, right?
  • Right, but not. You can break your leg or finger without any sport at all. On the contrary, you need sports to keep your body in tone to minimize shortness of breath and the risk of to injury your bones and joints. Fitness is an optimal sports activity for it. And BJJ training will give you this fitness dosage. Read more on this topic in our article BJJ During Pandemic or Life without Jiu Jitsu.

  • Mental benefits of BJJ: Another great aspect of jiu jitsu training are the mental benefits. Jiu jitsu is not just a sport, it’s a social community. How many times do we hear from our mates and ourselves something like “The day at the office was insane. How good there is training today” or “I have never regretted coming to train”.

  • After the rolling sessions (fighting time) and at the end of the training you are calm and your mind is empty. Jiu jitsu literally helps to survive the chaos and anxiety of every day.

  • Family benefits of jiu jitsu: This point is a lot about the synergy of the two previous. All the way long we train and teach jiu jitsu, we are witnessing how whole families – kids and parents – start to train BJJ.

  • Very often parents bring their child to the gym and in a while, they also want “just give it a try”. Or vice versa – jiu jitsu dad or mom involve their kids. And next summer or winter they join a BJJ camp where they train and spend time all together. Two in one – physical and family mental health in one basket.

Joe Rogan on the benefits of jiu jitsu:

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Can I teach myself jiu-jitsu?

Theoretically, you can choose whether you will take classes at a jiu jitsu school or learn on your own. But honestly, we don’t believe in self-teaching jiu jitsu. Unless you are a BJJ practitioner at least for a couple of months to understand the basic idea, moves, drills, principles, and techniques.

In this case, you can take online BJJ courses or learn new or traditional techniques from YouTube videos.

Another important moment is that jiu jitsu is a game of two and is best learned with at least one training partner.

Two hours of Brazilian jiu-jitsu for beginners training by Gracie Jiu Jitsu and the First 6 BJJ techniques to learn for a beginner.

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Is jiu jitsu safe?

Nothing is 100% safe on this planet. But jiu jitsu is definitely not the most dangerous thing that exists on this planet.

BJJ is a sport. Moreover, it’s a combat sport with close involvement of another person. And as every competitive and sometimes aggressive sport, it demands responsibility and attention.

So, be responsible and pay attention to the recommendations of your coach.

And remember, “jiu jitsu is a gentle art”. You can choose your own comfortable speed and level to train. Let jiu jitsu change your life in a positive sense. No need to sprint, it can be a marathon.

What to know when starting BJJ

Here is a basic information guide to some jiu jitsu schools’ ethical moments, jiu-jitsu moves and terms, etc.

Another useful guide with 15 rules on what not to do for jiu jitsu beginners and white belts is given by the top BJJ black belt Keenan Cornelius on his YouTube channel.

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“Jiu Jitsu saved my life”

What’s the point of Jiu-Jitsu and what is BJJ good for? The best answers are those which are given by real people. Let’s read, what they say. It gives a real touch and doesn’t need long explanations.

These comments were found under the jiu jitsu videos linked in this article.

what is bjj

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Highlights

What is BJJ and what it looks like in action is shown in this highlight that is composed of BJJ tournament fights taken place till 2015.

One more Jiu Jitsu motivation video made as a compilation of BJJ fights.

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Brazilian jiu jitsu is definitely a rewarding experience. If you just started jiu jitsu and don’t feel any discomfort, mainly psychologically, because physically you may feel discomfort for the first time, keep going. Don’t quit to find out by yourself what is BJJ for you.

Find a jiu jitsu school that gives you your “mental environment” – people, location, and keep going. How to start training jiu jitsu? The easiest way is to google “Brazilian jiu-jitsu near me” and visit the closest BJJ gym.

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